Move Crosswalk - Madison & Vandercar

  • 04/23/2023 2:40 PM
    Message # 13177764
    Joe Groh (Administrator)

    Current crosswalk location was put there to service the bus stops on each side of Madison. Those bus stops are no longer active, not needed since the Oakley Transit Center was opened.

    There has been a fatality and several pedestrian injuries at this location due to vehicles turning left out of Oakley Station and not yielding to pedestrians in the crosswalk. MadTree is now using the Crossroads parking lot for overflow parking, so there will be even more pedestrian traffic at that intersection.

    Moving the crosswalk and signal to the left side would take the left turning traffic out of the situation. Adding Leading Pedestrian Interval signal will further protect pedestrians from vehicles turning right out of Oakley Station.

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