NBDIP Wayfinding Signage Project

As part of the FY20/21 NBDIP process, Oakley Community Council was awarded $30,000 to used for a Wayfinding Signage project.  The project is to include:

  1. Wayfinding map of the business district, located on the Oakley Esplanade.
  2. Directional signage in the middle of the business district, near the library.
  3. Wayfinding map of the business district, located on the eastern edge of the district, near the railroad overpass.
  4.  Mobile "Oakley Guide" app, linked to a QR code on the signs.
The latest DOTE presentation here:

Full size sign pdf here.

You can view the previous presentations/discussions of the DOTE design ideas in the online meeting videos:

  • 11/02/2021 - starting at the 22:40 point in the video 

You can find information about the Oakley Guide here.

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