Vice President



Board of Trustees


Committee Chair(s) Members Purpose
Business Kenny McNutt Joe Groh, Troy McAndrews, Sandy Gross, Jon Bernier Develop and maintain relationships with Oakley businesses, Periodic communication, Business phonebook, NBD representatives
Economic Development & Zoning Seth Shaifer Troy McAndrews, Sandy Gross, Evan Nolan Meet with developers, liaison with city zoning/planning, Economic development
Finance Jason Wilcoxon Kenny McNutt, Craig Rozen (NSP/NBD) Manage OCC Finances
Membership Dan Krohn Kenny McNutt New resident engagement, Process, Benefits of Residential and Business, Outreach to non-represented groups
Beautification Sandy Gross Paige Scheidler, Karen Crawford, Cody Gausvik, Joe Groh Maintain public areas, promote beautification/landscaping/green space in all developments
Major Events Jon Bernier Troy McAndrews Plan & manage OCC events
Education Jason Wilcoxon   Hyde Park School Liaison
Pedestrian Safety Joe Groh Paige Scheidler DOTE relationship, Aid community with Traffic/DOTE issues, Vision Zero, 1st response to help community with Safety issues, Liaison with CPD, CFD 
Communications Joe Groh Kenny McNutt, Dan Krohn, Jason Wilcoxon, Paige Scheidler Mange the various communication channels we have: website, newsletter, social media

 Major Projects

Project Chair(s) Members Purpose
Parking Overlay Colleen Reynolds, Kenny McNutt, Seth Shaifer, VOLUNTEERS Investigate the potential for implementing a parking overlay district in Oakley
Recreation Center Colleen Reynolds, Evan Nolan  + VOLUNTEERS New Rec Center funding,  community input (next phase)
Oakley Neighborhood School Colleen Reynolds, Craig Rozen Jason Wilcoxon, Evan Nolan, Seth Shaifer + VOLUNTEERS Investigate the potential for creating an Oakley Neighborhood school
Three Oaks Tunnel Dan Krohn Joe Groh Investigate the potential (design & funding) for a pedestrian tunnel to connect the residential area on western section to Oakley Station.

"Oakley Community Council" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Cincinnati, OH 45209 -- Bylaws
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