Who is Oakley Community Council?

The Oakley Community Council is a non-profit entity for the purpose of preserving and improving the neighborhood of Oakley for its residents, businesses, institutions, and other community organizations.


It's that time of year for us to celebrate the holiday season and truly Light Up Oakley!

You have the option to be part of the contest or just participate and help us try to see every home and property in Oakley in lights. It doesn't have to be the most extravagant, but just imagine walking/driving down street after street of homes displaying the spirit of the holidays. Get your neighbors involved, work to be the street that finally outshines 34th as the Best Street! Reach out to your neighbors who may not have the resources or physical ability to hangs some lights - doesn't have to be much, just a couple strands of lights can truly help brighten their spirit.

This year we are offering both a mobile app and a web based version for you to enter/register your home or business, to place your votes, and to see the results.


Upcoming OCC Meeting Updates

The Oakley Community Council is cancelling the November Third Thursday and both December meetings. We will resume our regular schedule in January, 2023 (see Upcoming Meetings tab below).

The Parking Overlay discussion and Rec Center updates will resume at the January 3rd Tuesday meeting.

The Oakley Community Council (OCC) will be discussing the potential of implementing a Parking Overlay District in Oakley. The community is invited to attend and provide your feedback.

An urban parking overlay district would eliminate all off-street parking requirements located within the Overlay District, except for the physical location of parking, should any be provided.

Information about the proposed Parking Overlay District, including proposed map, can be found here: https://oakleynow.com/parking

    Link to the city info here. 

    Oakley Preventative Street Maintenance - Tentative schedule

    Oakley Preventative Street Maintenance - Tentative schedule

    The city will be doing preventative street maintenance on many streets in Oakley, if they haven't already done your your street. They hang pamphlets on your door @24 hours in advance to notify you. You are required to remove your car from the street while they clean & apply the treatment, and they will tow your car if not moved.

    This can be a problem if you are not home when they post the notice or plan to do the work, so I'd suggest checking the tentative schedule below, and if you will not be around during time that your street is scheduled, ensure your car is off the street.


    Per the city project engineer:

    • Parking is restricted for cleaning street and material application until material cures

    • Driving is only restricted during actual application of material until cure is completed

    • Application and curing take approximately one hour

    • Contractor tries to complete neighborhood over two days

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