Who is Oakley Community Council?

The Oakley Community Council is a non-profit entity for the purpose of preserving and improving the neighborhood of Oakley for its residents, businesses, institutions, and other community organizations.

Spring/Summer Road Construction & Delays Expected

There are two major projects scheduled to be done this spring and summer, on two of the major roadways in the neighborhood - Paxton and Madison Rd. These projects will have an impact on commuter and pedestrian travel. You can find project information below.

Note: Aglamesis Upgrades - As part of Aglamesis' fa├žade and electrical upgrades this spring/summer, there will be Duke employees blocking some of the lane in front of the store. This is not related to the Transmission Line Relocation project (see below).

Paxton/Isabella/Wasson Street Rehab Project

Starting this March, and continuing through to this fall, the Paxton/Isabella/Wasson intersection will be undergoing construction as part of a re-design of the intersection.

Paxton, from Wasson to Marburg, will also undergo street rehabilitation. 

This construction will result in lane closures and delays when traveling through this area, so we will post the schedule and any updates as they become available.

Get schedule, updates, and project details here: 


Oakley Underground Transmission Line Relocation

Duke Energy will be repairing an existing 138,000-volt (138-kV) transmission line buried under Madison Road in Oakley (Hamilton County). The trench or tunnel that houses the underground transmission line was installed in the 1940s. Previous efforts were unsuccessful for repairing the transmission line in place. As a result, we will relocate a 0.3-mile (1,700 feet) section of the new transmission line in another area under Madison Road (from Gilmore to Drake) to make the repairs. These repairs are tentatively scheduled to start this May and continue for 5 months, will work being done 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM , Monday - Friday.

Get schedule, updates, and project details here:

Oakley After Hours - May 13, 2023

Thanks all who came out!! Great weather, great music, good beer, Sway & wine. And most importantly, so many families!

Pedestrian/Traffic Safety Updates

We can't succeed without community support!

We're fortunate that Oakley is a relatively safe community regarding pedestrian, bike, and traffic safety. The reality is:

  • These problems exist city-wide.
  • Many communities have far bigger issues than we do.
  • We have to compete with the other 51 neighborhoods for project funding.
  • The city has failed to adequately fund these programs, meaning it's harder for us to compete because some of the key criteria are the number of crashes, the number and severity of injuries, and the number of reported issues and/or calls to CPD.

So we need every resident to actively report any situation/issue/incident that you see, even if you feel it doesn't matter - it does help us support our funding requests. We need you to:

  • Go to our Vision Zero Page (link below) and report them on the Vision Zero maps.
  • Call the CPD non-emergency line (assuming not worthy of 911 call) - 513-979-4400.
  • Install our Safe Intersections Walk Audit App and document your streets/blocks (see below).
  • Use the City's 31 system to report any issue and/or request service:
    • Call 311
    • Use the 311 Cincy app (formerly call Fix-It CIncy)
    • Online 311Cincy.com

2023/2024 Vision Zero/Street Calming Project Funding:

It's that time for the annual process where we solicit resident ideas/suggestions for projects to to considered for city funding under their Vision Zero/Street Calming program. We need everyone to submit their ideas, provide their feedback on submitted suggestions, and then rank your top suggestions. We can submit 2 projects for consideration.

You can read the full details and submit/view/rank suggestions here.

OCC Safe Intersections Project Updates:

The joint resident/OCC Safe Intersections team has been working on documenting all the streets/intersections in Oakley and identifying any safety issues found. Our new app can be used by anyone who wants to help document our neighborhood, easy to do as part of your normal walking routine.

The Walk Audit app can be accessed/installed from this link: https://safe-intersections-audit.glideapp.io/dl/d0a5f4

Basic user manual for the app can be found here: https://drive.google.com/.../1rET61a6XP0Z83L6TfJq.../view...

Information about the Safe Intersections project can be found here: https://oakleynow.com/Safe-Intersections

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