1. Street Calming: Brotherton - approach to Ridge Intersection

  • 01/18/2022 10:58 AM
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    Joe Groh (Administrator)

    mrobinson10@fuse.net also submitted this stretch of Brotherton for consideration.

    "My request is for the Street Calming Program. I would appreciate consideration for a speed bump on Brotherton Road, in the area of Cavour and Marburg. There are several residences, Dominos Pizza, the Cinti fire station and other businesses in this location."

  • 01/11/2022 7:38 PM
    Reply # 12256043 on 12126378
    Fred Yaeger

    I hope this calming includes the intersection(s) of Marburg going north from Brotherton, and Marburg and Cavour going south from Brotherton.  This is a dangerous intersection for both vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.  Vehicles on Brotherton speed excessively on at these intersections.  Slowing such vehicles would not only increase safety at those intersection but also at intersection of Ridge & Brotherton.

  • 11/14/2021 1:11 PM
    Message # 12126378
    Joe Groh (Administrator)

    Submitted By: rolland.al19@gmail.com

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