10-17-19 OCC Approved Third Thursday Meeting Minutes

11/06/2019 7:31 AM | Cody Gausvik

Oakley Community Council
Brazee Street Studios – 4426 Brazee St

October 17, 2019; 7:00 PM



Meeting Minutes

  • ·       Attendance:   Colleen, Evan, Jason, Dan, Sean, Joe, Seth, Jon, Kenny, Sandy. Absent: Cody, Dave
  • ·       Approve 10/1 Minutes Motion: Seth Seconded: Jason  Vote 9-0 in favor, 1 abstain
  • ·       Elections & Board Vacancies – Colleen Reynolds
  • o   Elections held at December meeting (12/3/2019)
  • o   2 members not returning (Sean, Dave)
  • o   2 members are running (Colleen, Sandy)
  • o   Anyone interested in running should contact us
  • o   3 individuals have mentioned running
  • ·       Pedestrian Safety Grant Discussion – Joe Groh & Colleen Reynolds
  • o   $5k grant from Justin Doyle Homes to be used for Vision Zero efforts
  • o   Joe presented information about the intersections/crosswalks in the Isabella Paxton/Wasson area, and potential uses for the $5k (Signs, crosswalk painting)
  • o   Due to Metro plans to remove bus stops at the plaza main entrance/light and in front of Chipotle (Mt. Vernon), increased emphasis on crosswalk at Ferdinand (where bus stop will stay). This crosswalk top 8 on resident list of concern, this elevate that priority.
  • o   Joe will look into working the city to supplement our $5k to cover costs so can get better signals.
  • o   Discussion about having SOP/guidelines for accepting grants/donations. Colleen will check on how the city handles it.
  • ·       NBD / NSP – Jason Wilcoxon & Craig Rozen
  • o   NBD
  • §  Reimbursed for 18/19 funds
  • §  Submitted 19/20 application
  • ·       $3800 total, $1000 for landscaping, $2800 for events
  • o   NSP
  • §  Submitted claim for 18/19 funds, awaiting reimbursement
  • §  19/20 application to be submitted, 11/26 review
  • ·       $6000 total, $1500 membership, $1000 board operations, $1000 beautification, $2500 events
  • ·       Real Estate Development Updates – Sean Fausto
  • o   Initial discussion of Taco Caso/Mio’s properties
  • o   Anchor Properties, on behalf of a national bank, looking to buy existing CC-A properties and 1 SF-6 property on Isabella
  • o   One way drive thru on to Isabella, non-traditional bank, remove curb cuts at Mio’s
  • o   Each member able to provide input. Key concerns/points raised:
  • §  Commercial creep, change from SF-6
  • §  Drive thru
  • §  If not this development, what could come next? How long?
  • §  This corner listed as an area of opportunity to redevelop/cleanup during master plan process.
  • o   Sean to ask them to introduce themselves at November 5th meeting, present at December 3rd meeting.
  • ·       Oakley Recreation Center Update – Evan Nolan
  • o   Kickoff meeting help with fundraiser, key city/rec directors, OCC reps (Evan, Colleen)
  • o   Scott (fund raiser) asking for help with:
  • §  Contact info for potential business donors
  • §  Identifying community leaders/businesses to champion the effort
  • ·       OMP One-Pager for Developers – Sandy Gross
  • o   Sandy had met with Karen Crawford (OMP steering committee member) and discussed a set of developer guidelines geared to landscaping and adding to our tree canopy. Wondered if we could come with one pager covering all aspects. Require an arborist review to be part of each development review.
  • o   Joe reminded the board that the OMP team had started putting together such “neighborhood guidelines” last January. Each of the 4 teams were to provide theirs to Jared Ellis, but not sure if anything had been done with them. Will check with each team and have their list sent to Sandy
  • o   City “ReLeaf” program (free trees), Sandy like to start an “Oaks for Oakley” campaign to increase our tree canopy.
  • ·       Arborist Motion – Sandy Gross 
  • o   Related to previous topic. Sandy will prepare a motion for arborist review and one pagers at 11/5 meeting.
  • ·       Oakley Flag / Board To-Do’s – Dan Krohn & Joe Groh
  • o   Dan reported that Flaggs USA say they will be producing and selling the Oakley flag (house size) for sale
  • o   Dan suggested buying a bigger Oakley flag for use on the esplanade
  • o   Joe suggested lowering the cleat on the flag pole so a ladder not required to raise/lower the flag. Flaggs USA can do this for us.
  • o   Brought up potential for adding lights for the flag pole.
  • o   Dan & Joe to put together a motion, with costs estimates, to present for a vote at 11/5 meeting for these items.
  • ·       Revisiting SOPs – Colleen Reynolds
  • o   Looking to get back on track with developing/approving our SOPs
  • o   Each member should look at what drafts they have, any new ones, and let Colleen know.
  • o   Want to address one SOP at each third Thursday meeting.
  • ·       November 5th Agenda Requests
  • o   In effort to help in agenda setting process, this will become a regular item for third Thursdays.
  • o   Send suggestions to Colleen ASAP
  • o   Suggestions: Bank development intro; city parking overlay presentation; arborist motion; flag motion
  • ·       Christmas lighting
  • o   Need to make arrangements for Christmas lights on the square.
  • ·       Adjourn Meeting:  Motion: Sandy_  Seconded: Jon  Vote: all in favor


  • 11/06/2019 11:53 PM | Anonymous
    I’m interested in the ReLeaf program. My next door neighbor lost a massive Oak tree (over 100 years old) and I have a large Maple that is dying. I’d love to consider a small variety of Oak for my front yard if the roots go deep.
    Link  •  Reply

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