4-18-19 Approved Third Thursday Meeting Minutes

05/10/2019 2:50 PM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council 3rd Thursday Meeting

Brazee Street Studios

4/18/19; 7PM





Trustees Present: Dan Krohn, Cody Gausvik, Colleen Reynolds, Joe Groh, Evan Nolan, Sandy Gross, Kenny McNutt, Jon Bernier

Trustees Not Present: Sean Fausto, Jason Wilcoxon, Dave Schaff, Seth Shaifer


Hubbard Radio: Michael Heekin

OCC previously issued a letter of support for site at the November meeting; tax abatement and land sale was approved by City Council on 4/17. Tonight, Hubbard presented a plan to build a 190ft ‘monopole’ – which is substantially larger than what was previously presented and approved by OCC in November - but Hubbard plans to spend $75,000+ extra to build a monopole, rather than a radio tower. There may be lights located in the middle and on top of the pole. Estimated that 37 kilowatts will be coming from the pole and it will primarily serve as a backup generator.

Additionally, tonight they presented a plan to build a south stormwater detention pond located behind the homes on Madison Road – several residents were present and raised concerns. Resident mentioned concerns with nearby Duck Creek overflow. OCC to provide contact information for someone at the City who can address the detention pond questions.  

There will be a zoning hearing for a variance to build the monopole tower.  Hubbard will return next month to request a letter of support for the monopole.

Northpoint Development: John Sweeny

Self-storage, climate-controlled storage facility site. Presented updated parking and landscaping with screening.

Pedestrian bridge – they have exchanged emails with Neyer on possibility.

CRA (tax abatement) – still refining.

Variance hearing for parking will be on 5/8.  

Will be asking for letter of support for 10-year tax abatement at 5/7 meeting.

Local Oakley: Bill Davin

Continuing to work with Neyer Properties, Northpoint and DOTE regarding pedestrian bridge.

Craig Rozen suggested we tell the City what the community wants (pedestrian bridge) and have the City pay for the study. (Dan will take the lead on this)

Dan was told that DOTE needs to be involved at this point in the process and OCC was told OCC would have to find the money in our budget to pay for the study. OCC made it clear that the pedestrian bridge needs to be included in site plans for both developments. Viox will provide traffic impact study and will provide to OCC for review.  

Eastern Gateway: Jeff Stine & Kenny McNutt

Project was put out to bid (five contractors, but only one responded). Bid was $1,322,000 and includes the eastern most pedestrian bridge. To do the project with both pedestrian bridges would cost $2,150,000 and over the years, we have secured funding for $1,9000,000. The western most pedestrian bridge would cost ~$828k to restore. If OCC decides to go with the $1.3 million option (including restoration of the eastern most pedestrian bridge), OCC would not be required to spend the 90k that was committed to the project from OCURC funds. The OCURC money could be put towards other Oakley projects. If we wait until the fall to receive additional bids, the bid could go up even more as other neighborhoods have experienced.

Craig Rozen suggested we work with Art Works to paint bridges and underneath railroad bridge – Jeff explained that walls are old and would need substantial repairs before painting.   

The OCC has requested a spot fix bid for the eastern pedestrian bridge and we expect to have that in May.  

Masonic Temple: Resident Letter

30 residents assembled and created a letter advising what they would like the current Masonic Temple to become. Property is currently under contract and inspection is planned for next week.

Residents expressed concerns with a school being built – idling cars, traffic, etc.

Whoever is under contract will have to come to OCC with a plan unless they continue to keep it a Masonic Temple; it is currently zoned as single family.

Nearby residents have stressed the importance of keeping the lines of communication open; they specifically do not want to see houses torn down.

Craig Rozen – if anyone knows of any property available for a school, let CPS know.

Oakley Recreation Center: Evan Nolan

OCC has $3 million set aside for the Oakley Recreation Center. We thought we had $4.5 million and we needed $6.5 million – we never made any progress securing funding.

The money that the City has designated to this project has been borrowed, but still ours for this development. CRC came to OCC and said we need to do something in the next couple of months.

Currently, it’s more expensive to build on current site of the recreation center.

Evan had meeting with the president of CRC. We’ve decided there isn’t as much of a need for a fitness center, so we no longer need the $8 million option. We have about 5-6 months to decide how to proceed.

Option: to fill in the funding gap, OCC could spend $45,000k for an initial study performed by a local fundraiser. If the fundraiser completes the study and decides fundraising for the funding gap is possible, OCC would receive 100% of the $45k back. If fundraise decides they can’t do it or don’t want to do it, they would still provide us with the information they obtained from the initial study for us to use. CRC does not have $45k to spend for the study.

Craig Rozen requested that the development should be mindful of trees in the area due to their age.  

OCC will plan to take a vote on the $45 spend at the meeting on 5/7.

NBDIP Final Application: Joe Groh

Joe presented several options we could spend the $30k on: GoVibrant walking paths, pedestrian safety crosswalk, landscaping, historic signage, etc.

Motion by Joe Groh to support the NBDIP final submission projects as follows: Pedestrian Triggered Crosswalks at Flags USA ($14,700); 6 GoVibrant walking paths ($6,750) and to use any remaining funds for cost overruns or a beautification project. Seconded by Sandy Gross. Unanimous approval; motion passes.  

OCC Committee Updates: (all to be communicated via email after the meeting)

Economic Development & Zoning: Camden Land Group (Dan Krohn)

Pedestrian Safety: PLK, Crosswalk (Joe Groh)

Finance: CNBDU Check

Membership: Campaign Update (Dan Krohn)


Other: Cincy Flags (Dan Krohn)

Board Requests: Colleen Reynolds – policy and procedures will be communicated via email.  

4/2/19 Meeting Minutes

Joe Groh motioned to approve 4/2/19 minutes; seconded by Evan Nolan. 7 approved; Jon Bernier abstained. 4/2/19 Meeting Minutes approved.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:07PM by Collen Reynolds; seconded by Kenny McNutt. Meeting Ends at 9:07PM


  • 05/13/2019 1:18 PM | Fred Yaeger
    Can someone (ideally, from the OCC Board) clarify the stmts in the Apr 18 minutes about the Eastern Gateway project?
    Those minutes state there is not enough funding to repair both ped bridges at the Eastern Gateway.
    They state the project put out for bid was to only repair the western bridge, not the eastern bridge.
    1- How was it decided which bridge would get put into the bid and which bridge would not?
    2- Would the other bridge get torn down?
    3- What does “spot fix bid” for the unfunded” bridge mean?

    Without knowing answers to the above questions, I submit the eastern ped bridge is much more important to area pedestrians than the western ped bridge. Why?: A) If the western ped bridge ceased to exist, the closest crosswalk is 280 ft farther west, at the newly upgraded ped crosswalk (ped-activated LED flashing lights) at Essencha-RedTree-FleetFeet-BonesBurgers. B) If the eastern ped bridge ceased to exist, the closest crosswalk is 960 ft farther east, at the intersection of Madison and Vandercar.
    Link  •  Reply
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