Minutes - 04/04/17

04/16/2017 2:30 PM | Kenny McNutt (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Date: April 4, 2017, 7 PM        Oakley Community Center

Trustees Present: Evan Nolan, Sean Fausto, Jon Bernier, Jason Wilcoxon, Jes Overley(late), Chris Mucha, Colleen Reynolds, Dave Schaff, Chris Mengel, Stacy Lehman, Tim Langmeyer

Trustees Not Present: Kenny McNutt



Fix it Cincy mobile app: Use the app to report pedestrian issues. If there are any concerns with not hearing back from the City, contact Stacy Lehman.

Dave Schaff: Gil Richards, the founder of Richards Industries, passed away on April 1, 2017. He was a big advocate and supportive of Oakley. Richards Industries has been a wonderful partner for our local community and recognized as one of the top places to work.

·       Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31

·       196 dispatches in March: 30 non fire, 158 EMS, 8 fire responses

·       Awards banquet for CFD is April 4, 2017. Chief Braun retires on April 8th.

·       Make sure your smoke detectors work. Check to make sure they’re working so Station 31 doesn’t have to see their neighbors in a work capacity.

·       Clean your dryer’s lint trap. It’s the #1 cause of home fires.

·       Don’t put anything other than food on the stove top.

·       With severe weather season here, develop an emergency plan and keep necessary supplies on hand.

·       Cincinnati Police Department Report – District 2: Shawn Tarvin CPD - Phone 979-4480

§  Theft from autos is still high. Our local stores are still getting criminal activity but arrests are pretty good

§  Rash of robberies at fitness clubs

§  District 2 is reviewing Nextdoor posts

Darlene Rodgers – running for Judge – former public defender and high school teacher

Jeff Pastorrunning for Cincinnati Council – currently a teacher - www.jeffpastor.com

City of Cincinnati Council Member & Candidate for Mayor of Cincinnati

Yvette Simpson - looking to bring in new companies and jobs in Queensgate.  We grow revenue for Cincinnati by bringing in jobs. Is ready to sit down and talk with MSD. www.yvettesimpson.com

Committee Reports:

·      Business: Kenny McNutt and Jon Bernier – First business happy hour was held in March, about 90 people attended.  if you are a local business, please reach out to Jon and Kenny to be invited to future events.

·       Oakley After Hours: Jon Bernier and Dave Schaff- first event April 28th – final Fridays April through September. 6PM- 10PM.

·       City Hall Liaison: Chris Mengel, Evan Nolan and Colleen Reynolds – no update

·       Recreation Center Project: Chris Mucha and Evan Nolan – no update

·       Website:  Kenny McNutt – no update

City of Cincinnati Department of Transportation and Engineering

·       Brandon Lecrone – Senior Engineer – Marburg Ave Bridge Project

·       On schedule for 6 month time frame.

·       We would like to see both Oakley and Hyde Park on the bridge, and would like to stay in that conversation. Support the inscription of both Hyde Park and Oakley on the bridge letter to all of council and the mayor The OCC supports the inscription of Oakley and Hyde Park on the new Marburg bridge.  We respect and share the City's view that the bridge connects two vibrant communities and provides economic vitality and quality of life benefits to both.  We remain committed to the common vision of cooperation and progress with our sister neighborhood.  The OCC requests that any changes to the bridge design requiring community input be addressed through a joint, face-to-face meeting with the City and the communities that the bridge directly serves. Motion by Evan Nolan and Chris Mengel and passed unanimously.

Fortus Group – Update on former Fifth Third property on Madison Rd Steve Dronin – will send a pared down version of the presentation to OCC to post on Nextdoor and Facebook. Not asking for any votes from OCC at this time.

Tap & Screw – Update on status.  Adam Lorenz – working on location (corner of Markbreit and Madison) – had asked for a parking variance, but have withdrawn variance to meet zoning code. They are being reviewed, and they are being held up – getting a property survey. Brew River (Joby Bowman) catering will also be part of this location.  They will use this location for the catering business.  The amount of red tape they are experiencing is keeping both businesses down. Individual support from residents would be helpful with zoning issues, per Adam and Joby.

Oakley Pub and Grill – Jon Bernier – Looking to expand off the back side of the building, not requesting any variances.  Requesting letter of support. Motion to approval letter of support to expansion that adds office, restroom and storage space for Oakley Pub and Grill by Colleen Reynolds seconded by Jason Wilcoxon – approved by 10, Jon Bernier abstained.

Mike Martin– Property Development at 4016 Allston St. – would like to create kitchen design studio and office space.  No requests for any variances at this point.

Cincinnati Preschool Promise – Colleen Reynolds – Parent Info sessions April 10, 11, 17, 18, 19 go to www.askpreschoolpromise.org

Ashley Martin – TriHealth – upcoming July 15 8AM – 2PM Women’s free screening event. 513-862-1050 – will have flyers at the June OCC meeting.

March 7th Meeting Minutes. Motion to approve the March 7th meeting minutes is made by      Chris Mengel. Seconded by Chris Mucha. Motion is approved.  Stacy Lehman abstained.

Financial Report

·       NSP/NBD & Treasurer’s Report

o   Motion to approve the March Treasurer’s report by Jes Overley . Motion is seconded by Chris Mengel and approved unanimously.

o   Motion to spend up to $500 for tablets to use for OCC events by Dave Schaff. Seconded by Colleen Reynolds.  Motion is approved unanimously. 

New Business:

Third Thursday meeting on April 20th. Oakley Pub and Grill Basement.

Next OCC meeting is on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Speaker Cards:

Mark Rogers – thanks for funds and very happy to have the $30,000 paid off.  Will still allow the OCC to use the 20th Century Theater free of charge for community events like the Daddy/Daughter Dance.

Robert Elsner – not with the Oakley Pup Crawl -  Has reviewed financials for the Oakley Pup Crawl and is concerned only $.10 of every dollar goes to research.

Dave Space and Scott Gumble – will be offering free financial educational events for Oakley if there is any interest. DSpace@WRAdvisors.com

Bruce Evans – Hyde Park Ave – experiencing water pressure issues.  Is anyone else having issues? Contact Water Works if you are having issues.

9:24 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting by Colleen Reynolds, is seconded by Chris Mengel, and approved. Meeting ends.


  • 04/21/2017 8:51 AM | Jessica Laine
    Addendum to meeting minutes (approved on 4/20/17)
    Fortus Group will ask for a vote for 2 variances in May. Variances are for a) landscape buffer between the southern property boundary with St. Cecilia and b) # of units allowed to be 82 from the code allowance of 54."
    Link  •  Reply
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