12-1-2020 OCC Approved Meeting Minutes

01/09/2021 9:12 AM | Joe Groh (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council

Virtual Meeting: Zoom

December 1st, 2020; 7:00 PM




Until otherwise noted, all Oakley Community Council Meetings will be conducted online, via the Zoom virtual conference tool. You can find full virtual/online meeting details on the homepage of our website, www.oakleynow.com.


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Trustee Introductions

  • Present: Colleen, Joe, Jason, Kenny, Dan, Jon, Evan, Troy, Sandy, Anthony, Seth
  • Absent: Cody

Community Partner:

  • Cincinnati Fire Department – Jeff McDonough, Engine 31 Captain
  • N/A
  • Cincinnati Police Department – Capt Jones/Officer Christine Berry
  • o   Reductions across the board, big reduction in theft from auto
  • o   Northside Bank robbed, suspect linked to 4 other local banks
  • o   Citizen app – not most reliable as not all calls reported are valid, or codes not accurate
  • CRC – JaLisa Elkins
  • o   All day & remote learning continue
  • o   Mini-camp for CPS holidays, couple spots available
  • o   Holiday Event: Find the Elf Christmas Contest
  • Oakley Library – Chris Oaks
  • o   Branch Manager – www.Cincinnatilibrary.org
  • o   In person service available. 2-hour time limit

OCC Election

  • 4 candidates: Evan Nolan, Jon Bernier, Joe Groh, Paige Scheidler
  • No additional nominations
  • Board officer elections to happen later in the month (3rd Thursday)


  • OCC Updates – Colleen Reynolds
  • o   Zoom & Facebook Live good changes
  • o   Virtual meetings continue for foreseeable future

Real Estate Development:

  • Biggby Coffee – no representative, Seth shared initial drawing
  • o   Looking to put drive-thru on property at Ridge & Alamo
  • o   Will present full request at January meeting
  • Rename Jared Ellis Drive scheduled for 12/18 Planning Commission meeting


  • Vision Zero Project Submission – Joe Groh [VOTE]
  • o   Pedestrian Safety team reviewed process and presented recommendations
  • o   Discussion/Question on the top locations
  • o   Motion: Evan - Motion to delegate the safety team recommendation to make the final decision. Seconded by Sandy
  • o   Vote:  Yes - 11           No - 0 
  • Holiday Lighting/Decoration Contest Update – Joe Groh/Tina Hubert [VOTE]
  • o   Discussion on the prizes and money to spend on gift cards
  • o   Motion by Joe:  To authorize the lights project committee to spend up to $800 for prizes.            Seconded:   Jon
  • o   Vote: Yes - 11       No - 0
  • Tunnel Team Update – Dan Krohn
  • o   Update – Our ordinance approved to spend TIF $
  • o   RFP process – sent to 7 firms
  • o   Tunnel team to review (week of 14 Dec) and present recommendations at January Tuesday meeting

Miscellaneous Announcements:

  • NSP/NBD approved
  • 2020 Housekeeping
  • o   No official meeting on 12/17; election of officers
  • o   Need to keep ATT contract on tablets?

Speaker Cards - none

Approve Nov 19th Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to approve:     Joe             Seconded:   Sandy
  • Vote: Yes -   9     No - 0    Abstain - 2

Financial Report – Jason Wilcoxon

  • Motion to approve:       Jason           Seconded:    Joe
  • Vote: Yes -   11     No - 0

OCC Election Results

  •  4 candidates elected: Evan Nolan, Jon Bernier, Joe Groh, Paige Scheidler

Adjourn Meeting

  • Motion to approve:  Jason                Seconded:    Kenny
  • Vote: Yes -    11    No - 0

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