11-03-2020 OCC Approved Meeting Minutes

01/09/2021 9:11 AM | Joe Groh (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council

Virtual Meeting: Google Meet

November 3, 2020; 7:00 PM




Until otherwise noted, all Oakley Community Council Meetings will be conducted online, via the Google Meet virtual conference tool. You can find full virtual/online meeting details on the homepage of our website, www.oakleynow.com.


Meeting Video

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Trustee Introductions

  • ·         Present: Colleen, Kenny, Joe, Anthony, Seth, Troy, Cody, Jason, Evan, Dan, Sandy, Jon
  • ·         Absent:


  • ·         Cincinnati Fire Department– Jeff McDonough, Engine 31 Captain
  • Keep fryers far away from house; make sure turkey is dry. Most problems occur when people put wet or frozen turkeys in fryers.
  • ·         Cincinnati Police Department– Captain Jones, District 2 Police
  • Violent crime is down. Slight increase theft from autos. 
  • ·         CRC– JaLisa Elkins
  • N/A

Quick Notes:

  • ·         NBD– Craig Rosen
  • Support funds from the City - $3400 received last year ($2400 for events; $1k beautification)
  • $3,500 received this year. Proposal for $3k for Beautification; $500 for Operations.  
  • 16 – yes’s; 0 – no’s. NBD proposal approved.
  • ·         Esplanade Tree Lighting (Ratify Email Vote) – Cody Gausvik

Cody Gausvik motions to spend no more than $4,000 for holiday lights on the esplanade for 2020. No objections. Motion passes.

Real Estate Development:

  • ·         Madison & Kennedy (Morelia Group) – Colleen Reynolds
  • Proposal to rezone 8 residential lots (7 single family homes) to build retail (Swenson’s and similar retail).
  • Swenson’s now willing to match materials to resemble nearby homes. Residents are in support of project.


            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Oakley Community Council hereby supports Morelia Group, LLC’s (“Applicant’s”) proposal to change the zoning classification of Hamilton County, Ohio Auditor’s Parcel Nos. 051-0002-0139, 051-0002-0140, 051-0002-0141, 051-0002-0142, 051-0002-0143, 051-0002-0144, 051-0002-0145 and 051-0002-0153 (collectively, the “Parcels”) from Residential, Mixed (“RMX”) to Commercial, General (“CG-A”), provided that the following requirements are imposed as conditions to such zoning change:

  • 1.    All buildings constructed on the Parcels shall feature compatible exterior building materials and colors;
  • 2.    Applicant shall convey to the City of Cincinnati (the “City”) a strip of land approximately sixteen feet (16’) in width along the frontage of the Parcels bordering Madison Road, subject to approval of such conveyance by the City and the Ohio Department of Transportation (“ODOT”); and
  • 3.    Applicant shall install a pedestrian crosswalk across Madison Road connecting to the Parcels, subject to approval of such installation by the City and ODOT.

The Zoning and Economic Development Committee is hereby authorized and instructed to issue and deliver a letter to the City of Cincinnati that memorializes Oakley Community Council’s support for the aforementioned zoning change subject to the conditions listed above.

Troy McAndrews motions to approve the resolution as presented; seconded by Dan Krohn.

Evan Nolan and Colleen Reynolds abstain.

7 approve.

Cody Gausvik, Sandy Gross and Anthony Isaacs disapprove.

Motion passes. 

  • ·         Wrapping Up 2020: News & Projects to Come – Colleen Reynolds
  • ·         Bridge Maintenance, Robertson, FYIs: City has requested OCC to incur some of the costs associated with maintenance.


  • ·         NBDIP– Joe Groh
  • We received approval for the Way Finding signage in Oakley (QR Code)  
  • ·         Oakley Guide Business Membership Requirement
  • $50 fee

Joe Groh votes to require businesses to pay the fee to be an OCC member or OAH sponsor to be included in the Oakley Guide. Motion passes.

  • ·         Holiday Lighting/Decorating Contest– Joe Groh/Tina Hubert
  • Residents would register online for the community to then vote on their outdoor decorations. Tina provided a very thorough plan and presented to the board.
  • Miscellaneous Announcements:
  • ·         Election Discussion– Colleen Reynolds/Kenny McNutt
  • Candidate bios are due by 11/15.
  • ·         COVID-19 Updates– Colleen Reynolds

Speaker Cards

  • ·         Approve 10/22/20 Meeting Minutes
  • Motion by Joe Groh to approve the 10/22/20 Meeting Minutes; seconded by Jason Wilcoxon. Unanimous approval; minutes approved.

Cody Gausvik, Sandy Gross, Seth and Jon abstain.

  • ·         Approve 10/6/20 Meeting Minutes
  • Tabled until next meeting.
  • ·         Financial Report – Jason Wilcoxon

Tabled until next meeting

New Business:

·         Next Third Thursday Meeting is on Thursday, November 19th – VIRTUAL

·         Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, December 1st – VIRTUAL

Adjourn Meeting

Motion to adjourn meeting by Colleen Reynolds; seconded by Cody Gausvik. Meeting ends at 8:57PM.

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