9-17-2020 OCC Approved Meeting Minutes

10/29/2020 1:11 PM | Joe Groh (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council 3rd Thursday Meeting
Virtual Meeting: Google Meet

September 17th, 2020; 7:00 PM




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Trustees Present: Jason Wilcoxon, Kenny McNutt, Dan Krohn, Joe Groh, Seth Shaifer, Evan Nolan, Colleen Reynolds, Sandy Gross, Troy McAndrews, Anthony Isaacs

Trustees Not Present: Jon Bernier, Cody Gausvik

Approve 9/1/20 Meeting Minutes

Joe Groh motions to approve 9/1/20 meeting minutes; seconded by Seth Shaifer. Unanimous approval. Evan Nolan, Sandy Gross, and Dan Krohn abstain.

Madison & Kennedy Discussion (Morelia Group) – Seth Shaifer, Guests

Colleen is conflicted out and will not be voting due to the Mr. Hildebrant’s representation by Dinsmore attorneys. Evan is conflicted out and will not be voting due to his client work with owner of other parcels under discussion.

Proposed development at Madison Rd and Kennedy Ave. Neighbors have expressed concern about traffic. Developers are willing to give right-of-way for a continuous right-hand turn lane from westbound Madison onto northbound Kennedy and have included a right turn only exit onto northbound Kennedy. There are three concept site plans. Plan A includes a Swenson’s restaurant with no drive-through that would require rezoning of 3 single family home parcels on corner from residential to commercial. Plan B is contingent on Plan A and would expand the site eastward along Madison with the exception of the fourth house from the corner, with whom they have no current agreement. Plan B would include an additional building and extra parking that they hope to share with the Oakley Kitchen event space. Plan C requires the fourth house from the corner and would include two additional buildings, instead of one, and a city-subsidized underground parking structure. The buildings would have retail on the first floor and four floors of 45-60 affordable housing apartment units ($850-$950/month) above the retail. Two other restaurants and a wireless carrier are interested in the retail space.

Interested in resident feedback. Seeking a vote at regular October meeting for rezoning the 3 single family home parcels on corner from residential to commercial, with the possible restriction of no drive-through.

NBDIP Update – Joe Groh

Final application submitted for the top two vote-getters: wayfinding signage and goVibrant routes. Joe and Anthony met with Christy from goVibrant to discuss possible routes. NBDIP board will decide within about 6 weeks of the final presentations that are scheduled for next week.

NSP – Craig Rozen

Last year, the Neighborhood Support Program awarded neighborhood councils $6058. This year, we requested an early disbursement of NSP funds to cover events early in the year, which was honored. NSP funding was eventually increased, which leaves us with an additional $1,929 to allocate.

OCC Board will present a suggested request for NSP funds at the October regular meeting to submit in time for the first round of approvals. The NSP funds must be approved by a vote open to all OCC members.

Community Budget Request – Joe Groh

OCC may submit requests for up to 3 projects for funding in the 2022-2023 city budget. Suggestions can be submitted and viewed on the website at https://oakleynow.com/CBR. Joe will add a form for the community to vote on their preferred projects. OCC Board needs to vote at October regular meeting to meet the October 23rd submission deadline.

Elections Discussion – Colleen Reynolds

Call for members who are up for re-election to declare whether they are running for another term. New candidates need to ensure that they have met requirements for meeting attendance.

Review 10/6 Draft Agenda – Colleen Reynolds

  • -          Several board members have conflicts with development topics.
  • -          Resident complaints about theft and defacement of BLM et al. signs.
  • -          Start discussion of traffic impact to Robinson
  • o    Neyer
  • o    Playing Card group don’t have traffic study done
  • -          CBR vote (OCC Board)
  • -          NSP vote (OCC members)
  • -          Reminder about elections and voting method
  • -          Census reminder

Update on pedestrian gateway bridge project – Colleen Reynolds

New lighting under the gateway pedestrian bridge and rail crossing.

Census Reminder – Joe Groh

Submission deadline of September 30th.

Possible new development – Seth Shaifer

Possible new Biggby Coffee near Sherwin-Williams store, drive-through only.

Adjourn Meeting

Motion to adjourn meeting by Kenny McNutt; seconded by Dan Krohn. Meeting ends at 8:14PM.

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