5-5-20 Approved OCC Meeting Minutes

05/22/2020 9:01 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 – 7 PM

Live via Google Hangout



Trustees Present: Dan Krohn, Cody Gausvik, Joe Groh, Evan Nolan, Colleen Reynolds, Anthony Issacs, Jason Wilcoxon, Troy McAndrews, Sandy Gross, Seth Shaifer, Jon Bernier, Evan Nolan

Trustees Not Present:



·         City Hotline – 591-6000

·         Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

·         Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


Call to order - Pledge of Allegiance


  • Sign in sheet; Speaker Cards
  • Trustee Introductions
  • City Hotline-591-6000; Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400
  • Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


  • ·       Cincinnati Fire Department – Jeff McDonough, Engine 31 Captain
  • Runs are down across the city. Steel Place fire – not sure of cause yet. (Business was closed)
  • ·       Cincinnati Police Department – Officer Christine Berry @Christine.berry@cincinnati.oh.gov
  • Increase from theft to vehicles is on the rise in Oakley. There has been a rise in violent crime city-wide, which is where a lot of resources are being diverted. Oakley has not seen a large increase in violent crime; violent crime in Oakley down 30%.
  • ·       CRC – JaLisa Elkins
  • Rec Center is closed. Seniors can still pick up 7 days’ worth of meals on Wednesdays. 85 meals prepped for tomorrow, which is higher than usual. Snacks being handed out to kids as well. Some childcare is being provided at the Madisonville CRC and other locations for essential workers. No decision has been made RE: summer camp.

Public Officials:

  • Clerk of Courts – Aftab Pureval

Everyone in his department has either taken a pay cut or furloughed. Courthouse remains open, as does the Clerk’s office. You can file suit in person at 900 Sycamore Street at the Justice Center.

Very specific rules for entering courthouse going forward and you can find specific details at Courtclerk.org.

Most jury trials and civil cases continue to be postponed.

If going to courthouse – only two family members allowed inside at a time with you; there is a mandatory temperature screen; and everyone entering courthouse must wear a mask.

Asking for support for reelection campaign.

  • City Councilmember – Greg Landsman
  • 30 deaths in Cincinnati total from COVID-19. $45-50 million in city reserves we may have to tap into. If no federal help is provided, city is looking at an $80 million deficit.
  • Question about Vision Zero budget? Improvements are in capital budget, should be okay.
  • Question about retailers opening? Retailers will be required to follow specific safety protocols, like wearing a mask inside.
  • Question about residential and commercial abatements during this pandemic? Greg has proposed series of commercial abatement revisions. There is also a proposed alternate residential permit process. Greg and P.G. have put forth motion about what the various options could be, but no official vote has been taken.  
  • Virtual summits will be hosted by Landsman in the future.


  • OCC Updates – Colleen Reynolds

Oakley Pup Crawl scheduled for 5/31 currently. Discussion on OCC requesting event organizers to postpone pub crawl.

Colleen to reach out to organizers to see if they will support postponing event. Colleen will update the board and advise if any further action is needed.

Real Estate Development:

  • ·       Rookwood Place, LLC – Douglas Hine (Edwards Rd/Camden Phase II) [VOTE]
  • Roadblock at the end of Hyde Park Ave has been removed but will be replaced once construction is complete.
  • Requesting support for Phase 2 (8 units); Phase 1 has 8 units.
  • Resident asked where equipment will be stored for Phase 2? Detailed plan in place.
  • Are there hopes to secure property in between properties? Yes.
  • Neighbors have communicated developers have been very good neighborhood partners during construction.  
  • Seth Shaifer motions to approve the Rookwood Place, LLC concept as presented at the 5/5/20 OCC meeting; seconded by Dan Krohn. Unanimous approval; motion passes.   
  • ·       The Establishment – Troy McAndrews
  • Recently received permit violations.
  • 1. Outdoor TVs – requesting zoning relief to have outdoor TVs. TVs will be on from 7am-10pm weekdays and until 12AM on weekends. Need zoning relief to use as outdoor entertainment.
  • 2. Expanded outdoor patio (15 x 15 ft wide); city requesting additional parking spaces, but due to the location of the business, there is no option for additional parking.
  • 3. Fence across driveway on Wasson – business installed black aluminum fence to prevent rideshare and other drivers from abruptly entering and exiting driveway, due to pedestrian safety concerns. City has requested the fence be removed.
  • Vote tabled. OCC board needs to discuss process for when board member has request for zoning relief. Fellow OCC businessowners to meet and discuss with Troy. Vote will likely be taken in June.   

Miscellaneous Announcements:

  • ·       Census Update – Joe Groh – Oakley at 63% response rate; online response are due end of the October.
  • ·       Major Projects / Committee Updates

OCC Neighborhood Mailer: Sandy Gross had designer create mailer “#oakleystrong”. Lists local resources on mailer.

Beautification: Tree well spring cleanup underway.

Rec Center Update: it’s been a year since OCC approved funds for Ignite to start process. CRC is on hold due to COVID-19 pandemic. Monthly meetings are taking place until CRC gets a better understanding of where they are during this pandemic. There’s not much OCC can do at this time. OCC has requested deliverable of what Ignite has completed so far and what their plan is for the future (deliverable to be shared publicly). We are not paying for Ignite’s time through this process; we’re paying for the final deliverable. Even though Ignite has taken longer than anticipated, there is no increased price for the OCC due to the amount of time it’s taking Ignite.

Approve April 7th Meeting Minutes

Cody Gausvik motions to approve 4/7/20 minutes; seconded by Seth Shaifer. 11 approve; Jon Bernier abstained.

Financial Report – Jason Wilcoxon

In process of closing OCURC account

Jason Wilcoxon motions to approve OCC financial report as presented; seconded by Joe Groh. Unanimous approval.

New Business:

Tunnel project update coming up in June.

·       Next Third Thursday Meeting is on Thursday, May 21st - VIRTUAL

·       Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, June 2nd – VIRTUAL (TBD)

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Cody Gausvik ; seconded by Joe Groh. Meeting ends at 9:10PM.

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