4-7-20 Approved OCC Meeting Minutes

05/06/2020 7:30 AM | Cody Gausvik

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 – 7 PM

Live via Google Hangout



Trustees Present: Dan Krohn, Cody Gausvik, Joe Groh, Evan Nolan, Colleen Reynolds, Anthony Issacs, Jason Wilcoxon, Troy McAndrews, Sandy Gross, Seth Shaifer

Trustees Not Present: Jon Bernier



·         City Hotline – 591-6000

·         Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

·         Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


Call to order - Pledge of Allegiance


  • Sign in sheet; Speaker Cards
  • Trustee Introductions
  • City Hotline-591-6000; Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400
  • Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


  • ·       Cincinnati Fire Department – Jeff McDonough, Engine 31 Captain
  • No fire inspections or fire hydrant servicing until further notice. Fire fighters are staying at firehouse and keeping equipment clean. Different protocols are being taken when responding to emergencies. Please refer to the CDC, NIH and Cincinnati Health Department websites for the latest information. Time change in March – perfect time to change your smoke detector batteries. You can still get a smoke detector from the Fire Department.
  • ·       Cincinnati Police Department – Officer Christine Berry @Christine.berry@cincinnati.oh.gov
  • CPD is prioritizing calls; please go online to report issues instead of showing up in person at the police station.  


  • ·       OCC Response – Colleen Reynolds
  • Virtual meetings going forward until further notice. Detailed information on Oakelynow.com regarding businesses that are still open, resources, links, etc.
  • ·       OCC Summer Series – Jon Bernier
  • Not cancelled, but on hold for the moment. Discussion about if we should still send out mailer to residents. Dan and Colleen to discuss and carry forward.
  • ·       State of the City of Cincinnati – Colleen Reynolds
  • Copious amounts of city employees have been furloughed. Please call Colleen if you have questions on who is still available or who we should contact in the meantime. City working to bring Planning Commission online; everything zoning related has been postponed until 4/17.
  • ·       Additional Support – Board Discussion
  • Discussion about how we can support our local businesses. Promote National Bear Hunt in Oakley?

Real Estate Development:

  • ·       Apollo Home: Camberwell Road: NOW ON HOLD
  • ·       From Paige (on behalf of neighbors from surrounding streets)
  • o   Since Apollo relocated, they’ve been trying to expand location.
  • o   Without permit, they paved a parking lot to the property line.
  • o   Over 30 residents are opposed to any variance or zone changes, including the addition of a driveway.
  • o   Concerned about new driveway; requesting proper buffer zone so residents don’t have to look at parking lot.
  • ·       Inspector gave citation to Apollo in September 2019.
  • ·       If Apollo doesn’t come back, what action can we take? How can we hold them accountable?

Miscellaneous Announcements:

  • ·       Landscaping – Cody Gausvik
  • Requesting $3,000 for tree well maintenance for 2020 ($1,000 of NSP; $1,500 of NBD; and $500 from OCC operating account).
  • Cody Gausvik motions to allocate $1,000 of NSP funds, $1,500 of NBD funds and $500 of OCC operating funds for tree well maintenance for 2020; seconded by Dan Krohn. Unanimous approval; motion passes.
  • ·       Election Day Change – Colleen Reynolds
  • All information can be found online. Ohio is now vote by mail only. You can request absentee ballots at Kroger. If you have already voted by mail, you do not need to vote again. Be sure you ask your older adults in your neighborhood if they have voted and if they need help.
  • ·       Census Update – Joe Groh
  • Census still taking place; participation is Oakley is currently at around 50-54%.

There is now a new Development in Oakley section on Oakleynow.com: https://oakleynow.com/Development

Approve March 19th Meeting Minutes

Seth Shaifer motions to approve 3/19/20 minutes; amendment proposed by Evan Nolan to change “will require” to “may require”. Amendment accepted by Seth Shaifer. Seconded by Evan Nolan. 8 approve; Kenny McNutt, Sandy Gross and John Bernier abstain.

Financial Report – Jason Wilcoxon

$80,000 given to City for pedestrian bridge project. Motion by Jason to approve the financial report as presented; seconded by Joe Groh. Unanimous approval.  

New Business:

·       Next Third Thursday Meeting is on Thursday, April 23rd - VIRTUAL

·       Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, May 5th - VIRTUAL

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Cody Gausvik; seconded by Seth Shaifer. Meeting ends at 8:35PM

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