2-20-20 OCC Approved Third Thursday Meeting Minutes

03/04/2020 8:56 AM | Joe Groh (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council 3rd Thursday Meeting

Brazee Street Studios

2/21/20; 7PM





Trustees Present: Dan Krohn, Cody Gausvik, Joe Groh, Evan Nolan, Colleen Reynolds, Anthony Issacs, Jason Wilcoxon, Troy McAndrews, Sandy Gross, Jon Bernier

Trustees Not Present: Kenny McNutt, Seth Shaifer

Approve 2/4/20 Minutes

Motion by Joe Groh to approve 2/4/20 minutes; seconded by Dan Krohn. Unanimous approval.

Colleen Reynolds, Evan Nolan and Jon Bernier abstained.

Guest: Wasson Way – Jay Andress

Raising $2 million dollars in private funding; seeking updated letter of support from OCC so they can include it with their grant applications to the Clean Ohio program. 

Motion by Cody Gausvik to provide an updated letter of support to Jay Andress to be included with the grant applications for the Clean Ohio Program for the Wasson Way Trail; seconded by Anthony Issacs. Unanimous approval. Motion passes. 

Crosswalks: Update – Joe Groh

1.     City informed us our Romana location was one they were willing to put pedestrian activated light at.

2.     We voted for Flaggs USA location as higher priority.

3.     Mel McVay (City Vision Zero mgr) came back and told Joe that their engineers felt that a raised crosswalk better option for Flaggs USA, and that they had received ODOT grant for that.

4.     About that same time Joe had asked Mel for clarity on how we should handle the $5k donation (to be used for pedestrian safety) that we had received.

1.     Her recommendation was that we keep the money in our account and give it to the city in conjunction with a specific project (would keep city from poaching those $$$).

2.     She proposed that the city could match our $5k for a project to put the pedestrian crossing signal at Romana, and if we aligned, she could put in for an additional ODOT grant request. I told her I would need to get an approval, but thought it was a good idea.

3.     Mel submitted the proposal, expecting it to take a couple weeks to get an answer, by which time I would have been able to bring up for a vote. Well, the state approved her proposal within 2 days, but it still contingent on our approval.

5.     Bottom line: if we approve the use of the $5k to be applied towards the Romana location, we would have upgrades made to both locations this calendar year.

Awaiting until next Tuesday meeting to take a board vote.  

Committees: Review & Discuss – Colleen Reynolds

Placement based on board feedback/comments. Suggestion to provide monthly committee updates; need to decide where that works best. Submit comments RE: assignments to Colleen by the next meeting.

March 3rd Meeting & Agenda – Colleen Reynolds


NBDIP: Deadline Approaching – Board Discussion

1.     Time quickly approaching when we'll have to submit our funding request/proposal (if we opt to).

2.     Last year we asked for $30k to upgrade the Flaggs USA location and to add goVibrant walking paths, was not among approved projects. Previous year approved requests are helping fund the eastern gateway (in part)

3.     Flaggs USA crosswalk is being taken care of, so looking for input on what other projects we might want to include in this year's request.

4.     3/2 deadline. Suggested that Oakley not request anything, due to larger needs across the city.

5.     If you have suggestion, email Colleen ASAP.

Invest In Neighborhoods Summit – Joe Groh

1.     Sent email to business members, inviting them to provide promotional materials for our table.

EPA: Public Meeting – Joe Groh

1.     Saturday, 29 February, 12pm, Urban Artifact

2.     Opportunity for Hamilton County residents to voice their concerns. We have issues on Eileen, Millsbrae, and 31st with flooding due to undersized sewer pipes.

3.     Resident TIm Langmeier asked if we could help push MSD to address this, since already working with city/planning on Neyer project.

Retreat: Dates – Colleen Reynolds & Evan Nolan

Utilize three Third Thursday meetings for retreat (March, June, September) 6-9pm.

Suggestion to add detailed explanation RE: Oakley TIFF District by resident.

Rec Center Update

More to come.

Adjourn Meeting

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:00PM by Cody Gausvik; seconded by Sandy Gross. Meeting Ends at 9PM


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