2-4-20 Approved OCC Meeting Minutes

02/21/2020 9:45 AM | Cody Gausvik

Oakley Community Council
Oakley Community Center

February 4th, 2020; 7:00 PM


Call to order - Pledge of Allegiance


  • Sign in sheet; Speaker Cards
  • Trustee Introductions
    • Attendance: Colleen _____ Evan _____Cody __X___Jason __ X ___Dan __ X ___Seth __ X ___Joe___ X __Sandy __ X ___Jon _____Kenny _ X ____Troy _ X ____Anthony ___ X __
  • City Hotline-591-6000; Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400
  • Fix it Cincy! Mobile App

Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31

  • ·       Brandon Green – In January had 210 EMS runs, 5 fire.
  • ·       Fire Safety – Space heaters popular this time of year, use safely – don’t overload outlets, don’t leave on overnight, do not use near furniture/curtains, etc.
  • ·       The water pressure issue that was reported recently on the news has not been a factor in Oakley

District 2 Police report

  • ·       Officer presented the safety report, slight increase in thefts in the typical retail areas.




  • ·       Candidate for Juvenile Judge – Kari Bloom
  • o   Endorsed Democratic candidate.
  • o   Background in juvenile and family court
  • ·       Ohioans For Gun Safety – Andrea Dannenberg
  • o   Presented petition for people to sign, to support expanded background checks in Ohio
  • o   Target is 103k signatures so can get in front of state government.
  • ·       Issue 7 – Mary Miller
  • o   SORTA board member
  • o   Asked for support of Issue 7. The Metro bus/infrastructure levy

Development Items:

  • ·       Three Oaks (Formerly Oakley Yard): Project Update – Neyer Properties (Jeff/Chris)
  • o   Presented update on the plan to date, had basic renderings
  • o   Goal is to start demo in June, 18 months to complete senior living and multi-family; single family will be phased in, with all work completed within 3 years
  • o   Addressed questions about traffic concerns
  • §  Still ongoing meetings with DOTE and Planning to iron out details
  • o   Also: Introduction to Senior Housing Developer Omni Senior Living (Tom Finley)
  • §  Independent living
  • §  Anticipate costs be $3500-$3800 a month


  • ·       Planned Developments 101: City Planning Department – Jared Ellis
  • o   Jared presented high level overview of what PD is
  • o   Is a zone change, minimizes variances a developer must get (more than 1 building per parcel)
  • o   Still follow normal approval process:
  • §  Coordinated site review
  • §  City Planning Commission
  • §  City Council subcommittee
  • §  Full City Council
  • ·       Local Oakley: Multifamily Development at CastFab – Greg Dale, Bill Davin, Michael Copfer, Jim Obert
  • o   Proposed development of plots 1,2,6 in the Local Oakley LLC/cast fab site
  • o   Hills Development would be builder. Family owned, operated. Manage the properties.
  • o   Will require a zone change from CG-A to a PD (this development only)
  • o   Their tenants tend to be older that the average renter, popular with empty nesters.
  • o   316 apartment units, spread over 5 buildings
  • o   5 story units, 4 will have indoor parking on the first floor.
  • o   576 total parking places, including the indoor parking and outside lots
  • o   All buildings have no stairs, all have elevators
  • o   Unit sizes:
  • §  I BR (825 SqFt, $1400)
  • §  1 Br w/Den
  • §  2 Br (1170 SqFt, $1800)
  • §  2 BR w/Den (1486 SqFt, $2100)
  • o   They are aware of master plan, have studied it, will building in green space, tree cover. Have landscape plan next meeting
  • o   Working on LEED certification
  • o   EPA remediation issues prevent single family homes there.  Bill Davin committed to sending the full EPA report/documentation.
  • o   They will meet with Seth, likely back in March to seek approval of zone change.
  • o   Expressed willingness to not fully develop their planned surface parking unless it's actually needed, and have an interest in obtaining curb parking along Disney and the proposed street.

Committee/Project Items:

  • ·       CPD Enforcement – Joe Groh
  • On 1/7, Capt Jones asked that we identify top 4/5 locations where enhanced enforcement could be conducted.
  • My top 5, based on community feedback:
    • Madison Rd, eastern entrance to business district
    • Madison Rd, western entrance to business district
    • Paxton Ave
      • Between Isabella and Hyde Park Plaza Entrance
      • Paxton, both directions approaching the Taylor intersection.
    • Brotherton, between Ridge & Rosslyn.
  • Motion by: __Joe___ 2nd:_Seth____ Vote:_9-0 in favor___
  • Motion: I motion that we approve the locations as presented, to be included in the CPD Enhanced Enforcement efforts
  • ·       Invest In Neighborhoods Annual Summit 3/14/20 – Joe Groh
  • o   Kickoff Dinner Friday March 13
  • §  There will be no dinner this year
  • o   Summit Saturday March 14, Cintas Center
  • o   Theme: My Neighborhood Counts, Everybody Counts
  • §  We've been only community council with a display table past several years.
    • My first year last year, worth it, good exposure for OCC, made good contacts. 
  • This year could do an updated version of my slideshow, display our census plan, use our new table banner and Oakley flag
  • o   Table with electric - $160
  • IIN says they have no record of us paying last year, so we owe them $135 for last year.
  • Anyone wanting to volunteer, we man table from 8:30-Noon.  Breakfast & lunch provided
  • o   Motion: I motion to authorize payment of $295.00 to allow OCC to have a table for the 2020 Invest In Neighborhood Summit.
  • Motion by: __Joe___ 2nd:_Cody____ Vote:_9-0 in favor___
  • ·       Oakley Neighborhood School – Craig Rozen
  • o   Given enrollment/crowding issues, there is interest in potentially building an Oakley school
  • o   Part of long-term plan
  • o   OCC putting together committee to promote this action, looking for interested volunteers
  • ·       Events: Reminder of Daddy Daughter Dance 2/16/20
  • o   First session sold out, tickets remain for 2nd session

Approve January 16th Meeting Minutes

  • ·       Motion to approve by Seth 2nd__Joe___ Vote:__9-0 in favor___

Financial Report – Jason Wilcoxon

  • ·       Motion to approve by Joe  2nd__Sandy___ Vote:__9-0 in favor___

New Business:

·       Next Third Thursday Meeting is on Thursday, February 20th – Brazee Street Studios

·       Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, March 3rd

Speaker Cards

  • ·       Florence Parker, OKI – Spoke of OKI’s mission and requested residents provide their input on the regional transportation survey.
  • o   Your chance to help shape the region’s transportation needs.
  • o   www.oki.org
  • ·       Christina Patel – Judicial candidate for Hamilton County Common Pleas Drug Court
  • ·       Fanon Rucker – Hamilton County Prosecutor candidate
  • ·       Nicole Sanders - Judicial candidate for Hamilton County Common Pleas Drug Court

Adjourn Meeting

          Motion by Joe  2nd__Cody___ Vote:__9-0 in favor___

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