1-7-20 Approved OCC Meeting Minutes

01/17/2020 10:37 AM | Cody Gausvik

Oakley Community Council
Oakley Community Center

January 7th, 2020; 7:00 PM



  • ·        Present - Dan, Anthony, Kenny, Seth, Joe, Colleen, Evan, Sandy, Jason, Jon, Troy 
  • ·        Absent - Cody

Cincinnati Fire Department: Station 31 – N/A

District 2 Police:

  • ·        Officer Berry – Small uptick for the year, mostly thefts from retails areas
  • ·        Captain Jones – District 2 going to setup traffic enforcement areas, we should nominate top 2/3 for Oakley


  • ·        Jalisa – looking to hire evening janitor; Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for April 4th, weather backup is April 11th; registration for summer camp should be open online first week of February


  • ·       Apollo Home – Teresa Gerden
  • o   Moved HQs to Oakley recently
  • o   HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical/Home Repairs
  • o   Paid trades apprenticeship program
  • o   Give back to community (provide HVAC for needy family)
  • ·       US Census Bureau – Kimberly Pierce
  • o   Census forms be mailed out in March
  • o   Openings for part time employees ($23.50/hr)
  • o   https://2020census.gov/en/jobs.html

Development Items:

  • ·       Anchor Properties: Future Development at Isabella & Paxton – Steve Hemberger & Matt Hemberger [VOTE]
  • o   Followed up with adjacent owners, have letters of support
  • o   Required to have 19 parking places, providing 21
  • o   1 main curb cut on Paxton for in/out. 1 curb cut on Isabella for exit only from drive-thru
  • o   Requested letter of support for zoning change (SF-6 to CC-A) for one parcel of the properties
  • o   Motion by Seth.  Seconded by Dan
  • o   Vote: 10 Yes, 0 No, 1 Abstain
  • o   Motion: Move to support Anchor Properties request for a  Zone change from SF-6 to CC-A for the property at 3730 Isabella as presented at the January 7, 2020 OCC meeting.
  • ·       Cardiff Row: Future Development on Cardiff – Angelo Pusateri, Daniel Kiley, Jason Laine
  • o   Initial presentation for development at 3450 – 3494 Cardiff Ave.  Currently a manufacturing site, looking to build 12 single family homes, 2-3 BR, target price mid $400k
  • o   Will eventually look for Zone change from ML to SF.
  • o   Working with Duke to resolve potential easement issues.
  • o   Will be back in the future for additional presentations.

Committee/Project Items:

  • ·       Call for Committee Participation: Parking Overlay – Colleen Reynolds
  • o   Looking for volunteers to be involved with parking overlay committee.
  • ·       Development: Upcoming Oakley Yard Discussion – Joe Groh & Dan Krohn
  • o   Recap of Oakley Yard meeting with Neyer, OCC reps (Colleen, Dan, Joe), DOTE, Economic Development
  • o   More detailed designs presented, more discussions going on with city
  • o   Tunnel most likely way to get to/from Oakley Yard and Oakley Station
  • o   Discussions coming up on how to pay for it, including use of ourTIF funds.
  • o   Discussion on how many might make use of a tunnel
  • ·       Pedestrian Safety: Crosswalk Priorities – Joe Groh
  • o   Oakley been selected to have a new pedestrian activated signal system, based on Vision Zero reporting map (http://cagisonline.hamilton-co.org/pedsafetysurvey/)
  • o   Madison & Romana was location city identified, but it not been our top priority. City said they could do the Flaggs USA location, provided there no engineering issues, if that what the community wanted.
  • o   Presented options to the board & residents to confirm which location should be our #1 priority.
  • o   Evan made motion, seconded by Kenny, vote 11-0 in favor
  • o   Motion: “Move the we approve the Flaggs USA location as our top priority for pedestrian activated signal upgrade.”
  • ·       Events: Daddy Daughter Dance 2/16/20
  • o   First session almost sold out

Approve December 3rd Meeting Minutes

  • ·       Motion to approve – Joe. Seconded – Kenny. Vote - 8 Yes, 3 abstain

Financial Report – Jason Wilcoxon

  • ·        Financial report shared online and via email
  • ·        ~$5000 balance
  • ·        Motion to approve – Jason. Seconded – Seth. Vote – 11 Yes, 0 No

New Business:

·        Next Third Thursday Meeting is on Thursday, January 16th – Brazee Street Studios

·        Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, February 4th

Speaker Cards

  • ·       Fred Yeager – Wasson Way Phase 3 (Edwards to Marburg) construction starts this summer

Adjourn Meeting

  • ·       Motion – Joe.  Seconded – Jon.  Vote – 11 Yes, 0 No

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