11-5-19 Approved OCC Meeting Minutes

11/22/2019 6:49 AM | Cody Gausvik

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 – 7 PM

Oakley Recreation Center



Trustees Present: Cody Gausvik, Dan Krohn, Colleen Reynolds, Seth Shaifer, Sean Fausto, Jason Wilcoxon, Sandy Gross, Evan Nolan, Dave Schaff, Jon Bernier

Trustees Not Present: Kenny McNutt, Joe Groh



·         City Hotline – 591-6000

·         Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

·         Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


Call to order - Pledge of Allegiance


  • Sign in sheet; Speaker Cards
  • Trustee Introductions
  • City Hotline-591-6000; Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400
  • Fix it Cincy! Mobile App

Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31

Not present

District 2 Police report

Violent crime is down; do not leave anything visible in sight. Put things in your trunk when you leave your house NOT when you get to your running destination – thieves are watching for recently parked cars.  


Mini Camp was today due to Election Day (6am-6pm). CRC will be closed 11/11 for Veteran’s Day as well as Thanksgiving Day and Friday after. Breakfast with Santa 12/14 8AM-12PM $5 person – free breakfast to anyone who brings gift for donation. You can drop the kids off on 12/6 and 12/13th $10/kid for adults’ night out.


  • Thread’s Boutique (Grand Opening Saturday, November 16th)
    • Not present.
  • TriYoga with LQ – Christianne Green
    • Different types of classes based on level of expertise.
  • Census 2020 – Marissa Pherson
    • Important everyone responds. You can respond online this year. ‘Census Takers’ are paid $19/hour in Hamilton County: 2020census.gov/jobs

City of Cincinnati

  • Oakley Urban Parking Overlay District: Brian Ogawa & Gio Rocco
    • College Hill, Northside also considering this plan.
    • Would remove parking minimums for businesses in designated areas in Oakley.
    • Cons: change/uncertainty what this could bring.
    • If Oakley decides to do this, map would be created with the Department of Community and Economic Development and OCC. Board would be heavily involved.
    • Master Plan suggests that we participate in this process.
    • Envision this only applying within NBD.
    • There is no formalized process when Community Council requests this. Board would need to write a letter to the Department of Community and Economic Development to initiate.
    • Concern about residential parking congestion on neighborhood streets. This program could create residential parking permit program ($40/ year).
    • Request to obtain data from the City on how many parking variances OCC has had to grant.  
    • Move to Third Thursday Discussion; form committee. Spring deadline?  

Development Items

  • McBride Dale Clarion – Letter of Support Request: Greg Dale, Jeff Laine
    • 2853 Madison (corner of Andrew and Madison); proposing single-family condos.
    • Two buildings, one with 5 units and one with 2 units.
    • Need for four variances: 1.) 1 principle building per lot; 2.) front yard variance (8ft reduction), 3.) Side yard variance; and 4.) rear lot 19ft variance.
    • ½ story on first level (with garage) with two stories above.
    • ~$400k+ price point.
    • Owner-occupied, two car-garage in most units. 20-17 ft. wide each.
    • No motions taken. Tableted for 12/3 meeting; asking to see landscape plan (Sandy will be the lead).

Committee/Project Items:

  • Neighborhood Guidelines Update – Sandy Gross, Colleen Reynolds
    • Provide to developers which would summarize Master Plan, landscape initiatives, Oakley’s priorities, etc.
  • Troy McAndrews (Establishment owner) was present to update us that the project is completed.  
  • Oakley Flag/Flagpole Motion – Dan Krohn, Joe Groh
    • You can purchase your own Oakley flag at local Flaggs USA.

Motion by Dan Krohn to spend up to $1000.00 on flag-related expenses outlined in the email dated 11/5/19. Seconded by Seth Shaifer. Unanimous approval.   

    • Includes purchasing three flags, a gold ball for the top of the flagpole, new equipment to raise and lower flag with theft protection and a table runner for local events.
  • Esplanade Christmas Lights Motion – Cody Gausvik
    • Cody Gausvik motions to spend $3,500 for holiday lights for twenty trees on the esplanade; seconded by Sandy Gross. Unanimous approval.   
  • City Paint the Streets Initiative – Joe Groh
    • Tabled for next meeting.

CRC Update? Evan Nolan, Colleen Reynolds and Jalisa (of CRC) have spoken with Ignite Philanthropy over the past few months. Working to create prototype for new CRC center.   

Approve October 17th Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve 10/17/19 meeting minutes by Sandy Gross; seconded by Evan Nolan. 8 approved. Cody Gausvik and Dave Scaff abstained

Financial Report – Jason Wilcoxon

Motion to approve financial report as presented by Jason Wilcoxon; seconded by Evan Nolan. Unanimous approval.

NSP Funding: City allocates funds every year for OCC’s use. $6,078 total (OCC decided to divide up funds as follows: $1,000 membership, $1,500 to beautification, $1,000 to operations, $2,578 to events). Oakley Resident Vote: 22 yes’; 1 no.

NBD Funding: Earmarked for NBD: $3,800 total = OCC decided to divide funds up as follows: ($1,000 for beautification, $2,800 for special events)

Oakley Resident Vote: 21 yes’; 1 no.

New Business

  • Next Third Thursday Meeting is on Thursday, November 21st – Brazee
  • Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, December 3rd – OCC Board Elections!

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Cody Gausvik; seconded by Seth Shaifer. Meeting ends at 9:00PM

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