10-1-19 OCC Approved Meeting Minutes

11/06/2019 7:30 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 – 7 PM

Oakley Recreation Center



Trustees Present: Cody Gausvik, Dan Krohn, Colleen Reynolds, Seth Shaifer, Joe Groh, Sean Fausto, Jason Wilcoxon, Sandy Gross, Evan Nolan

Trustees Not Present: Kenny McNutt, Dave Schaff, Jon Bernier



·         City Hotline – 591-6000

·         Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

·         Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


Call to order - Pledge of Allegiance


  • Sign in sheet; Speaker Cards
  • Trustee Introductions
  • City Hotline-591-6000; Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400
  • Fix it Cincy! Mobile App

Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31

200 EMS and 15 fire runs in September. 10/6-10/12 is ‘Fire Prevention Week’. Sunday (10/6), 1-5PM is the Open House at Station 31.

District 2 Police report

Violent crime and thefts trended down in September.  


10/21 – all day camp available due to in-service day at CPS; $50.

10/26 – 530-7PM Trunk or Treat. Local businesses can participate and attend. Usually hosts 100+ kids.

Tide Cleaners – Brandon Gilstrap

Grand Opening Saturday, October 5th from 8-5PM. Anyone can have two garments cleaned for free.  

Oakley Flag – Henry Frondorf

Oakley’s new flag presented. Grant secured in 2018 was used to create individual Cincinnati neighborhood flags. You can order a flag at National Flag Company (locally made) on their website.

City of Cincinnati

  • ·       Census Update: Joe Groh
  • Today was the kickoff. ‘Complete Count Committee’ – gathering of business leaders, community councils, etc. that can help encourage people to complete their census form. Oakley had a completion rate of 91% in 2010. Important to complete for federal aid (Medicare/Medicaid, etc.). You can complete census online next year.
  • ·       Vision Zero: Joe Groh, Colleen Reynolds, Derek Bauman
  • Mission to reduce fatal injuries involving pedestrians; City Council recently adopted. CPS has supported this mission since many students have been involved in pedestrian-related injuries. Since 2013, there has been a 50% increase in pedestrian-related accidents.
  • ‘Vision Zero Cincinnati Advisory Committee’ – we received 15 yard signs and a large sign to place over the bridge.
  • www.cincinnati-oh.gov/visionzero - community members can submit data via survey.
  • Where does the funding come from? City Council approved spending $750,000 each year. Duke Energy has agreed to increase lighting. Grants are also available. 
  • How do they prioritize improvements? Data driven from people who complete survey (above). Specific crash data utilized as well.  
  • Vision Zero Resolution 
  • Whereas, pedestrian related crashes in the city of Cincinnati have increased approximately 50% since 2013, and more than two dozen school children have been struck by cars in Cincinnati in the last 12 months, and traffic crashes decrease safety and quality of life in our community, and
  • Whereas, the Vision Zero model adopted by the city of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Public Schools seeks to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes, particularly involving pedestrians, and seeks to make our streets safe and equitable for all users through Engineering, Enforcement, and Education;
  • Be it therefore resolved that the board of the Oakley Community Council supports Vision Zero and pledges to work collaboratively with Vision Zero partners and stakeholders to increase the safety and mobility of all who use our streets making Oakley a more vibrant and attractive neighborhood for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.
  • Cody Gausvik motions to support the Vision Zero Resolution as written above; Sandy Gross seconds. Unanimous approval; motion passes.

Local Elections

  • ·       Issue 22 Letter of Support Request: Joe Groh & Colleen Reynolds
  • SORTA Board approved to include an increase of $0.8% to the sales tax in Hamilton County on the March 2020 ballot.
  • Metro Resolution 
  • Whereas, pedestrian safety, improved traffic flow, and increasing transit usage are key goals and action plans in our Oakley Master Plan, and;
  • Whereas, the Reinventing Metro plan will expand transit services, and be consistent with our Master Plan, and given the historic efforts by city council, county commissioners, state representatives, the Regional Chamber, and the Better Bus Coalition to develop a sustainable means of funding the plan;
  • Be it therefore resolved that the board of the Oakley Community Council supports voting YES on Issue 22 to repeal the City Earnings Tax in November 2019, and voting in support of Hamilton County Sales Tax in March 2020, in support of funding the Reinventing Metro Plan, and the historic collaboration by city, county, state representatives, and SORTA board.
  • Cody Gausvik motions to support the Metro Resolution as written above; seconded by Jason Wilcoxon. 7 in favor. Sean Fausto and Dan Krohn opposed. Motion passes.
  • ·       Fair Cincy – Council Districts Ballot Initiative: Henry Frondorf
  • Would change the way councilmembers are voted into City Council.
  • There would be five council members each in a separate district and four at-large council members. 6,000 signatures needed by the end of November to get on March 2020 ballot.
  • Faircincy.org  

Judge Berkowitz – Seeking reelection

Development Items

  • ·       LAB Development LLC – Letter of Support Request: Doug Bartsch
  • Adding additional antennas to existing tower. Concerns about electromagnetic signals; emissions are heavily regulated by FCC.
  • Sean Fausto moves to support the addition of the Verizon antennae on the existing Duke Energy transmission tower as presented at the 10/1/19 meeting at the corner of Brownway Ave and Enyart Ave in Oakley; Dan Krohn seconds. Unanimous approval.
  • ·       Preserve Hyde Park: Ann Gimbert
  • Developer proposes building six single family homes on Wasson Ave across from Kroger. Concerns about fitting such a large development on a small parcel, subdividing land, being so close to the Wasson Way trail, etc. Crosswalks would have to be approved by DOTE.
  • Ask is that we support Hyde Park Neighborhood Council and oppose the zone change.
  • Colleen Reynolds will reiterate what OCC said during the 9/3/19 meeting and what we supported via email to each City Council member and the Mayor along with the City Planning Staff. OCC has not taken any position on zone changes or set back requirements.
  • ·       Isabella Townhomes – Groundbreaking & Donation: Craig Rozen
  • $5,000 is being donated for Vision Zero initiatives. Craig encourages OCC to ask for developers to fund certain initiatives in the neighborhood. Thursday is the official groundbreaking at 4:30PM.

Approve September 19th Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve 9/19/19 meetings by Joe Groh; seconded by Sean Fausto. 7 approvals; minutes approved.

Cody Gausvik, Evan Nolan and Jason Wilcoxon abstained.

Financial Report

Motion to approve financial report as presented by Evan Nolan; seconded by Dan Krohn.

Unanimous approval.

Oakley Community Council Elections are on 12/3.

New Business

  • Invest in Neighborhoods Event – Thursday, October 3rd
  • Oakley 5K – Saturday, October 5th at 730AM
  • Third Thursday meeting on Thursday, October 17th – Brazee Street Studios
  • Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, November 5th – Election Day!

Speaker Cards

11/1 Oakley Masquerade: $50.00 tickets include food and drinks – benefits ‘Save the Animals Foundation’ at the 20th Century Theatre.

Planning Commission approved Oakley Master Plan. Goes to City Council for approval this month.  

Motion to adjourn the meeting by Cody Gausvik; seconded by Seth Shaifer. Meeting ends at 9:15PM

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