9-3-19 OCC Approved Meeting Minutes

10/01/2019 10:23 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 – 7 PM

Oakley Recreation Center



Trustees Present: Cody Gausvik, Dan Krohn, Kenny McNutt, Colleen Reynolds, Evan Nolan, Seth Shaifer, Joe Groh, Jon Bernier, Sean Fausto, Jason Wilcoxon, Sandy Gross, Dave Schaff (arrived after Master Plan vote)

Trustees Not Present:



·         City Hotline – 591-6000

·         Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

·         Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31

Not present.  

Cincinnati Police District 2 Department Report – Phone 513-979-4480

Joe Groh presented appreciation award to Officer Tarvin. Officer Christine Berry will replace Officer Tarvin.

Remember to keep car doors locked – all break-ins were the result of cars being unlocked.

CRC Report – Jalisa

Trunk or Treat 10/26 – businesses and organizations can sponsor trunk for free.  

Full house at Hyde Park and Kilgour preschool and afterschool programs.

Job opportunities available at CRC starting at $10.69.

City of Cincinnati

Oakley Master Plan – FINAL VOTE

Latest version available online at Oakleynow.com under Projects. After OCC approval, the OMP will be presented for approval to the City Planning Commission at their September 20 meeting and scheduled with City Council during the first week of October for final approval.

Special thank you to the Master Plan Steering Committee, all residents involved in the four working groups over the past two years, the OCC Board and Jared Ellis of the Department of City for guiding us through this process.

Motion by Dan Krohn to approve the Oakley Master Plan as presented; seconded by Sandy Gross.

11 approve. Motion passes. Sean Fausto to provide support letter to Jared Ellis.

Transportation Coalition – Councilman Greg Landsman, SORTA, Pete Metz (Cincinnati Chamber) and Cam Hardy (Better Bus Coalition)

A city our size lacks a regional public transit system. Our current bus system is funded by income taxes, but it only generates a fraction of what’s necessary. Upcoming vote for sales tax increase from .08% to 1% and the income tax would be a 0.3% reduction (from 2.1% to 1.8%) to provide an additional $150 million ($40 million to infrastructure) for our bus system. If the SORTA board approves of this option, the measure would be on the ballot next year. Enhancement to Oakley: there would be a 24/7 route from Madisonville to downtown, additional express routes, etc. [www.reinventingmetro.com]

Development Items:

Oakley Yard/Kenner Site – Neyer Properties

Current plan includes public park, 63 single family lots, 300 apartments, senior living component and a half-mile walking trail. Here tonight seeking concept support.

Resident requested status of a pedestrian bridge across the RR tracks to Oakley Station. Greg Landsman said he would support our efforts pushing for a pedestrian bridge in that location.

Who owns greenspace/park once complete? Likely the City.

Motion by Sean Fausto to support the concept of the Oakley Yard site on Robertson Ave for the current Neyer Properties proposal as presented at the 9/3/19 meeting.

Evan Nolan moves to amend Sean’s motion.

Motion by Sean Fausto to support the concept of the Oakley Yard site on Robertson Ave for the current Neyer Properties proposal as presented at 9/3/19 meeting, subject to continuing commitment and cooperation in building a pedestrian bridge over the RR tracks. Seconded by Evan Nolan.   

Unanimous approval. Colleen Reynolds abstained.

Madison Park, former Masonic Lodge Site – Circle Development and Reztark

19 units, 3 stories, each with a two-car garage. First and parts of the second level will be stone/brick to match neighborhood. First step is to combine two parcels into one. Developer will insist Maple Park Avenue remain closed to Ridge Ave. Estimating a 2020 start date. Nearby Madison Park Ave residents are in favor or converting two parcels into one.

Motion by Sean Fausto to provide a letter of support to Circle Development for the Madison Park zone change from RMX & SFT to RM 2.0.

Sandy Gross proposes amendment to Sean’s motion.

Motion by Sean Fausto to provide a letter of support to Circle Development for the Madison Park zone change from RMX & SFT to RM 2.0 contingent on making a best effort to maintain current Oak Trees on property; seconded by Joe Groh. Unanimous approval. Colleen Reynolds abstained.

Nearby property owners will receive notice of the zoning hearing scheduled for 9/17 at 4:30PM at 2 centennial Plaza downtown.

Gateway Pedestrian Bridges – Brian Ogawa

$480,000 to repair western pedestrian bridge; demo would be $128,000


1 – fully fund repairs to the western pedestrian bridge;

2 – fund demolition (rejected as a group before narrowing to potentially either repair or keep bridge as is); or

3 – leave the bridge as is.

Business owner spoke in support of funding repairs.

Resident spoke opposing the of funding repairs.  

Kenny McNutt presented history of the Gateway site; bridges were last updated in 1982.

Dave Schaff mentioned TIF brings in $1 million per year – why not do both projects (repair western bridge and pedestrian RR bridge) in the future?

Could we wait since the bid is so high? No, because construction costs increase over time.

Dan Krohn encourages us to leave the bridge as is and use that money to invest into the pedestrian bike bridge over RR tracks.

Sean Fausto encourages us to leave the bridge as is.

Seth Shaifer encourages us to spend the money on greenspace instead of bridge repairs.  

Cody Gausvik encourages us to support repairs to the bridge.

Evan Nolan encourages us to support repairs to the bridge.

Sandy Gross read letter from previous board member and Oakley business owner, Brent, who is in support of repairs to the bridge.

Dave Schaff referenced urban plans that are still in effect today that planned to have both bridges functional. Dave reached out to several business owners to get their input. Dave is in support of funding the bridge repairs.

Jon Bernier supports repairs to the bridge.

Jason Wilcoxon supports repairs to the bridge.

Motion by Dave Schaff to support funding repairs to the western pedestrian as a part of the Gateway Bridge project, not to exceed what was previously budgeted ($1.89 million). Seconded by Cody Gausvik.

9 approvals. Joe Groh, Dan Krohn and Sean Fausto opposed.  

Beautification – Cody Gausvik

8/2/19 – Wimberg Landscaping returned to trim the suckers off the trees, weed and mulch any remaining unkempt tree wells. 8/24/19 – all beds were sprayed with weed preventer by Cody.

Education: Hyde Park Neighborhood Schools

Requesting a letter of support to begin expansion process. Plan includes 8 new classrooms, new gym and cafeteria.

Motion by Cody Gausvik to provide a letter of support for the district to begin the Hyde Park School expansion process (attached letter for reference); seconded by Jason Wilcoxon. Unanimous approval.

Evan Nolan will write support letter.

Pedestrian Safety: New App (Joe Groh & Kenny McNutt) – FREE!

Download app: https://occ-safety.glideapp.io; you can report speeding, people parking too close to your driveway, requests for additional lighting around crosswalks and you can comment on other pins that were placed by others in the area. 

safety@oakleynow.com – email address dedicated to pedestrian safety requests/updates in Oakley.

History: Oaktoberfest update

Booth will be set up at Oaktoberfest on Saturday, 9/14. 5-7PM Reds mascots will be there. Live music – School of Rock.

Oakley and Reds 150th anniversary is this year; Reds will include tickets in random goodie bags at the event.

Approve OCC 8/15/19 Meeting Minutes

Motion by Jason Wilcoxon to approve 8/15/19 minutes; seconded by Dan Krohn. Minutes approved. Colleen Reynolds and Seth Shaifer abstained.

OCC Financial Report – Jason Wilcoxon

Motion by Evan Nolan to approve the current financial position of the OCC as of August 31st; seconded by Seth Shaifer. Minutes approved; Colleen Reynolds abstained. Financials approved.  

OCC Board Elections – If you’re interested, you must be member by October 3rd and attend at least 3 meetings.

Brazee Street Event - 9/12, 13 and 14th beadmaking for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital patients.  

Motion to adjourn meeting by Cody Gausvik; seconded by Jason Wilcoxon. Meeting ends at 9:28PM.

New Business:

  • ·       Election Reminder
  • ·       Third Thursday meeting on 9/19/19 – Brazee Street Studios 7-9PM
  • ·       Next Tuesday OCC Meeting 10/1/19 – Oakley Recreation Center 7PM

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