8-15-19 OCC Approved Third Thursday Meeting Minutes

09/04/2019 7:03 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council 3rd Thursday Meeting

Brazee Street Studios

8/15/19; 7PM





Trustees Present: Dan Krohn, Cody Gausvik, Joe Groh, Evan Nolan, Sandy Gross, Kenny McNutt, Sean Fausto, Dave Schaff, Jason Wilcoxon, Jon Bernier

Trustees Not Present: Seth Shaifer, Colleen Reynolds

Approve 8/6/19 Minutes

Motion by Joe Groh to approve 8/6/19 Minutes; seconded by Dan Krohn. Sean, Sandy, Jason and John abstained. Minutes approved.

Gateway Project - Jeff Stine

Option 1. $450,000-480,000 for repairs to western pedestrian bridge that will allow the bridge to last 30+ years.

Option 2. Demo western pedestrian bridge for $128,000

Option 3. leave as is - if we leave it, it will last 10-15 yrs. 

OCC board agrees to spend $20,000 for light packs, regardless of the above options chosen at the next meeting.

Dave motions to provide direction to the City to move forward with maintenance under Option 1 to the western pedestrian bridge with the OCURC funds being utilized last; seconded by Sandy Gross.

After OCC board discussion, Dave withdrew his motion.

Parking: Gio Rocco - Department of Community and Economic Development

“Urban Parking Overlay District” – took away parking requirements in OTR. This would be an amendment to the zoning code.

If property is zoned “CCM”: first 2000 square feet are exempt from parking requirements.

Question from Joe: What steps would the council have to take to explore this option? OCC would request Department of Community and Economic Development to review Oakley and come up with a proposal to submit to OCC board.

Evan Nolan motions for Gio Rocco and his team to come back to a public Tuesday OCC meeting in the future to present a recommendation on where a possible Urban Parking Overlay District would be located; seconded by Cody Gausvik. Unanimous approval.

Vandecar – Steve Dragon (sp?)

Seeking informal input on remaining Oakley Station lots – two locations (1 location is 3.44 acres; 1 location is 6.22 acres) currently zoned as office space. Asking for a modification to the zoning code to be acceptable for apartments, hotels or senior living. Currently zoned commercial industrial use. Environmental studies still need to be conducted prior to any plan being presented to OCC board. Lots are priced at $600,000 per acre.

Financial Reports:  Jason

Approve financials at the next meeting.

Hyde Park Neighborhood School: Jason & Angela

School is at maximum capacity – working to build extension on the property. OCC board to review letter and vote to support or propose this letter at 9/3/19 OCC public meeting. ~40%+ students live in Oakley

Supporting this proposal doesn’t negate a school from opening in Oakley.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:00PM by Cody Gausvik; seconded by Evan Nolan. Meeting Ends at 9:00PM

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