5-16-19 Approved OCC Third Thursday Meeting Minutes

06/12/2019 8:54 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council 3rd Thursday Meeting

Brazee Street Studios

5/16/19; 7PM





Trustees Present: Dan Krohn, Cody Gausvik, Colleen Reynolds, Joe Groh, Evan Nolan, Sandy Gross, Kenny McNutt, Seth Shaifer, Sean Fausto, Dave Schaff, Jason Wilcoxon

Trustees Not Present: Jon Bernier


Montgomery Food Share 5013(c): Wendy New & husband

Grassroots organization that started in 2012. Works with the Freestore Foodbank to collect donations; nearly 100k children classify as food insecure in Cincinnati.

Looking for someone to start Oakley Food Share. Contact the below if you’re interested: www.connectmontgomery.org; foodshare@cincirr.com; wnew2018@outlook.com

Recap Action Items from 5/7 Meeting: Letter Drafting

Discussion about who should be writing each letter following the 5/7/19 meeting – suggestion to assign who is writing each letter during the public meetings. A complete listing of all motions (create a motion log) was suggested by Craig Rozen.

5/7/19 Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve 5/7/19 Meeting Minutes by Jason Wilcoxon; seconded by Joe Groh. Unanimous approval; motion passes. Sandy Gross abstained.  

Future of Neighborhood Pollinators – Sandy Gross

New study suggests that humans would only live for 4 months if the bees were extinct. 

What can we do?

  • 1.       Mention the importance of pollinators in newsletter.
  • 2.       Pursue pollinator-friendly plants at the Duke Energy Substation site.
  • 3.       Install native bee houses around in Oakley.
  • 4.       Sandy to present at a public meeting what people of Oakley can do – differentiate what is and what isn’t a ‘pollinator’.
  • 5.       Install pollinator-friendly plants on the land near the Oakley Recreation Center.
  • 6.       Reach out to Park Board about the possibility of pollinator plants on the Esplanade.

Summer 2019 Schedule – Colleen Reynolds

Master Plan is being presented next month (June) – lets have Jared present the plan and hold questions until everyone has a chance to review it. Suggestion to have a Master Plan specific meeting in July.

Neyer Properties is requesting an interactive meeting on preferences for the future of their site in June.

Colleen Reynolds to make rounds with members of City Council to give an update on what’s going on in Oakley and what projects we’re currently pursuing.  

Protocol Check-in: Colleen Reynolds, Evan Nolan, Cody Gausvik

Discussion about whether the president of the board should vote; Board agreed president should be allowed to continue voting on motions. Agreed that President should not be making the motions during the meetings.  

Suggestion to prep motions in advance; ask developer to draft the motion they are requesting from OCC.

Discussion about using “Slack” as a way to communicate; lets get everyone using email first.

Brief Committee Updates & Discussion: 3-5 Minute Check-in per topic

  • ·       Business – Business Coffee/Happy Hours still taking place; working to engage local business owners. Encouraging attendees to become OCC Business Members.
  • ·       Economic & Zoning – committee serving as liaison between residents and developer.
  • ·       Finance – PO Box renewed; event insurance being renewed/may need to revise limits.
  • ·       Beautification – 50 tree wells are in the process of being cleaned up; huge difference in our NBD.
  • ·       Major Events – Ault Park Fireworks still looking for donations from local businesses; suggestion to have Ault Park Fireworks organizers attend the Business Coffee/Happy Hours
  • ·       Education – stay tuned. OCC needs to continue to be engaged with CPS.  
  • ·       Major Projects:
  • o   Community Engagement
  • o   Master Plan Implementation – June presentation
  • o   OCC Newsletter
  • o   Oakley Recreation Center
  • o   Pedestrian Safety – flashing crosswalk installed; 4-way stop at Minot installed; continue to have speed reduction requests from residents.
  • o   Oakley History
  • o   Website
  • o   Social Media

6/20/19 Meeting RE: tax abatement and property taxes in City of Cincinnati. 9AM Centennial Plaza downtown.  

Craig Rozen encouraged OCC to weigh-in on Mayor’s budget, so our voices are heard during this budget cycle

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:17PM by Seth Schaifer; seconded by Joe Groh. Meeting Ends at 9:17PM

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