5-7-19 OCC Approved Meeting Minutes

05/17/2019 12:59 PM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 – 7 PM

Oakley Recreation Center



Trustees Present: Cody Gausvik, Dan Krohn, Sean Fausto, Kenny McNutt, Colleen Reynolds, Sandy Gross, Evan Nolan, Jason Wilcoxon, Seth Shaifer, Dave Schaff, Joe Groh*

*arrived late to the meeting during the Hubbard Radio presentation

Trustees Not Present: Jon Bernier



·         City Hotline – 591-6000

·         Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

·         Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31 

32 fire and 184 EMS runs in April. Important to install smoke detector at the highest point in the room; replace smoke detectors if they are older than ten years. Red Cross provides Fire Department with smoke detectors if you need one.

Remember to complete your profile on Smart911 – provides dispatcher with crucial medical information.

Narcan usage has slowed down – only 3 reported for April

Microwaves should not be plugged into extension cord – plug them directly into a wall.

Cincinnati Police Department Report – Sean Tarvin – Phone 513-979-4480

25 thefts (including thefts at Target, Meijer and Kroger). One person was responsible for 11 of the 25 thefts at Kroger. Be mindful when using crosswalks.  

CRC Report – Jalisa

175 kids registered for summer camp. CRC will be closed the week of 5/26 for a deep clean.


Gateway Project

Only one bid was returned for the project for $2.1 million; we had $1.9 million budgeted. If we wait to the do the project, construction materials could rise, and we may not receive any additional bids. OCC scaled project down to $1.3 million and can only afford to fix one pedestrian bridge. There was a lengthy discussion at the 4/18/19 meeting about options. The $1.3 million option no longer requires OCC to spend $90,000 in OCURC funds.

Motion to support the Gateway project base bid of $1.3 million by Dave Schaff; seconded by Sean Fausto.

9 approved; abstention by Seth Shaifer. Motion passes.

It was suggested that OCC should draft a separate, detailed letter to the City about what the OCC would like the remaining ~500k in funds allocated to this project to go towards.

Beautification – Cody Gausvik

50 tree wells were marked on 5/7/19 – Wimberg Landscaping expected to start cleanup this week. If you see an area that’s being neglected, reach out to Cody and he can notify the City.

Oakley After Hours

Well attended event; School of Rock brought out a ton of people to Oakley. School of Rock has been booked for the next three events. We sold 18 cases of beer.

Oakley Master Plan (OMP) – Jared Ellis from the City of Cincinnati

Will be presented to the community soon.

Local Oakley (former CastFab Site) – Bill Davin

Met with DOTE on 3/19/19 for the subdivision of land – traffic study was submitted to DOTE. DOTE believes current infrastructure can sustain this new development (from Disney to the Madison Road traffic lights). DOTE would determine if any new roads need to be built. Current plan is for two hotels, a self-storage facility, restaurants, office space, etc.  

Dan Krohn asked how the pedestrian bridge would fit into their development. Working with DOTE, Local Oakley created a space in their plan for a potential landing spot for the bridge. This location is subject to working with Duke Energy and the railroad. DOTE asked that the bridge be 10 feet wide to accommodate both pedestrians and bicycles. No funding for this bridge has been developed at this early stage, but both Local Oakley and Neyer plans are being reviewed by DOTE with the prospective bridge in mind.

Bill plans to attend an upcoming Planning Commission meeting (shooting for the second meeting in June).

Bill has received over 100 different layouts of what could be on the sites.  

Master Plan’s expectation is that green space should be included in this development.

Resident asked about environmental concerns: they are participating in the Ohio Voluntary Action Program currently.

Tax Abatement: will be dependent upon each individual lot.

They are here tonight to request a letter of support for the subdivision of land at the site.

Motion to provide a letter of no opposition to the platting as presented, containing the proposed pedestrian/bike bridge, access to the right of way on the north-end of the property, with consideration of green space, tax abatements, individual site plans and TIFF, contingent on the City’s approval of the traffic impact study by Kenny McNutt; seconded by Seth Shaifer. Unanimous approval; motion passes.   

NorthPoint Development – Fred Kindle and Johnny Sweeney

Seeking Community Reinvestment Area “CRA” (tax abatement) from the City for 10 years.

Value of building is $6.5 million once constructed. Employing two full time employees.

Here tonight to request a letter of support for a CRA – requesting 55% tax abatement.

Oakley would receive ~12.5% of taxes generated from project.

Motion to provide a letter of support for CRA tax abatement by NorthPoint development as requested, contingent upon a signed CRA application as submitted to the City by Dave Schaff, seconded by Dan Krohn. 9 approved; Cody Gausvik opposed. Motion passes.

Here tonight to request a parking variance for “outdoor storage parking” for RVs, moveable vehicles etc.

Motion to provide a letter of support granting the parking variance contingent upon additional landscaping and greenspace to buffer the landing of the pedestrian/bike bridge by Dan Krohn; seconded by Sean Fausto. 4 approved; 4 opposed. Motion fails. Cody Gausvik, Evan Nolan, Seth Schaifer and Colleen Reynolds opposed. Kenny McNutt Abstained.

Hubbard Radio – Mike Heekin, Mike Fredrick

Privately-held local company in Cincinnati (broadcast B105, Q102, MIX 949, etc.); 100+ full-time employees.

Requesting variance for 190’ monopole on the property. Monopole will not contain flashing lights. Hubbard is spending $75,000+ to make it a monopole rather than a traditional radio tower.

Dry detention pond will be installed - 100-year storm grade.

Ryan Schwallie and Darin Bowman (homeowners directly adjacent to the property) expressed their concerns about the monopole height and location of detention pond. Both residents are opposed of development of monopole and detention pond. Requesting a copy of the detention pond study.  

President of Hubbard to provide requested documents to all homeowners.

Motion to provide a letter of support for the monopole variance request by Hubbard Radio as presented tonight, without lights on the monopole by Sean Fausto; seconded by Seth Shaifer; Unanimous approval. Joe Groh abstained.

Tide Cleaners – Oakley Location, Brandon Gilstrap

Plan to open 6/21/19; P&G will own it. 10/15 jobs will be created. Seeking LEED certification.

Ault Park Fireworks

Requesting $500 for Ault Park fireworks. Discussion on if OCC should sponsor fireworks.

Motion to provide $500 sponsorship to the Ault Park fireworks by Jason Wilcoxon; seconded Kenny McNutt. Unanimous approval; motion passes.  

Cincinnati Educational Justice Coalition - Michelle Dillingham

20% of all abatements in Cincinnati went to Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout.

Public hearing on tax abatement issues and how they’re effecting our school on 5/8/19, 4:30PM School Board office on Burnett Avenue. 

Chris Smitherman has created a working group that will meet on Thursday 5/16 9:00AM; 805 Centennial Plaza.

More info about issues: contact cincinnatieducationjustice@gmail.com

Oakley Recreation Center – Evan Nolan

Many on the OCC and in the community have worked on this project for many years.

$4.5 million is currently allocated for the Oakley Recreation Center. New proposal is for the recreation center to be located where the current tennis and basketball courts are. Evan has been engaging with Ignite Philanthropy. $45,000 initial cost for Ignite to determine if fundraising goal is feasible. If Ignite determines it can raise $2 million for the project, OCC would receive $45k back. If Ignite determines they can’t raise $2 million for the recreation center, they will still give us access all data and access to their findings. We have been told by the City that we need to decide quickly what our course of action will be to fund the $2 million gap.

Evan Nolan motions to spend $45,000 from OCURC funds to engage Ignite Philanthropy to fundraise for the new east side recreation center; seconded by Jason Wilcoxon. Unanimous approval; motion passes.  

April OCC financial report – Jason Wilcoxon

Tabled due to time.

4/18/19 OCC Third Thursday Minutes

Motion by Joe Groh to approve of the 4/18/19 minutes; seconded by Dan Krohn. 6 approved; Sean Fausto, Jason Wilcoxon, Dave Schaff, Seth Shaifer abstained. Motion passes.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Cody Gausvik; seconded by Seth Shaifer. Meeting ends at 10:13PM.

New Business:

  • ·       Third Thursday meeting on 5/16/19 – Brazee Street Studios 7-9PM
  • ·       Next Tuesday OCC Meeting 6/4/19 – Oakley Recreation Center 7PM

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