4-2-19 OCC Approved Meeting Minutes

04/19/2019 12:52 PM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 – 7 PM

Oakley Recreation Center



Trustees Present: Cody Gausvik, Dan Krohn, Sean Fausto, Kenny McNutt, Joe Groh, Colleen Reynolds, Sandy Gross, Evan Nolan, Jason Wilcoxon, Seth Shaifer, Dave Schaff

Trustees Not Present: Jon Bernier



·         City Hotline – 591-6000

·         Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

·         Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31 

Spring fire hydrant service happening now; sediments in the water can cause clothes to turn a rusty brown color. If you see brown coming out of your faucet, turn all faucets on and let them run clean. If your clothing is discolored, Water Works will send you something to remove sediment from your clothing.

Cincinnati Police Department Report – Sean Tarvin – Phone 513-979-4480

1 breaking & entering incident reported. One person in the area was stealing car keys out of gym lockers, but CPD caught the person responsible. Theft from autos spiked in March – ensure you are keeping things locked up. 2018 was a great year with lower crime rates.

Marburg speeding concern from a local resident – Captain Jones suggested we pick three areas where speeding and traffic incidents are the worst and send those three areas to District 2.

CRC Report

175 kids signed up for summer camp – there is a current wait list.  

Judge Josh Berkowitz – Municipal Court

Tara Keesling – Tamaya Dennard’s Chief of Staff

In attendance to listen to resident’s concerns.



NBDIP (Neighborhood Business District Improvement Fund) – Joe Groh

Presentations are on 5/7, 5/8 and 5/9 from 6:30-9:30PM.

Bus tour is on 5/18 from 8AM-3:30PM – MadTree will serve as “pit stop”  

“New Business District Improvement Fund” [bucket of funds City provides for minor (30k or less) and major (30k and above) new projects]. Oakley awarded 150-year celebratory Reds bench – will be placed within Esplanade this coming week. Beautification & Pedestrian and Walking routes are 2019 objectives for NBDIP.

Beautification: hillsides and a right-of-way grassy island near Heritage Apartments – plantings to encourage pollinators. Zoo has initiative where you can register your yard and you get a plaque. Local neighborhoods are competing against each other. City expressed interested in placing greenery around the gateway bridge near MadTree. Cleanup around Duke Energy substation on Madison and Ridge – Warren Walker (Manager, Government & Community Relations) was in attendance to hear our proposed plans. Warren.walker@duke-energy.com; 513.287.5419/513.659.1417

Pedestrian Walking Paths (partnering with non-profit, GoVibrant): 1, 2 and 3 mile walking paths for Oakley. Organization will create signage and walking paths; costs range from $1500-$7000. Nearby neighborhoods have implemented walking paths with positive impact. Joe has created several potential walking paths – if you have an idea of a great walking path, please let Joe know. Joe is seeking feedback for current proposed projects, too. Submission is due on 4/19 to the City.  

Dan encouraged Cody and Sandy to be a part of the process.

Motion by Dave Schaff to support the NBDIP projects as presented; seconded by Evan Nolan. Unanimous approval; motion passes.  

Beautification – Cody Gausvik

Project to clean up and maintain tree wells within our neighborhood business district (Gill’s to rail road tracks on Madison) Tree well maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. Initiative budgets money for spring cleanup, mulching, two summer/early fall cleanups and weed prevention for 2019.

Motion by Dave Schaff to approve $1,000 of NSP funds, $1,000 of NBD funds and $1,300 from operating fund for tree well project as presented; seconded by Sean Fausto. Unanimous approval; motion passes.

Oakley Master Plan (OMP) – Jared Ellis from the City of Cincinnati

2 year ongoing process. 5/7/19 meeting – current plan to present finalized report to public. After, it will go back for revisions and OCC Trustee discussion. Lastly, City Council will approve.  

Business Committee

1st Tuesday of each month is Business Happy Hour at 8am at RedTree – 7 people in attendance this morning. Next business happy hour is 4/23; Rohr Insurance and Nimbus Nine hosting.

Body Alive – Nick Broerman

Owner purchased single-family home behind current studio to serve as headquarters/office space. Their plan is to keep the house intact, but re-design the garage to be a fitness studio. Requesting a Notwithstanding Ordinance, which would allow for Body Alive to use the house for office space as long as Body Alive owns the house. If Body Alive moves or sells the property, the house would revert back to single-family housing.  

Motion by Cody Gausvik to provide a letter of objection to the notwithstanding ordinance and for Body Alive to not convert the house from single-family to commercial usage. Motion withdrawn after discussion.

Motion by Cody Gausvik to provide a letter of objection to the notwithstanding ordinance being pursued by Body Alive; seconded by Evan Nolan.

9 approve

2 opposed – Sandy Gross and Colleen Reynolds

Motion passes.

Camden Land Group – Dutch Cambruzzi; Douglas J Hine; Scott Kyle

3912-3914-3916 Edwards Road – interested in hearing what the community desires for the site. Top priority for residents is to make Hyde Park Avenue a true cul-de-sac and close off all traffic from cutting through Hyde Park Rare Coin’s parking lot. Current site includes houses in severe disrepair.

Proposing 8 single-family condos/landominiums - each would have two car garage. Three spots for guest parking included in plan.

Requesting letter of support for two variances:

(1) Asking for setback of 13ft on front and back for privacy landscape wall/wooded fence; and  

(2) Zoning change from condo to landominium classification – clarifies each unit is a single family home on their own lot.

Timeline is to close in June and get started ASAP.

Mr. Cambruzzi is onboard with creating mutual cul-de-sac on Hyde Park Avenue. Also willing to come back to another OCC meeting address construction concerns if they occur at the site.

Evan Nolan motions to provide a letter of support for the two variance requests contingent on Camden Land Group’s joint support for moving the barrier back on Hyde Park Avenue to create a true cul-de-sac; seconded by Seth Shaifer. Unanimous approval; motion passes.  

Dutch Cambruzzi: dcambruzzi@camdenhomes.com; 513.489.5544 ext. 501; 513.300-3300

Local Oakley, CastFab Site – Bill Davin

Traffic impact study to be completed in April; willing to come back to OCC meeting on regular basis for input. Current proposal is for a mixed use development (office, multifamily, storage unit, two hotels, two restaurants)

City has requested street grid (their preference) – ongoing matter OCC is monitoring.

Masonic Lodge – Katie Fiorelli on behalf of Paige Schediler

Developer was interested in tearing down several of the single-family homes for commercial development.  Requesting letter of support based community input and what nearby residents would like to see the property converted to. Dave suggested we explore an “interim development control”. OCC plans to discuss draft letter at next third Thursday on 4/18. OCC would take a vote at next public community council meeting on 5/7.  

Hubbard Radio – Kathleen Colley (City of Cincinnati Community & Economic Development)

Still working on site plan. Residents expressed concerns that Hubbard has not engaged residents near the proposed development. OCC has instructed Hubbard to attend meetings and our engage community. Colleen Reynolds will remind Hubbard of the importance of engaging the community.  

Approve 3/21/19 Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve 3/21/19 Minutes by Joe Groh; seconded by Dan Krohn. 7 approvals;

Kenny McNutt, Jason Wilcoxon, Sandy Gross and Seth Shaifer abstained. 3/21/19 Minutes approved.

January, February and March OCC financial report – Jason Wilcoxon

Expect to see updated layouts for financial reports.

Kenny McNutt provided significant support to Jason converting OCC Financials to new layout.

Motion to approve January, February and March OCC financials by Dan Krohn; seconded by Evan Nolan.

Unanimous approval.  

Joe Groh created business cards for all OCC members to hand out when meeting with developers, community members, City contacts, etc.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Cody Gausvik; seconded by Evan Nolan. Meeting ends at 9:34PM.

New Business:

  • ·       Third Thursday meeting on 4/18/19 – Brazee Street Studios 7-9PM
  • ·       Next Tuesday OCC Meeting 5/7/19 – Oakley Recreation Center 7PM

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