3-21-19 Approved Third Thursday Meeting Minutes

04/03/2019 10:09 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council

Brazee Street Studios – 4426 Brazee St

March 21, 2019; 7:00 PM





Meeting Minutes

Attending: Joe, Evan, Colleen, Dan, Sean, Dave, Jon, Cody (late)

Absent: Jason, Kenny, Sandy, Seth

Tree Well Clean Up – Cody Gausvik

Cody presented informational brief on the Tree Well project, will present for a vote at 2

April Meeting

 Most of the tree wells unkept, recommends OCC pay to do cleanup and

maintenance for 2019

 Two bids:

o Tuition: $4857, $800 mid summer cleanup

o Wimburg: $2921, $600 mid summer cleanup

 NSP - $1000 approve for beautification

 NBD - $1000 submitted for beautification, waiting approval

 Will require a Revocable Street Privilege (RSP) to be completed for those in the

Square area.

Bill Lane – Fox 19, Matt Simpson

They represent digital marketing division. Presented concept of doing some digital/online

videos that would highlight & promote Oakley. Costs determined by complexity & length of

video(s) produced. Once video/content produced we could repurpose as we own that. They

have website: www.cincyweekend.com if want to see their work.

Body Alive – Nick Broerman (Body Alive) & Jared Ellis (Planning), Matt Shad (Zoning)

Kathleen Colley (Development Officer/Economic Development) from City of


Background: They bought house behind their business, want to use as office. Neither occ

nor the city allow them to change zoning from residential to commercial. Their last option

is to apply for Notwithstanding Ordinance, a very rarely used option. If approved would

allow them to use the house as office, would come with very specific conditions they'd have

to meet (outside appearance, etc), does not change the zoning, goes away when they no

longer own the property. City Planning will deny, would get sent to the Planning


They will bring to the 2 April Tuesday meeting for a vote. A board straw vote showed most

are against or undecided. Opinions expressed by board and attendees ranged from

support because they are a local business trying to do things the right way, and opposition

because doing so would is counter to the community wishes as expressed in the master

plan and the precedent it might set.

Northpoint Development, CastFab Site – Fred Kindel (Frost, Brown, Todd – attorney),

Johnny Sweeney and Derick Tom (NorthPoint Development)

Cast Fab owner wants to split property into 8 parcels, Northpoint wants to build 3 story

enclosed storage building in the parcel along the railroad tracks. Based in Kansas City, have

reputation for being involved in communities. Would be all inside, with door to drive into

building. Be open for access between 6am – 10pm.

They are looking for a CRA (Community Reinvestment Area) letter of approval from the

board, but we don’t vote on such issues at 3 rd Thursday meetings, will need to present at

next Tuesday meeting.

Oakley Yards – Jeff Chamot, Chris Ziegelmeyer (Neyer Properties)

Neyer Properties is the new owner/developer. Great news is they looking at primarily

residential with single family & condos/townhomes. See it as "extension of existing

neighborhood". Still very early, no specific drawings or plans yet, just wanted to start the

engagement with the community.

They are looking to lease some of the existing buildings in the short term. Jeff has read the

draft master plan and expressed their desire to adhere to that, including potential for some

green space. This would be lower density and appears to reduce demand for vehicle based

Edwards Connector. They have conducted environmental studies and found very little need

for remediation, and they will address those couple spots.

Edwards Connecter – Sean Fausto & Evan Nolan

Several board members had met with city - since both Kenner & Cast Fab properties sold -

to revisit possibility of vehicle connector. That answer was "highly unlikely". Discussion

then moved to a pedestrian crossing across the tracks, city may have money to fund

feasibility study, Kenner/Oakley Yards owner not opposed to idea.

Approve March 5 th  Meeting Minutes

Motion: Evan Seconded: Sean

Vote: 6 Yes, 2 Abstain (Dave, Jon)

Kennedy Connector & Morelia Group – Since there were residents and the city in

attendance, Colleen asked if anyone had anything new to report: nothing new to report.

Habits – They submitted a request for extension for a liquor license transfer, which had an

incorrect address. Upon checking with habits ownership, Joe found out the intended

address was the Oakley Laundromat. In talking with Mark Rogers, Joe was told that the new

owner of the building Habits leases space in has not been open to discuss a lease with

Habits, and is actively looking to bring in a new tenant. So Mark plans to move Habits

across the street to the laundromat building, which he owns. He said that he has talked

with city officials (buildings, zoning) and that he had their ok. Matt Shad (city Zoning) stated

that there had been preliminary discussions but that no formal application/hearings have

happened to this point.

Tabled Items:

January Financial Report – Jason Wilcoxon

Gateway Project


Neighborhood Summit Recap

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