2-5-19 Approved OCC Meeting Minutes

03/11/2019 8:07 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

2-5-19 OCC Meeting Minutes

Oakley Community Council

Oakley Community Center

February 5th, 2019; 7:00 PM




7:00pm - Call to order - Pledge of Allegiance

Trustees In Attendance: Sandy, Evan, Dan, Sean, Joe, Seth, Kenny, Dave, Jon

Absent: Colleen, Cody, Jason

Evan chaired the meeting in Colleen’s absence, Joe filled in as Secretary for Cody

Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31: Lt Sweeney

  • ·        Last month – 236 runs, 197 involved EMS
  • ·        Focus on Home Heating Safety, need to be aware of fireplaces, chimneys, space heaters, extension cords
  • ·        Smart 911 (www.smart911.com) – recently implemented, encouraged everyone to go online and fill out profile for themselves and family members. Provides ability to add much more info about yourself – medical history, emergency contacts, medications, etc. – than current system. It is a nationwide system, so your data travels with you.

District 2 Police Report:

  • ·        Officer Tarvin (neighborhood liaison officer) – Thefts from autos down, thefts primarily in commercial and construction sites. Be aware of joggers, can be hard to see, as there more out now in prep for Flying Pig this spring.
  • ·        Capt Jones – Dist 2 Chief, grew up in Oakley. Their focus in 2019: traffic enforcement, theft prevention, Cards on Cars program.
  • o   Question raised about how to handle cases where neighbor may be exhibiting mental health issues. Capt Jones says always best to call them sooner than later, and allow them to deploy appropriate resources. Calls/emails should be to Officer Tarvin who can then get right people involved.
  • ·        Evan, on behalf of the board and community, thanked CPD for their service and offered condolences for the recent loss of officers in the Cincinnati area.

CRC: Katie

  • ·        Summer Day Camp – Priority registration opens online Feb 11th, open registration begins Feb 18th
  • ·        Spring Break camp – will follow Cincinnati Public Schools break schedule


  • ·        Oakley Master Plan (OMP) Steering Committee: Dan reported that:
  • o   OMP is in its final stages
  • o   Initial formatted rould possibly be ready to be presented to council at March meeting
  • o   Remaining steps after that: Council Approval; City Planning Commission review and approval; City Council review and approval. Potentially be finalized by early June.
  • ·        Business: Kenny McNutt
  • o   Next Business Happy Hour tentatively set for first week in April, hosted at Roeher Insurance, co-sponsored by Cin-Fed
  • o   Monthly coffee was held at Redtree, next one be 5 March 7:30-8. May be moved to 8-9. Check calendar.
  • ·        Winter Retreat Recap:  Evan Nolan
  • o   Evan provided recap of what we did: get to better know fellow board members and understand each other’s motivations, passions, desires for upcoming year.
  • o   Colleen will have a more detailed report shortly
  • ·        Daddy Daughter Dance:  Kenny McNutt
  • o   Sunday 10 February
  • o   1st session sold out, second session close
  • o   600 total tickets sold, $10,650.00 gross revenue to date.
  • ·        Nick Broerman – Body Alive
  • o   Nick was unable to attend, Evan provided overview of their situation.
  • §  Looking for variance for residential property they own on Allston that they want to use as offices for staff.
  • §  City advised them not likely to pass, so they now may be considering a “Non-Compliance Use” variance, which would allow them to specify exactly what they plan to do, and the variance expires if the business moves/changes.
  • §  They have not yet asked us about this, will have to come back to the board if they decide to go that route.
  • §  Follow-up question for city: can they take it away if the business does not adhere to the terms?
  • o   Evan took opportunity to summarize other development activity:
  • §  Cast Fab sale closed, looking to be a Planned Development
  • §  Kenner site – sale speculated, possibly Neyer company buyer, not confirmed
  • §  Masonic Temple – Nothing new re: developer/buyer. The neighborhood group held a meeting at MadTree on Monday evening to discuss their concerns, will be drafting a letter of recommendations that they will be presenting to the board for approval/support
  • ·        NSP: Craig Rozen
  • o   Next vote is 16 Feb
  • o   Review Committee

Approve January 17 th Third Thursday Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve: Jon   Seconded: Dan

Vote: Yes - Sandy, Evan, Dan, Sean, Joe, Seth, Dave, Jon

          Abstain: Kenny

January Financial Report

  • ·        Jason not here, Evan reported minor activity: Daddy Daughter ticket income; post NYE expenses. $47,000. Balance
  • ·        Motion to Approve: Sean   Seconded: Joe
  • o   Vote: Yes – all in attendance (Sandy, Evan, Dan, Sean, Joe, Seth, Kenny, Dave, Jon)

New Business:

· Third Thursday meeting on Thursday, February 21 st – Location TBD.

· Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, March 5th.

Speaker Cards:

  • ·        Craig Rozen – Investing In Neighborhoods event on March 15/16 at Cintas Center (XU)
  • ·        March 15 – Dinner
  • ·        March 16 – seminars, breakout sessions (8:30am – 4:30pm)
  • ·        Recommend OCC sponsor a table and have volunteers to man. Cost @165.00, but Craig thinks he can get a discount
  • ·        Dave made motion: Motion to authorize appropriate amount to sponsor a table for the Investing In Neighborhood event.
  • o   Seconded: Sean
  • o   Vote: Yes - Sandy, Evan, Dan, Sean, Joe, Seth, Kenny, Dave, Jon

7:52pm Motion to Adjourn: Seth. Seconded: Dave

Vote: yes - Sandy, Evan, Dan, Sean, Joe, Seth, Kenny, Dave, Jon

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