1-17-19 Approved OCC Meeting Minutes

03/11/2019 8:04 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council 3rd Thursday Meeting

Brazee Street Studios

1/17/19; 7PM





Trustees Present: Dan Krohn, Cody Gausvik, Colleen Reynolds, Jason Wilcoxon, Joe Groh, Dave Schaff, Evan Nolan, Sean Fausto, Jon Bernier, Seth Shaifer, Sandy Gross

Trustees Not Present: Kenny McNutt


Kathleen Colley – Department of Community & Economic Development: Eastern Gateway & Hubbard Radio Location

Eastern Gateway has been put out to bid – bids are due 2/1/19. DOTE will be selecting design team. Planning to start construction in the summer of 2019; target completion is November 2019. Kathleen Colley confirmed that OCC’s $90k contributed to the project will be the last sum of money to be used for this project – if project comes in under budget, OCC could receive all or a portion of the $90k back. 

Hubbard Radio has extended their lease at their current location. They are planning to start construction on the Oakley location by summer 2019. Large radio tower may not be needed after all, but OCC will monitor. Colleen to work with City to determine what impact a radio tower would have on the health of nearby residents. Colleen will reach out to contacts RE: Hubbard construction to see if they have an update on if there will still be a radio tower and if so, the height of said tower.

Updates from Colleen:

Body Alive purchase of house at 4213 Appleton – zoning change hearing was cancelled. Owners are seeking different option for the property rather than using it as their office space.

Former Cast Fab site has been sold (28 acres total). Colleen met with owners this week to inquire what their plans for the space are. Current plan is for two hotels, retail/restaurant space, a storage unit facility, a high-rate apartment building (PLK Properties) and an office building. Colleen encouraged owners/developers to engage with OCC as more details about the plan are decided.

Milacron Site – Colleen planning to meet with owners next week.

Email from Jeff Pastor’s Chief of Staff: Oakley developer “is very interested in the Kennedy Connector Project and has been engaging with the OCC.” Colleen to confirm OCC has not been engaged in what the plans for the Kennedy Connector are.

Masonic Temple – in process of being purchased; stay tuned.

Pedestrian Safety – Joe Groh

Joe pulled data from several sources and created presentation showing pedestrian accidents that have occurred in Oakley. Oakley is trending downward, which may require us to really push for pedestrian safety measures in Oakley.

Fleet Feet/Essencha Tea Lighted Crosswalk – expected to be completed within the next two months. Flaggs USA and Shaw/Wasson locations are next areas to target for improved crosswalks. Joe proposed creating a “Walkable Oakley”/”Keep Oakley Walkable” imitative – subcommittee of the OCC? OCC to discuss details at retreat. Craig Rozen suggested OCC to schedule time with contacts at the City to discuss pedestrian safety and how we can improve pedestrian safety measures.

Cincinnati Neighborhood Games – Dan Krohn

Need Oakley Team Captain for 2019 – great leadership opportunity for someone in the community. Team Captain Orientation is 1/26/19. Planning to have Oakley team participate in the Cincinnati Neighborhood Games in July 2019.

Cincy Flags – Oakley Flag – Dan Krohn

Oakley flag options have been tweaked – expected to see online voting soon!

WCPO – Shawna Steigerwald

Looking for Oakley homes to feature in an article – if your home is historic or has a story, please reach out to her directly.

OCC January Retreat

Seth Shaifer motions to authorize any OCC officer to spend $250 when reasonably required to support their positions on the OCC (e.g. supplies, copies and other reasonable expenses) without approval from OCC Board of Trustees. After discussion, Seth Shaifer withdrew his motion.

Seth Shaifer motions to authorize Colleen Reynolds to spend up to $250 for supplies and dinner for OCC Retreat on 1/23/19. Seconded by Sean Fausto. Unanimous approval; motion passes.

1/8/19 Meeting Minutes

Evan Nolan motioned to approve 1/8/19 minutes; seconded by Sean Fausto. Unanimous approval; 1/8/19 Meeting Minutes approved.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:00PM by Collen Reynolds; seconded by Jason Wilcoxon. Meeting Ends at 9:00PM

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