5-17-18 Approved Third Thursday OCC Meeting Minutes

06/06/2018 7:54 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council 3rd Thursday Meeting

Crossroads Church – Meeting Room E

5/17/18; 7PM





Trustees Present: Sean Fausto, Stacy Lehman, Evan Nolan, Dan Krohn, Cody Gausvik, Dave Schaff, Jes Overley, Colleen Reynolds

Trustees Not Present: Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mucha, Jon Bernier, Kenny McNutt


Approve 5-1-18 OCC Meeting Minutes:

Motion to approve 5-1-18 OCC Meeting Minutes by Evan Nolan, seconded by Stacey Lehman; 6 approved; Dave Schaff abstained. 5-1-18 OCC Meeting Minutes approved.

 Welcomed Dan Krohn to the OCC Board

Jason Wilcoxon is officially the Treasurer of the Oakley Community Council Board of Trustees

NSP Manager Role – Mike Bonomo has confirmed he will take this on.

Oakley Gateway Project (Dave Schaff)

Approval pending final vote by City Council. Vote will likely be taken at a Budget & Finance Committee meeting.

Oakley Summer Series (Stacy Lehman) – final Fridays June 29, July 27, August 31

Jes & Stacy meeting with Allison Schroeder (Promoter) on 5/18 to help with sponsorship.

Permits being requested; volunteers being identified. Reach out to Stacy if you’d like to volunteer/help (set up sponsorship booths and/or tear down)

External Communications SOP

Cody Gausvik presented draft to OCC Trustees; will revise based on discussion.

Review status of SOP, create schedule for the remaining SOP’s

Board Mini-Retreat

Jes to send out possible June dates via Doodle.

Cincinnati Budget Hearings

Craig Rozen proposed OCC Trustees to create a position regarding the Oakley Recreation Center to send unified message during hearings. Craig Rozen to draft language and send to OCC. O

Craig Rozen – Request to post data/analytics on Oakleynow.com – something the community might want to review.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:00PM by Cody Gausvik; seconded by Evan Nolan. Meeting Ends at 9:00PM

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