4-3-18 OCC Approved Meeting Minutes

04/20/2018 7:13 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 – 7 PM

Oakley Recreation Center



Trustees Present: Jason Wilcoxon, Jes Overley, Chris Mengel, Colleen Reynolds, Kenny McNutt, Cody Gausvik, Stacy Lehman, Dave Schaff, Evan Nolan, Sean Fausto, Jon Bernier and Chris Mucha

Trustees Not Present: N/A



·         City Hotline – 591-6000

·         Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

·         Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31 Lt. McDonough

Not present.

Cincinnati Police Department Report – District 2: Shawn Tarvin CPD – Phone 979-4480

2700-3300 block of Madison road is the key vehicle theft area where doors are being unlocked with valuables inside. 

Cincinnati Recreation Center

CRC and Cincinnati Public School to add more sports camp opportunities - grades 3-6. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. <$50 per child.

Motion by Colleen Reynolds to allocate $150.00 to CRC swim team for swim caps for 2018; seconded by Chris Mengel. Unanimous approval; motion passes.


Oakley Master Plan (OMP) Steering Committee

Next public “Working Group” meeting:  4/17/18; 5/15/18 and 6/26/18 at 6pm – Oakley Recreation Center

The 4 Working Groups are: Managing our Future Growth; Investing in our Businesses; Enhancing our Community; and Connecting our Neighborhood

Business – Kenny McNutt & Jon Bernier

Will likely push business happy hour to May date.

City Hall Liaison – Chris Mengel, Evan Nolan & Colleen Reynolds

Variance hearing for 3133 Madison Road (former 5/3 site)

4/18 – hearing for town homes proposal.

5/17 – appeal hearing for apartment building proposal.

5th Floor Conference Room of II Centennial Plaza at 805 Central Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

4/11 – hearing for drive-thru Starbucks near Oakley Station (Ibsen & Ridge)

3pm, 5th Floor Conference Room of II Centennial Plaza at 805 Central Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Colleen Reynolds to post updated budget hearing dates to oakleynow.com

Pedestrian safety issue suggestion by office next to Oakley Wines – stop signs at intersection of Allston, Minot and 34th

2018 Oakley “Summer Series” – Stacy Lehman

Final Fridays of June, July; August TBD. If you would like to get involved, contact Stacy Lehman.

GO Local! – Oakley Projects – Stacy Lehman & Jes Overley

Crossroads in Oakley partnering with local businesses and non-profits for local projects.

For Oakley, beautification initiative – paint Ridge pedestrian underpass.

May 12th, 9-1pm; sign up for various project via crossroads.com/golocal

Chris Mengel

Will step down as OCC Trustee in May to pursue Masters at Villanova.

OCC will take names and bios for those interested in serving the rest of his term (until December election)

Reach out to Board@oakleynow.com if interested. Send bio to OCC Board before 5/1/18.

Library Levy – May 8th – Special Election – Chris Oaks (Branch Manager at Oakley Library)

60% increase in attendance in the past two decades; Library state budget cut 26% since 2000.

Levy would cost >$3/month per $100,000 of property – would make libraries handicap accessible and includes other various updates.  

Pedestrian Safety Improvements – OMP Safety & Traffic Working Group

In order of priority needing crosswalk improvements: crosswalk over Madison near Maribelle’s and tea house; crossing Madison near Flags USA and NBD parking lot; and crossing Wasson at Michigan, connecting Hyde Park and Oakley.  

Suggestion to write to your elected officials and tell them how important pedestrian safety is to you.

Jason Wilcoxon motions to approve lists proposed by the Oakley Master Plan Steering Committee for crosswalk improvements; Colleen Reynolds seconded. Unanimous approval; motion passes.   

Transportation Initiatives – Todd Portune (Hamilton County Commissioner)

Supports “regional funding mechanism” for public transportation. Supports a 3 state/8 counties initiative that would be regionally funded. We need one transportation authority, not several small transit authorities. FC Cincinnati must decide on stadium location by 5/31, otherwise, Hamilton County Commissioners will not allocate money towards 1,000 car parking garage.  

OCC Treasurer Role – Chris Mucha

Neighborhood Business Development (NBD) Manager Role – Dave Schaff to handle.

NSP Manager Role – Mike Bonomo may be interested.

FC Cincinnati CBA Discussion and Speaker Cards

FC Cincinnati Stadium Sub-Committee will be created and will work towards gathering input and finalizing Oakley CBA. Evan Nolan created a draft for a legally binding community benefits agreement between “FCC”, “FCC Stadium Developer”, “the City of Cincinnati”, “Hamilton County”, “Greater Cincinnati Redevelopment Authority” and “the Oakley Community Council”. Oakley traffic study draft from Bayer Becker was provided to OCC. 4/12/18 – Oakley town hall at MadTree at 7pm to discuss and address questions surrounding traffic study draft.

Approve 3/15/18 3rd Thursday Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve 3/15/18 meeting minutes by Evan Nolan; seconded by Chris Mengel. 10 approved; Jason Wilcoxon and Stacy Lehman abstained. Minutes approved.

February & March 2018 Financial Reports

Motion by Sean Fausto to approve of the February and March 2018 financials; seconded by Evan Nolan. Unanimous approval; February and March 2018 financials approved.

New Business:

  • ·        Third Thursday Meeting on April 19 at 7PM – Crossroads
  • ·        Next Tuesday OCC Meeting is on Tuesday, May 1st 7PM

Speaker Cards

Pierre Bergeron http://votepierre.com/ - Running for Court of Appeals

Candace Crouse https://candaceforjudge.com/ - Running for Hamilton County Judge

Craig Rozen – “Ohio Organizing Collaborative” statewide ballot initiative to provide treatment resources rather than sending victims to jail.

Katie Fiorelli – provided reasons for opposition to stadium.

Jes Overley calls executive session at 9:40PM; OCC Board of Trustees relocated to Madtree meeting room.

Executive session ends at 11:30PM.

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