2-6-18 OCC Approved Meeting Minutes

02/16/2018 7:38 AM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 – 7 PM      

Oakley Community Center

Trustees Present: Sean Fausto, Jason Wilcoxon, Jes Overley, Chris Mengel, Colleen Reynolds, Chris Mucha, Kenny McNutt, Cody Gausvik & Stacy Lehman

Trustees Not Present: Evan Nolan, Jon Bernier & Dave Schaff




·         City Hotline – 591-6000

·         Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

·         Fix it Cincy! Mobile App


Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31 Lt. McDonough

Cooking fires are still the most common; verify your smoke detectors work.

Accepting applications through 3/19 for anyone interested in becoming a firefighter. [https://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/fire/news/cincinnati-fire-recruit-firefighter/]


Cincinnati Police Department Report – District 2: Shawn Tarvin CPD – Phone 979-4480

Auto thefts common when doors are left unlocked. Forward any videos/pictures you have of suspicious activity or people caught on camera to [shawn.tarvin@cincinnati-oh.gov]

Aaron Jones is new District 2 Captain – very responsive to emails [aaron.jones@cincinnati-oh.gov]



Oakley Master Plan (OMP) Steering Committee

First public working group meeting is Tuesday, February 13, 6PM at the Oakley Rec Center.

Four Working Groups are: Managing our Future Growth; Investing in our Businesses; Enhancing our Community; and Connecting our Neighborhood


Business – Kenny McNutt & Jon Bernier

150% increase in OCC members – SPECIAL THANKS TO KENNY!

Daddy Daughter Dance - Feb 18th - 2 Sessions 4:30-6:00 & 7:00- 8:30 @ 20th Century Theatre.


City Hall Liaison – Chris Mengel, Evan Nolan & Colleen Reynolds

Nothing new to report.


Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance: “Get Efficient” Program – Kevin Tolan

Program offers residents a free, web-enabled, whole-home energy assessment, access to professional energy advisors and extended-term financing for residential energy efficiency upgrades. Take the “Home Energy Audit” (~5mins) [https://getefficient.energysavvy.com/residential/start/]

2018 Cincinnati Neighborhood Games – Dan Krohn & Rob Wetterstroem (Oakley Team Captains)

Olympic-style [friendly] competition between neighborhoods this summer. Qualifier event on 6/16 downtown; 6/19 indoor events hosted @ Madtree. Recruit other Oakley residents so we can win some medals this year. 16 FUN-filled events – stay tuned!

Cincinnati Health Department – Community Health Assessment – Dr. Marilyn Crumpton & Maryse Amin

Goal of the Community Health Assessment is to provide data to help develop strategies to address the community’s health needs. “3 Health Priorities Questions” handout the audience was asked to turn in and PowerPoint information will be available on Oakelynow.com.

Navigators Chapter 137 Co-ed Alternative Scouting Organization in Oakley/Hyde Park – Brett Pipitone

Sponsor request: In 2017 Oakley sponsored ½ of their insurance premium – this avoids kids having to go around and “sell” door-to-door. Asking for the same in 2018 ($150.00 total).

Motion to provide $150.00 to sponsor Navigators Chapter 137 by Chris Mucha, seconded by Stacy Lehman – Unanimous Approval.

4016 Allston Street Proposal – Laura Caracciolo, John Smith, Mike Martin

Requesting a variance for 5 parking spaces for a 635 square foot “Annie Oakley themed lobby bar”

We’ve heard the city has put a pause on granting parking variances – Colleen Reynolds to inquire for further details. Resident requested that the OCC initiate work with the City to look at alternative parking solutions for our business district, similar to what was outlined in the 2000 Oakley Neighborhood Business District Plan – Colleen Reynolds to ask the City if they can help us with that while the current Oakley Master Plan is being worked on.

Motion to support 4016 Allston Street space specifically for the use of a lobby bar and grant a 5 parking space variance by Cody Gausvik, seconded by Sean Fausto. 6 in favor; 0 opposed; Chris Mengel, Colleen Reynolds and Kenny McNutt abstained – Motion Passes

We were told the bar would only be open AFTER 5pm – do/can we write that in our letter?)

3313 Madison Road (former 5/3 site) – NEW proposal – Nick Lingenfleter from PLK Communities

PLK is appealing the Zoning Hearing Examiner's ruling that denied their apartment density variance from the previous proposal. The apartment proposal is their preferred option. Tonight's proposal is their “Plan B” in case they can't get the preferred option approved in time to start construction this summer while St. Cecilia School is out. The public comments in the meeting were favorable to the new proposal. The requested variances for the new plan are the same as were previously requested and approved by the OCC for the townhomes at 2940 Markbreit. 

Motion to support the 3 variances (1) Requesting variance from Section 1409-07, Clause L2, which requires multi-family dwelling uses [residential] to be above first floor commercial use; (2) Requesting variance from the Ground Floor Transparency requirements as outlined in Section 1409-23; which requires a ground floor transparency level of 80% based on the project’s Madison Road frontage of 144ft; (3) Requesting variance from Section 1423 which prohibits more than one principal structure on one parcel; and (4) Urban Design Approval for 3133 Madison Road project by Chris Mucha and seconded by Chris Mengel. Unanimous Approval.    


Approve January 2nd 2018 Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve the January 2nd 2018 Meeting Minutes by Chris Mengel. Seconded by Colleen Reynolds. Motion is approved. Stacy Lehman Abstained.

November, December and January Financial Report

Motion to approve of November 2017, December 2017 and January 2018 Financial Reports pending the correction of a spelling error by Jason Wilcoxon and seconded by Chris Mengel. Unanimous Approval.   


New Business:

  • ·        Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, March 6th  – 7pm
  • ·        Third Thursday meeting on 2/15. Oakley Pub and Grill Basement – 8pm



Pamela Rosengard – Substantial Proposed Development in Hyde Park (LaRosa’s/Lemon Grass area)

Capital Investment Group proposing mixed use development. Residents have traffic, parking, size and density concerns. Concerned citizens put together a summary of the proposal with maps, renderings and photos on [hydeparkmatters.net]. Community meeting for this proposal is scheduled for 2/15 at Oakley Community Center – 7pm.


John Cappela – Course Operations – 20th anniversary of Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati.

Course closures for neighborhood marathon will be available via WAZE app in 2018. John Cappela is requesting permission to use East Hyde Park Playground on 5/6 as a part of Flying Pig Marathon route.

Motion to approve using East Hyde Park Playground on 5/6 as a part of the Flying Pig Marathon route by Colleen Reynolds and seconded by Chris Mengel – Unanimous Approval.


Craig Rozen – Invest in Neighborhoods “2018 Neighborhood Summit”

March 10th from 8AM-4PM at Cintas Center. Register online at [https://cincyneighborhoodsummit.org/].

Motion for OCC to set up a table at the 2018 Neighborhood Summit and spend up to $200.00 for handouts/materials by Coleen Reynolds, seconded by Chris Mengel. Unanimous Approval.


Gabi Roach – “PAR-PROJECTS”

Applied Arts Educational courses for youth and adults. Courses range from two weekends to 8-week courses. [emailus@parprojects.com]


Motion to adjourn meeting at 9PM by Chris Mengel and seconded by Chris Mucha.  Meeting Ends at 9PM.

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