1-2-18 OCC Approved Meeting Minutes

02/07/2018 3:41 PM | Cody Gausvik (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Date: January 2,2018, 7 PM       

Oakley Recreation Center

Trustees Present: Sean Fausto, Jason Wilcoxon, Jes Overley, Chris Mengel, Colleen Reynolds, Chris Mucha, Kenny McNutt, Dave Schaff, Jon Bernier, Evan Nolan, Cody Gausvik

Trustees Not Present: Stacy Lehman



·         City Hotline – 591- 6000

·         Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

·         Fix it Cincy! Mobile App

Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31 Lt. Sweeney – 206 responses.  Winter fires- more fires occur in the winter than any other season.  Please be safe with space heaters – #1 cause of winter fires.

Cincinnati Police Department Report – District 2: Shawn Tarvin CPD - Phone 979-4480 – not in attendance – report was dropped off for review. 


Oakley Master Plan (OMP) Steering Committee – First working group meeting February 13, 6PM at Oakley Rec Center. Four Working Groups are: Managing our Future Growth; Investing in our Businesses; Enhancing our Community; and Connecting our Neighborhood

Business – Kenny McNutt & Jon Bernier

NYE Event - Great attendance despite crazy cold temperatures. Thanks to key sponsor – Fresh Thyme.  Great partners with CRC and Cincinnati Public Library for events for the kids.

OCURC Request – Kathleen Colley explained history of funding of the final phase of the Eastern Gateway project. Cost is $1.9MM.  Cost overruns would most likely be from TIF funds. "There is a 10% Hard Construction Cost contingency built in ($130,000) plus an additional $35,000 rounding up the total project cost to the nearest $100,000. If it comes in under budget, OCC would be the first to be refunded. Motion to support the current sources as identified in the 10/19/2017 from Kathleen Colley for the Gateway Project and the OCC funding specifically is in reference to the OCURC funds equaling $90,000 by Dave Schaff second by Kenny McNutt – 10 in favor. Chris Mucha abstained.

City Hall Liaison – Chris Mengel, Evan Nolan, & Colleen Reynolds

5/3 property hearing in Dec – decision should be out in the next few weeks.

Morelia Group – Chris Hildebrandt – CEO – Proposed development at the current Crossroads Annex site. Seeking two letters of support no variances required. Redesigned from last meeting to meet request from OCC to follow urban overlay. 

Move to provide a letter of no opposition for day care development by Evan Nolan seconded by Chris Mengel. 9 in favor – Chris Mucha opposed. Kenny McNutt abstained.

Motion to amend from no opposition to support by Chris Mengel and seconded by Dave Schaff. Withdrawn by Chris Mengel after board discussion.

OCC standing by the motion from December 5th  on the second half of the development.

Proposed development at 2960 Madison Rd & 2897 Romana – Angelo Pusateri Looking to build 6-7 town homes in the space of a current vacant building. 

Motion of no objection to the variances as presented – 1 foot variance on Madison Rd and two separate units subject to MSD confirmation the sewer impact will only impact the 54” main and formal presentation of the landscaping plan to the hearing examiner by Dave Schaff seconded by Evan Nolan. 9 voted for. Chris Mucha and Chris Mengel abstained.

Brandicorp – Jerry Royce – Proposed Starbucks at the corner of Ridge and Ibsen (4700 and 4707 Ridge Rd)

Motion to provide a letter of no objection for 3 special exceptions (set back, parking in the front and 1 conditional use (drive-thru on a corner lot in a CC-M zoning district) as requested by Evan Nolan and seconded by Colleen Reynolds. Amended by Dave Schaff to have Starbucks consider adding Oakley to the monument signage and seconded by Chris Mengel. 8 voted for, 2 opposed (Chris Mucha and Cody Gausvik) and 1 abstained ( Jes Overley).

Cincinnati Neighborhood Games – Looking for a captain for Oakley. See oakleynow.com for details.

November 5th and 16th  Meeting Minutes.  Motion to approve the November 5th and 16th  minutes by Chris Mengel. Seconded by Chris Mucha. Motion is approved unanimously.

Speaker Cards – no speaker cards

New Business:

Daddy Daughter Dance - Feb 18th - 2 Sessions 4:30-6:00 & 7:00-8:30 @ 20th Century Theater.

Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, February 6th.

Retreat, January 18th 6:00-8:30 PM, Crossroads fireplace conference room.

Officer Election – To start approximately 15 minutes after the conclusion of this meeting or no later than 9:00.   Oakley Wines 4011 Allston St.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:33PM by Colleen Reynolds and seconded by Chris Mengel.  Meeting Ends.

Oakley Wines Officer Election

2018 Officers:

Jes Overley – President

Evan Nolan – Vice President

Cody Gausvik – Secretary

Chris Mucha - Treasurer

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