Minutes - 11/7/2017

11/21/2017 9:22 AM | Jessica Laine

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Date: November 7, 2017, 7 PM         Oakley Community Center

Trustees Present: Sean Fausto, Evan Nolan, Jon Bernier, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mucha, Dave Schaff, Kenny McNutt, Tim Langmeyer, Chris Mengel (arrived late)

Trustees Not Present: Jes Overley, Colleen Reynolds, Stacy Lehman



·         Cincinnati Police Department Report – District 2: Officer

o    Homicide on Isabella. Isolated incident where a disagreement led to stabbing. Suspect was apprehended within 10 minutes. Has been indicted on 2 counts of murder.

o   Theft from autos has increased.

o   Email shawn.tarvin@cincinnati-oh.gov for ideas for crosswalk/pedestrian safety issues and for the possibility to install crosswalk signage.

·         OCC Election on December 5th:

o   Absentee voting: Email Jes, Dave or Kenny if you want an absentee ballot.

·         Oakley Master Plan: A kickoff public input session will be held on November 14th 6:30-8:30pm, Oakley Rec Center. All are invited whether a resident, business owner or visitor to Oakley. Refreshments will be provided by Sleepy Bee.

o   Fill out a quick survey by November 30th at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/oaksurvey1

·         Gateway Project – Kenny McNutt:

o   Eastern end of Madison Rd, including the pedestrian bridge.

o   Built in 1959 with maintenance in 1981. Rated 5/9 for condition.

o   Has been worked on since 2001. Funding needed for Phase 3.

o   Total Cost = $1.9MM. Available funding comprised of previous NBDIP, Oakley TIF, Dept of Community and Economic Development and Sale of Land. Gap remains of $90,000.

o   Go to oakleynow.com -> Projects for more information.

o   City wants to complete bidding by March ’18, with 6 months of construction. Madison traffic flow will likely be impacted, but the extent is not currently known.

·         Cincinnati Fire Department Report – Station 31:


·         FC Cincinnati Stadium in Oakley – Jeff Berding:

o   Was on City Council from 2005-2011. Lived in Oakley. Now lives in Mt. Lookout. Helped get funding for Kennedy Connector.

o   12 cities competing for open MLS franchises. Franchise fee is $150 million.

o   $300 MM of owner investment: $150 MM for fee; $150 MM for stadium. Still a $100 MM gap for the stadium financing.

§  Site would be at the old Cast Fab site in Oakley Station. Negotiating an option to buy the Cast Fab site.

§  FCC is looking for public financing for $100MM.

o   Traffic studies would have to be done to determine how to handle traffic flow.

o   Stadium would be anchor of mixed use, retail development. Stadium would be a “magnet” for activity for the 22 – 25 games played each year.

o   FCC has a memorandum of understanding with Newport.

o   Most games are on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7-9pm. Crowd can be very loud. There will be additional lighting coming from the stadium.

o   Stadium could also be used for concerts and other events. Maybe 20-30 days of use in a year.

o   Discussion about waiting on a vote until after community input from the Master Plan meeting scheduled for Nov. 14th.

o   Michael Moore – Director of Cincinnati Dept of Transportation & Engineering on traffic solutions:

§  Zoning would be a planned development, which would require public participation.

§  FCC will have to do a traffic impact study, which will help determine what needs to be done.

§  City needs to make an event traffic plan, which they don’t currently have a lot of experience with.

§  Parking would include a garage or 2.

§  Edwards Connector would be a likely option. City has looked at different options. Could be a $50MM project.

§  This development would not require the Edwards Connector to happen.

o   Motion to write a letter of support to the City of the vision presented tonight subject to the OCC’s continuing review of the development for the FCC stadium. Motion is made by Evan Nolan. Chris Mengel seconded. Approved 8-1. Chris Mucha opposed. Letter will be sent to the Mayor and City Manager.

·         PLK Communities – Nick Lingenfelter, New owner of Fifth Third site / 3133 Madison:

o   Seeking design reapproval for 3133 Madison.

o   75 units: will include 23 market rate and 52 “soft affordable” units. Soft affordable units will be managed via a deed restriction.

o   Would ask for public financing for the parking garage. Total garage cost is approx. $4.5 MM. No details yet on the breakdown for this portion,

o   Working with DOTE and City to try and get a stop light at Taylor & Madison.

o   No tenants identified yet.

o   Providing 1 parking space per bedroom. Code says 1 per unit, so this is above code.

o   Will need a density variance. The current code allows for 48 units. The new code, which has not been implemented yet, would not require a density variance.

o   Motion to provide a letter of support for the design re-approval, the density variance re-approval, the conditional use re-approval for the rear buffer, and the signage approval for the marquee sign as presented on November 7, 2017 for the development at 3133 Madison Rd. Motion made by Chris Mengel. Seconded by Kenny McNutt. Approved 7-2. Sean Fausto and Chris Mucha opposed.

·         Aubrey Backsheider – runs Cinci360, a 3D photography business:

o   Could provide 3D Tours for Oakley businesses and the community. Businesses could use this service and then it could be promoted by the community council’s website.

o   Visit www.cinci360.com for more information.

·         Hyde Park School PTO – New playground – Jason Wilcoxon:

o   $310k project, of which $239k has been raised so far. The project is about $8500 short of starting phase 2.

o   The school is the top performing elementary school in the state.

o   The school maintains Oakley as a destination for families, whereas families previously moved out of the neighborhood to attend a public school.

o   Motion to donate $15,000 to the community play yard project for Oakley's neighborhood school, the Hyde Park School is made by Chris Mucha. Seconded by Jason Wilcoxon. Motion not approved 4-4-1. Sean Fausto, Jon Bernier, Chris Mengel and Tim Langmeyer opposed. Dave Schaff abstained.

o   Motion to donate $10,000 to the community play yard project for Oakley's neighborhood school, the Hyde Park School, made by Jason Wilcoxon. Approved 7-1-1. Sean Fausto opposed and Dave Schaff abstained.

·         Oakley Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (OCURC):

o   $125k in OCURC account. CURC’s are common in communities to redevelop urban areas.

o   OCURC was dissolved in 1998. The OCC acted on behalf of OCURC to fund projects in 2008 and 2009.

o   OCURC money can be used by the OCC for community projects. The OCC will provide more information in the future.

·         Jon  Bernier – Geier Esplanade Capital Improvement Project:

o   Proposing to install a high-quality, multi-purpose pavilion. Expect this to be a revenue generating asset. Would also include safety improvements like concrete bollards.

o   Pavillion cost is unknown. Parks could contribute some. Jon is going to work with Parks.

·         October 3rd and October 19th meeting minutes: Motion to approve the October 3rd and October 19th meeting minutes is made by Chris Mengel. Seconded by Kenny McNutt. Motion is approved 8-0-1.  Tim Langmeyer abstained.

·         Treasurer’s Report: Motion to approve the October Treasurer’s report by Chris Mengel. Motion is seconded by Tim Langmeyer and approved 9-0.

New Business:

·         Third Thursday/Planning meeting on November 16th. 8-10 PM. Location Oakley Pub & Grill Basement.

·         Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, December 5th, 7pm.

·         Speaker Cards

o   Stephanie Antle: How was the Master Plan steering committee chosen? Not communicated that wasn’t chosen.

o   Fred Yaeger: Would like to see OCC committees posted on the website with who’s a member, the purpose and activities.

o   Cody Gausvik: Trees planted by Urban Foresty along Markbreit were planted at an angle. Would like the OCC to contact Urban Forestry and ask for staking. Chris Mengel will contact them.

10:05 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting by Tim Langmeyer is seconded by Chris Mengel and approved 9-0. Meeting ends.

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