Minutes - 2015/01/06

01/06/2015 11:23 PM | Fred Yaeger

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Date: January 6, 2015, 7 PM

Board Members Present: Mike Bonomo, Brian Ferry, Chris Mucha, Kenny McNutt, Evan Nolan, Sean Fausto, Dave Schaff, Tim Langmeyer, Jon Bernier, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mengel

Board Members Not Present: none



·      Meeting minutes approved for October, November and December 2014 meetings. Minutes will be posted on the Oakley Now website.

·      District 2 Police Report:

o   Officer Brown is the new Oakley community liason. His contact info is

§  Phone: 513-979-4429

§  Email: albert.brown@cincinnati-oh.gov

o   If you have a break-in, even if nothing valuable taken, call the non-emergency # at 513-765-1212 to report. The CPD tracks uses info to look for ways to improve policing practices and safety.

·      Cincinnati Fire Department Report:

o   Recommend having furnaces maintained and chimneys cleaned to reduce fire risk. Be aware of fire safety with fireplaces, heaters, etc.

o   There is a disaster warning smartphone app available through Hamilton County on their website. It’s called the Citizen Early Warning Notification System.

o   The Oakley Firehouse is looking for ideas for a theme that would go on the back of their station’s fire shirt. The theme should be connected to Oakley. If you have an idea, please contact the station or bring the idea to the next OCC meeting.

·      CRC Report:

o   The holiday minicamp had 35 students attend during the CPS break.

·      MSD/GCWW Update (Dawn Jackson – Community Liason for MSD):

o   Project Groundwork, which will reduce & eliminate sewer overflow in the City, is currently in Phase 1. Phase 2 will begin in 2018. The estimated cost is $3 billion. The benefits are cleaner water resources, jobs, and neighborhood revitalization.

§  Letters will be going out to residents to notify of any upcoming work in the area.

§  For more info, go to www.projectgroundwork.org, or www.cincinnati-oh.gov/water, or contact MSD customer service at 513-557-3594 or msd.communications@cincinnati-oh.gov

·      Treasurer’s Report:

o   Audit Results (Kenny McNutt):

§  2 deficiencies in the current OCC budget process highlighted from the auditor:

1)    OCC needs better records of receipts and deposits

2)    OCC President and/or Vice President should review and approve the financial report

·      The auditor provided specific recommendations for how to improve on each of the deficiencies.

·      The OCC Board is working on standard operating procedures for the budget, and will incorporate the recommendations.

o   Budget Report (Mike Bonomo): The financial report was reviewed, and an amendment made to the general account income.

§  Motion to approve the financial report was seconded and approved.

o   Request from the audience to investigate replacing the flagpole on the esplanade using NBD funds. The Board will investigate this request.

Committee Reports:

·      Business/Oakley Chamber: Have begun working on a plan with the Oakley Chamber on improving businesses within Oakley.

·      Membership: We are looking at improving the membership process using existing technology, to make the process more user-friendly and streamlined.

·      Oakley After Hours: Planning for this year’s events will begin by the end of February. Volunteers are needed. Let Jason Wilcoxon know if interested.

·      Zoning: There are no formal declarations for the City’s 2nd draft for zoning changes. Parking requirements will not be discussed until after the 3rd draft is made live. The timing of the 3rd draft is still to be determined. The Board will call a Zoning Committee meeting once the 3rd draft is available.

·      Traffic, Safety, Pedestrians & Bicycles: If you have any feedback or concerns about traffic or pedestrian flow, make a request of the issue either through the City website or contact Brian Ferry.

·      Hyde Park School:

o   HPS tests as the top school in the district. We have a great neighborhood school!

o   The school needs volunteers and business owners to support school activities. The biggest need is the school wants to start a foundation to help upgrade the building.

·      Parking - Development at Isabella & Markbreit: Feedback from the community was gathered and is summarized into 3 main areas: traffic & pedestrian flow and safety, the types of units in the development, and the aesthetics with the existing neighborhood. The focus group met with Bill Schirmer to provide this feedback and develop plans for how to continue to be involved. Currently there are no specific plans or concept drawings for the site. Once there are more specifics available, the focus group will continue to try and incorporate community feedback.

New Business:

·      January 15: There is a Board of Trustee meeting at the Oakley Pub and Grill basement at 8pm. Oakley business with be discussed by the Board. This is an open forum for the community and all are welcome. The Board plans to have these meetings on the third Thursday of each month.

·      Open Board of Trustee Position: There is an open Board of Trustee position. If interested, please contact Sean Fausto or Dave Schaff. To be eligible, you must be a Member for at least 60 days. The term of the position is through the end of 2016. The Board of Trustees will vote for the position.

·      RockTenn Site: The Zoning Committee will investigate the current zoning code on the current property.

8:30 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting is seconded and approved. Meeting ends.

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