Minutes - 2015/03/03

03/03/2015 11:18 PM | Fred Yaeger

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Date: March 3, 2015, 7 PM

Trustees Present: Mike Bonomo, Brian Ferry, Chris Mucha, Kenny McNutt, Evan Nolan, Sean Fausto, Dave Schaff, Jon Bernier, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mengel, Lisa Williams

Trustees Not Present: Tim Langmeyer



·      Cincinnati Fire Department Report:

o   8 working fires. 121 EMS runs. 160 total responses. 69 building inspections.

o   With the time change, also a reminder to change smoke detector batteries. If you have an old smoke detector, bring it to the firehouse and they will give you a replacement.

o   Recommend to develop an escape plan and a meet point in case of emergency.

o   Paperwork was submitted to install a No Parking sign on Brentwood Ave near the corner of Parkline Ave,, in order to be able to make the turn onto the street.

o   Motion for OCC to support the CFD’s request for a No Parking sign on Brentwood near the corner of Parkline, in accordance with the CFD request. Motion seconded and unanimously approved.

·      District 2 Police Report: (Officer Al Brown, Capt. Jeff Butler)

o   9 of the offenses for the month are between Target and Kroger. CPD analyzing data to see if there are trends.

o   Leads online: Program where pawn shops report on incoming goods. CPD has had good success in tracking down thefts from this.

§  Recommend to record serial numbers of goods to help with tracking down stolen property.

o   Reminder to keep valuables out of sight in your car, house, property, and keep doors/windows locked.

o   Auto theft and street level heroin trafficking have increased in Oakley, and they are related. If a citizen witnesses a potential drug deal, the most important thing is to call 9-1-1 with a detailed description of the dealer (make/model/color/license plate of vehicle, bumper stickers, description of dealer, etc). Be aware that CPD either sends an officer to the scene or puts the info into a database without sending an officer. More officers are starting that will improve the police presence in the neighborhood.

o   Can contact District 2 Capt. Jeff Butler at 979-4444 if any questions/concerns.

·      Oakley Pup Crawl: (Chris Pike)

o   3rd Annual Oakley Pup Crawl to support canine cancer and the National Canine Cancer Foundation is scheduled for April 26th from 11AM – 5PM.

o   Net proceeds raised during the event go to grants supporting various research organizations.

o   Motion for OCC to support the Pup Crawl by donating $525 for the reservation of the esplanade. Motion seconded and unanimously approved.

·      Tire Discounters (T.D.): (Bob Ostreicher, Steven Wood)

o   Plan to build new flagship store at corner of Alamo and Marburg.

o   Requires conditional use approval by City. Approval requires buffering and screening between residential properties. T.D. working on these plans, and is willing to work with the residents on these details.

o   Ridge and Highland store will be closing in fall 2015, so the Alamo store will be a relocation of that store. The Ridge store is a leased property. T.D. will own the Alamo property.

·      Markbreit Parking Lot: (Nick Lingenfelter)

o   2940 Markbreit lot purchased in December 2014.

o   Intent for site is to pave and make a private parking lot. 19 spaces + 1 handicapped space for off street parking for nearby apartments. Final parking mix (public/private) will be determined with demand.

o   Will have a public hearing on the plans after the permit is finalized.

o   EDI is the engineering firm.

o   All ingress/egress will be off of Markbreit. Will lose 1 public metered space.

·      Oakley After Hours:

o   Will meet Thursday March 12 at 6pm at RP McMurphy’s to continue planning.

·      Treasurer’s Report: (Mike Bonomo)

o   NSP/NBD funds: Need any amendments to proposal done in March.

§  Mike Bonomo will send draft proposal to the Trustees. If a public hearing is required, it can be held in April.

o   Motion to approve February Treasurer’s Report was seconded and unanimously approved.

Committee Reports:

·      Community Outreach: Saturday May 9 from 9AM – noon is Great American Cleanup by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.

·      Membership: 1 new member in February. Working on new software to make membership application, renewal, and management more efficient. Currently being tested.

·      Zoning:

o   Property of former Avocado Salon, now owned by John Hutton. Variance for new 3 story building was denied because parking plan didn’t meet City requirements.

o   Hyde Park neighborhood has cross-claimed various parts of Oakley, street by street. This includes the business development that contains Bonefish Grill, residential streets from Andrew, Hyde Park Ave, Hyde Park Plaza, and a few streets along Brotherton.

§  Oakley’s proposal is due to the City by Friday March 20.

§  Motion to research the historical Oakley boundaries and Sean will take this information to the Hyde Park Community Council to try and resolve the cross-claimed areas. Motion seconded and approved.

New Business:

·      Application for 501(c)(3) status:

o   Benefits: tax deductible contributions, higher standards for record-keeping (filing tax returns)

o   Would require an attorney to support process, and a CPA to file tax returns.

o   Motion to spend reasonable expenses, up to a maximum of $2000, to apply for 501(c)(3) status. Motion unanimously approved.

Speaker Cards:

·      Judge Curt Kissinger: Replaced Judge Mock about 4 weeks ago. Introduction to the community. Phone # if anyone has questions about what is happening in the courts: 946-5138. Will run for reelection for 4th District Court of Appeals in November.

·      Shane Herzner: Running for 4th District Court of Appeals in November. Introduction to the community. Currently a criminal defense attorney.

·      Jean Savona: Updated Oakley Business map will be distributed to all neighborhood business and at various places in the surrounding communities (e.g. hotels). In print now. Plan is for map to be updated periodically.

·      India: Representative of Grace Christian Fellowship church, and a volunteer counselor at the Eve Center. See www.evecenter.org for various event information. Grace Christian has a monthly movie night that is open to all in the community.

9:11 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting is seconded and approved. Meeting ends.

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