Minutes - 2015/09/01

09/01/2015 11:01 PM | Fred Yaeger

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Date: September 1, 2015, 7 PM

Trustees Present: Sean Fausto, Dave Schaff, Chris Mucha, Evan Nolan, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mengel, Lisa Williams, Mike Bonomo, Jon Bernie, Tim Langmeyer

Trustees Not Present: Kenny McNutt, Brian Ferry



·      District 2 Police Report – Officer Shawn Tarvin (Desk 513-979-4480, Email: shawn.tarvin@cincinnati-oh.gov)

o   Majority of thefts are from Oakley Station retail section.

o   If witnessing a potential drug deal, dial 911 with a detailed description of the vehicle (color, make, model), the license plate, and any other useful information. The best immediate action for a neighborhood is to be visible and active, because dealers will avoid activity.

o   If questions, can contact Capt. Jeff Butler: Jeff.butler@cincinnati-oh.gov or 979-4444. Email is best.

·      Cincinnati Fire Department

o   August had 16 fire runs, and 150 EMS runs.

o   This month’s focus is abandoned, unsecured buildings. If you know of a building in your neighborhood, call 591-6000.

·      Cincinnati Recreation Commission

o   200+ children in afterschool care at Kilgour and Hyde Park Schools

o   The pool construction is underway. Scheduled to reopen June 1

o   The community center will be closed starting January 1 for 3-4 months for remodeling. An plan for alternate sites is being developed. The Community Council will investigate what can be done with the CRC for a regional center.

o   The new CRC director will be announced soon.

·      Oakley After Hours

o   Friday, September 11th is the next OAH starting at 6pm.

·      Duke Energy Home Energy House Call Program – Josh Thompson

o   A program offered to area residents. Allows a Duke employee to do an energy audit to look for ways to lower your monthly bill by improving efficiency. This service is FREE to residents. The reason for the program is that Duke is looking at ways to reduce demand due to the expected growth in energy demand by the year 2030.

o   The auditor will provide you a report with ways to save energy and lower your monthly bill.

o   To qualify, you must be a Duke customer with a stand-alone, single family home.

o   For more information, call 855-739-9114

·      Oakley Station – Steve Dragon

o   Bear Paddle may open by end of 2015, instead of previously announced to be 2016.

o   Phase 2 of the Boulevard (apartments) development plans is going to City Planning this month for approval.

o   Resident shared concern about over-saturation of “luxury” apartments in Oakley, when the community has traditionally been an owner-occupied community.

o   Motion to provide a letter of support for the Phase 2 development plan for Boulevard at Oakley Station. Motion is seconded and approved.

·      Hyde Park Center for Older Adults – Susan Pittman

o   Non-profit organization that provides information and support for seniors, including social work and counseling. Lunch is served 3 days / week. There are activities and classes available for interested seniors.

o   Located on corner of Erie and Shaw in Hyde Park.

·      Sprint / Radio Shack – Josh Hall

o   Located in the Radio Shack store in Hyde Park Plaza. Wanted to introduce self and welcome people to visit the store.

·      Queen City Lecture Series – Ryan Keyes

o   Representative from Hyde Park Bethlehem Methodist Church. The lecture series is an informational seminar about the history of Cincinnati. Topics include the musical history, things you should do, and unique area information.

o   There is a $5 cover charge to cover the lecture fees. Two-for-one coupons are available.

o   The series starts October 4 at 5pm.

o   Go to www.cincy101rocks.com for more information.

·      Judge Kissinger is running for a District 4 judicial election.

·      Judge Burkowitz is running for a District 4 judicial election.

·      Treasurer’s Report – Mike Bonomo

o   Motion to approve the August treasurer’s report. Motion is seconded and approved.

o   NSP/NBD funds for 2016: Budget plan was approved for this year.

·      Community Outreach: Lisa Williams is working to respond to inquiries from residents and businesses.

·      Membership: Elections will be on December 1. You must be a member to vote. To be eligible to run for a Board spot, you must be a member for at least 60 days and have attended 3 meetings throughout 2015. If you are interested in running for a Board spot, please notify contact Sean Fausto or Chris Mucha.

·      Hyde Park School: Request the Council to create a “Student of the Month” and “Student of the Year” program. The Hyde Park Council does a similar activity for their neighborhood schools. Will be discussed at the next Third Thursday meeting.

New Business:

·      The next OCC working meeting will be Thursday, September 17th at the Oakley Pub and Grill basement starting at 8pm.

8:54 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting is seconded and approved. Meeting ends.

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