Minutes - 5/18/2017

06/16/2017 8:49 AM | Jessica Laine

Oakley Community Council
Oakley Pub & Grill Basement

May 18, 2017; 8:00 PM






Trustees present: Chris Mengel, Jon Bernier, Tim Langmeyer, Evan Nolan, Jason Wilcoxson, Sean Fausto, Jes Overley, Stacy Lehman, Dave Schaff, Colleen Reynolds, Kenny McNutt, Chris Mucha (late)

Attending: Bob Gallo, Fred Yager, Dan Krohn, Seth Shaifer, Hugh McManus, and John Heilan

Approve minutes from April 20th meeting – motion to approve by Chris Mengel, seconded by Colleen Reynolds approved by Kenny McNutt, Jon Bernier, Stacy Lehman, Evan Nolan, and Jes Overley.


Approve minutes from May 2nd meeting - motion to approve by Tim Langmeyer, approved by Jason Wilcoxson, approved by Chris Mengel, Jon Bernier, and Evan Nolan abstained. – Chris Mengel sent the support letter to the city for Wings and Rings.


Kathleen Colley – Development Officer – City of Cincinnati Department of Community and Economic Development

  • Crossroads proposed sale of 3335-3415 Ibsen – sale of city property and Crossroads- an agreement to sell between from both – for a fitness center
  • Fortus Group project – No new updates, have not come to the City yet, OCC will send letter with St Cecilia and The residents of Taylor Ave
  • Eastern Gateway- Bus tour went well, 16th stop out of 32. Good feedback overall. 1.3MM is available for projects this year.
  • Oakley Yard – project is stalled at this point.  Would be several years for the city to match the state for Edwards connector funds.

Website/Email address maintenance – Will create a page for correspondence from the board.

Marburg Bridge- OCC is going to wait to see if there are any further developments.

Oakley Master Plan – The city would like 4 people from the board and will want community involvement as well. Jes Overley, Chris Mengel, Jason wilcoxson and Chris Mucha will represent the board.

Oakley After Hours – Would like help passing out posters and postcards.

Christmas Lights invoice – Motion to pay $3,875 from the invoice for paid in full status by Tim Langmeyer and seconded by Evan Nolan, approved 9-2 (Dave not present) Chris Mengel and Jon Bernier abstained.

Landscaping for 2017/GO Local – GO Local! - Saturday May 20th, 8AM

OCC is looking for bids for landscaping for 2017. Nextdoor and Facebook will post for bids.

City of Cincinnati Bi-annual proposed Budget – Oakley impact: Community Council funding was dropped by 25% in this proposed budget, but this still needs to go through the Mayor's office and full City Council. Funding for the new eastside community center has been stalled. We will update the community on where/when organizing will be the most effective.

Oakley Station Maintenance – Steve Dragon responded to Chris Mengel – they are having trash pickup increased and reaching out to owner/tenants to please focus on minimizing trash in the development. Chris Mucha is updating residents on Nextdoor. Residents should use FixitCincy if they have issues with trash or runaway grocery carts.

Allston St Warehouse Renovation – No updated requests with the city at this point.

Ombre Gallery - Seth Shaifer would like to request the OCC put together a directory of all Oakley businesses.

9:47PM – Motion to adjourn meeting by Colleen Reynolds, seconded by Chris Mengel and approved.  Meeting ends.

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