Minutes - 5/2/2017

05/19/2017 8:13 AM | Jessica Laine

Oakley Community Council Meeting

Date: May 2, 2017, 7 PM       Oakley Community Center

Trustees Present: Sean Fausto, Jason Wilcoxon, Jes Overley, Chris Mucha, Colleen Reynolds, Dave Schaff, Stacy Lehman, Tim Langmeyer, Kenny McNutt

Trustees Not Present: Evan Nolan, Jon Bernier, Chris Mengel



City Hotline-591-6000; Cincinnati District 2 Police Non-Emergency – 949-4400

Fix it Cincy! Mobile App

Cincinnati Fire Department – Station 31

·         Remember – grilling season, keep grill clean, in open area and keep kids and pets away.

Cincinnati Police Department Report – District 2: Shawn Tarvin CPD - Phone 979-4480

·         New Captain for District 2 – James Grampke

·         Junk cars on your street? – use the Fix it app, or call District 2

·         Theft from autos – spike in Cincinnati – please lock your cars

·         Arrest in the CVS robberies was made

Candidate for Cincinnati City Council – Tamaya Dennard

First time candidate – from Cincinnati – went to UC. She thinks we could do better with poverty.  Grew up with a single mom in Cincinnati.  She would like to stop looking at Band-Aids, instead of looking at root causes.

Platform: Transportation and Government accessibility

Candidate for Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District – Richard Crosby

Primary in Spring or 2018. Works as an attorney.  Grew up in Columbus, wife is a native Cincinnatian.  First time candidate.  Passionate about criminal justice, heroin epidemic, education, and health care. Wants to meet with everyone.  Reach out if you would like to meet one on one.   Info is online. 

Committee Reports:         

Website/Membership- Kenny McNutt – New Website is live.  Subscription based membership is now available from the website.  Donations are available online as well.  Minutes, agendas, etc are available online also.  Go check it out!

Business – Kenny McNutt & Jon Bernier – no updates

Oakley After Hours – Jon Bernier & Dave Schaff – Rain and weather lowered first month attendance.  Check out the new set up and stage at the next OAH Friday May 26th, Naked Karate Girls will be there again.

City Hall Liaison – Chris Mengel, Evan Nolan, Colleen Reynolds, & Tim Langmeyer- no updates

Recreation Center Project – Chris Mucha & Evan Nolan- no updates

City of Cincinnati Department of Transportation and Engineering

  • ·         Bill Shefcik – Supervising Structural Engineer - Marburg Ave Bridge Project
  • ·         7 weeks into construction. Bridges closed March 20th.  Old bridge has been demolished.
  • ·         Check cincyroadmap also for updates

Vandercar - Steve Dragon - Oakley Station

  • ·         Buffalo Wings and Rings will be located over by the movie theater, will be going to zoning later this month. No zoning variances requested.
  • ·         Tom Davis, Direct of Construction for Buffalo Wings and Rings.  Local Company full service restaurant. 55 locations nationwide.  6,000 sq ft restaurant.
  • ·         Motion of letter to support the plan for Buffalo Wings and Rings by Chris Mucha seconded by Colleen Reynolds.  Passed unanimously. Colleen will draft the letter.

Oakley Parking Study – Fred Yaeger – Oakley Resident

  • ·         Parking Study for 2 weeks for 5PM – 7PM
  • ·         Study is posted to NextDoor.
  • ·         On average, 64% of the parking spots are vacant 5-7PM each day.
  • ·         Dave Schaff commented this would be useful when we start talking about the Oakley Master Plan in 2018.
  • ·         Fred would like residents to work with him to look into shared parking agreements in Oakley.
  • ·         Kenny McNutt (MadTree owner) is working with MadTree's neighboring businesses to create shared parking for them.
  • ·         Father Jamie from St Cecilia says parking in their lot after school hours for the community is open.

Fortus Group – Stephen Dronin - Update on former Fifth Third property on Madison Rd

  • ·         Taylor Ave – submitting letter with signatures to formally request for the OCC to not support the variances.
  • ·         St Cecilia – Fr. Jamie Weber read their written statement objecting the project as presented for the former Fifth Third property.
  • ·         Motion to support the Fortus Group plan with 2 variances up to 82 units and reducing the rear yard setback to 15’ by Jason Wilcoxson seconded by Chris Mucha. 6 in favor. 3 opposed – Tim Langmeyer, Sean Fausto and Jes Overley.
  • ·         No hearing date at this time.

3653-3663 Brotherton Rd Development – Ron Miller

  • ·         Requesting OCC to deny any special exception for this development. 
  • ·         Ron Miller is attending hearing on May 10th 9:30AM before the Zoning Hearing Examiner to oppose the special exception for the illegal parking in front of the development.
  • ·         Motion to deny the applicants request for a special exception at Brotherton Green 3653-3663 Brotherton Rd by Tim Langmeyer and seconded by Chris Mucha. Passed unanimously.  

Candidate for City of Cincinnati School Board – Christine Fisher

Has worked at P&G For 12 years finance manager. Has two boys about to start into the public school system.  Wants to bring community and businesses to collaborate.  Wants to create more board transparency. Lives in Mt. Lookout.


Financial Report

·         NSP/NBD & Treasurer’s Report

o   Motion to approve the April Treasurer’s report by Jes Overley. Motion is seconded by Stacy Lehman and approved unanimously.

Speaker Cards:

Craig Rozen – Update on Oakley Gators Swim team – went from 48 kids to over 85 kids. 

  • ·         Motion to donate $150 to the Oakley Swim team by Chris Mucha and seconded by Colleen Reynolds.  Passed unanimously.

Susan Farber – Housing affordability & Metro Stops – could shopping carts be corralled and litter be managed at Oakley Station?

Approve April 20th Meeting Minutes:  Motion tabled, not enough attendees from the April 20th meeting to approve.

New Business:

Third Thursday meeting on May 18th.  Oakley Pub and Grill Basement.

Next OCC meeting is on Tuesday, June 6th.       

9:24PM  PM – Motion to adjourn meeting Tim Langmeyer, is seconded by Colleen Reynolds, and approved. Meeting ends.

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