Minutes - 2016/11/01

12/10/2016 1:30 PM | Kenny McNutt (Administrator)

Trustees Present: Sean Fausto, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mucha, Tim Langmeyer, Jes Overley, Jon Bernier, Kenny

McNutt, Dave Schaff, Evan Nolan, Chris Mengel, Mike Bonomo

Trustees Not Present: Lisa Williams


 Cincinnati Police, District 2 – Officer Shawn Tarvin

o October crime stats: theft from autos is still the major crime in the area.

o Heroin calls are down vs September.

o Crossroads and Isben parking: Tim from Crossroads

 For the last month and a half, volunteers are posted to direct people to park elsewhere

and have reduced the street parking dramatically.


 Membership – Kenny McNutt

o Trustee Elections – Tuesday, December 6th – Chris Mucha

 4 positions will be voted on.

 You must be a member by December 4th in order to vote in the election.

 There are 6 candidates. Candidate info will be sent out in November.


 CRC Report

o Joe Berta: CRC Director of the Oakley Community Center

 Senior party was held with a comedian.

 Trunk or Treat was a big success with over 200 kids attending.

o Crossroads made a $25k donation this summer to keep pools open city wide. Thank you!

o Daniel Betts for the Recreation Center

 Still have a $2.5M gap to meet a new rec center.

 The CRC Foundation is going through a transition, so current focus is rebuilding the

Foundation. Then need to figure out how to close the gap through a campaign to get big

donors in Oakley, Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout.

 Daniel and the OCC will continue to meet to work to close the funding gap.

 The Oakley Community Center is one of the few CRC sites that generates revenue.

o Dave Schaff: Need to look at resealing the walking trail either now or in the spring at a cost of

$3000. The CRC has half of the money per Steve Gerth.

 The trail was installed in 2008.

 Q: Is this setting a precedent for future maintenance of the trail or other projects?

 We could look at requesting this through the City budget process.

 $1500 is a lot to spend when the trail could change with a new rec center.

 This is on the CRC 6 year capital plan for seal coating but not in the next 12 months. Seal

coating should be done before the winter and the CRC has about 2 weeks to complete it

if wanted.

 Will revisit the status in the spring. Request to Steve Gerth for when it must be resealed.

o The Oakley Daddy Daughter Dance is back for its fourth year and is scheduled for Sunday,

February 19th. (CPS is off school Monday, February 20th for President’s Day). As in previous

years Keith Jones and the Makeshifts will provide the music, the CRC is partnering with us, and

it will be held at the 20th Century Theatre. Tickets will go on sale in December.

 City Council Member Christopher Smitherman

o Lives in North Avondale. Has 5 children, ages 8 to college age. Owns a stock brokerage business,

so City Council is a part time job for him.

o Big supporter of Mayor John Cranley.

o Against the City managing its municipal pension. Funded by employees and employers (e.g.

City) funding the pension.

o Not against public transportation but against the streetcar.

 City of Cincinnati Dept. of Traffic and Engineering – Brandon Lecrone

o Marburg Ave Bridge Replacement – replace bridge just south of Marbug/Wasson intersection.

o Funding is secured.

o Utility relocation: Oct ’16 – Feb ’17. Bridge construction: March – December 2017.

o Roadway surface will be made wider for better maintenance. Sidewalk width will also be

increased. Could have neighborhood insignias on the bridge.

o Bridge will have to be closed to replace it. If did a staged replacement, it would double the build

time and drastically increase cost. Traffic will be directed toward Paxton and Herschel. Will

monitor traffic to ensure not too much traffic is going on unintended residential streets.

 Issue 53: Children’s Services Levy – Teri Nau from Talbert House

o Renewal of existing levy. Critical for children’s services. Is matched by other levies. Renewal for

5 years.

 The Fortus Group purchased the 5th/3rd building site. There are no development updates.

 Traffic study being done on Rosslyn and Brotherton because of multiple bicycle/car accidents.

 Minot residents requested adding 4 way stop at Minot and Eileen or Millsbrae and that study is

being done.

New Business:

 The next OCC working meeting will be Thursday, November 17th starting at 8pm in the Oakley Pub &

Grill basement. The meeting is open to everyone.

 The next OCC general meeting is December 6th.

8:55 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting by Chris Mengel is seconded by Evan Nolan and approved. Meeting


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