Minutes - 2016/11/17

12/11/2016 9:13 PM | Kenny McNutt (Administrator)

Trustees Present: Sean Fausto, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mucha, Jes Overley, Jon Bernier, Dave Schaff, Evan

Nolan, Mike Bonomo, Lisa Williams

Trustees Not Present: Kenny McNutt, Tim Langmeyer, Chris Mengel


 Tap & Screw – Owners attended

o Property on Oakley Square previously operated as a funeral home, which was a non-conforming

use. T&S plans to open a brew-pub but are 2 parking spaces short for compliance with zoning

requirements.  Changes to parking lot would add 2 spaces of public street parking. A planned

outdoor patio, which requires conditional use permit for proximity to apartments above, would

also require 2 extra spaces. Parking lot would include several more parking spaces, which are

currently not in use, compared to similar businesses on Oakley Square, which also have outdoor

space and apartments above.

o Motion to support (1) the variance request for Tap & Screw parking requirements, (2) the

conditional use request for a patio, and (3) a variance request for parking for the patio.

Motion made by Chris Mucha, seconded by Jon Bernier. Approved 8-0. Sean Fausto was not

present at the vote.

 Condemned House at 3808 Drake Ave.

o Owner passed away. Next of kin cannot be located. House has been condemned.

o Motion that the OCC petitions the Port Authority Land Bank to expedite foreclosure of the

property at 3808 Drake Ave. Motion made by Dave Schaff, seconded by Chris Mucha.

Approved 7-0-2. Lisa Williams and Jes Overley abstained.

 New Year’s Eve on the Square

o Discussed Brian Ferry’s plan for a family-centered NYE event similar to the one that was held

last year. It would be a 1 hour event from 7:30 – 8:30pm with a countdown and fireworks.

There would be a DJ and the CRC could provide favors. Total cost would be about $3500, which

could be offset by sponsorships. Brian offered to coordinate the event up until the end of

December and Stacy Lehman offered to coordinate the day of.

o Motion to approve the New Year’s Eve plan from Brian Ferry up to $3500. Motion made by

Chris Mucha, ### seconded. Motion rejected 3 – 6. Evan Nolan, Jason Wilcoxon and Chris

Mucha voted for. Jon Bernier, Dave Schaff, Sean Fausto, Jes Overley, Mike Bonomo, Lisa

Williams voted against.

 Holiday Lights on the Square

o T&T Landscaping provided a quote to set up, maintain and take down the lights, and store them

when not in use. They would also buy the lights at cost from a home improvement store. T&T

does the business district landscaping and is an Oakley company.

o Quote breakdown is:

 $3875 for labor and lift rental

 $250 for storage

 Up to $3000 for lights: $30/strand and anywhere from 40-80 strands needed.

o Discussion about September proposal for having volunteers put up the lights versus hiring it

out. Questions that were asked and discussed are: Is there a way to verify if the quote is

reasonable? Is there enough time to still organize volunteers? Does the OCC have the budget?

How can the OCC plan for events like this and others in the future including New Year’s Eve?

Agreed that the OCC should start with an annual planning meeting in January 2017.

o Motion to approve the T&T proposal for Christmas lights in Oakley Square for $6825 and the

park board electrical costs with the agreement to discuss a formal budget for all of 2017

holiday events in January 2017. Motion made by Evan Nolan and amended by Chris Mucha,

Jes Overley seconded. Approved 8-1. Chris Mucha voted against.

 Island/Patio in Front of Belmont

o T&T was requested to put together a proposal and design for redoing the landscaping of the

island/patio in front of Belmont’s.

o They were asked to include an option for a natural rain garden or other water management


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