04-06-2021 Approved Meeting Minutes

04/16/2021 9:57 AM | Joe Groh (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council

Virtual Meeting: Zoom

April 6th, 2021 7:00 PM




Until otherwise noted, all Oakley Community Council Meetings will be conducted online, via the Zoom virtual conference tool. You can find full virtual/online meeting details on the homepage of our website, www.oakleynow.com.


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Trustee Introductions

  • Present: Colleen, Evan, Jason, Joe, Dan, Seth, Kenny, Paige, Jon
  • Absent: Sandy, Troy

Community Partners:

  • Cincinnati Fire Department – Jeff McDonough, Engine 31 Captain
    • n/a
  • Cincinnati Police Department – Officer Christine Barry
    • Most incidents down from last month with the exception of theft from autos, whch was up slightly
  • CRC – JaLisa Elkins
    • Summer Camp – already full; same COVID limitations
    • Pool – will be doing swim team & junior life card
      • Has wifi, so will be able to reserve space at pool, check in
      • Same reservation policies as last summer
      • Swim lessons will be on Saturday
    • Outdoor fitness classes, IDAP STEM classes, Abracadoodle art class, neighborhood campout events being planned for the summer
  •  Hyde Park Neighborhood School – Jill Sunderman
    • Principal
    • Thanked OCC for contribution for picnic benches
    • Back in full time in-person
    • Summer Scholar Program June 2 – June 30
  • Oakley Library – Chris Oaks - n/a

City of Cincinnati:

  • Councilmember Betsy Sundermann
  • Talked about the three issues/charter amendments on the May ballot:
  • Issue 1 – Corruption based, ability to hire special prosecutor
  • Issue 2 – Ability to remove indicted members
  • Issue 3 – Affordable Housing Amendment
  • American Relief Fund
  • FY budget cycle


  • Hamilton County DD Services – Ryan Braun & Diana Mairose
    • Mission & Vision: Promote/support those with developmental disabilities
    • Diana lives in Oakley (21 years) and is program advocate
      • Chose Oakley because of bus, walkability, shopping & library
      • Can help with anyone in the community with disability needs
      • Safety issue – red car parked long time in Mio’s lot
      • Paxton & Isabella – traffic light hard to see
  • Harman Najoli – Candidate for Mayor -  n/a
  • Brian Gary – Candidate for Cincinnati City Council - n/a
  • Jaime Castle – Candidate for Cincinnati City Council
    • Mt Washington resident
    • Works for CPS, education background
    • Family, Children, education focus. People first.

Real Estate Development:

  • Biggby Coffee Presentation – Anne McBride, Mark Ayer 
    • Want to build drive thru coffee shop on site at Ridge, Alamo, and Mill Ridge
    • Asking for variances, conditional use
    • Vote tabled until 4/16/2021 so that they can have specific variance wording/requirements
    • Concerns about traffic, specifically for south bound Ridge (no left turn allowed to Alamo)
    • Trip generation analysis OK’d by DOTE
    • Consolidated Site review done, wanted more landscaping
  • 3800 Ferdinand Land Sale – Seth Shaifer 
  • Sunset Properties looking to purchase city land at 3800 Ferdinand
    • Is part of the walkway between Celeron & Ferdinand
    • Concerns about buyer not keeping the walkway.
    • Motion by Evan, seconded by Dan.  All approved: Consensus of board is to draft letter of No Objection with condition that buyer will maintain the walkway; Seth, Colleen, Joe will draft letter to city

OCC Committees:

  • Landscaping Funding – Beautification Committee 
    • Tabled until 4/15 since Chairman not present
  • American Rescue Act Opportunity – Colleen Reynolds 
    • Two projects we’d like to promote – Rec Center ($2m), Tunnel project ($500k - $1m)
    • Colleen & Joe will draft letters to be shared with city council

Approve March Meeting Minutes, March 18th Meeting Minutes, and Financial Report

  • Motion to approve: Paige
  • Seconded: Jason
  • Yes - 10    No - 0    Abstain - 1

New Business:

·         Next Third Thursday Meeting is on Thursday, April 15th – VIRTUAL

·         Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, May 5th – VIRTUAL

Board Vacancy:

  • Candidate Remarks Followed By Board Executive Session – Colleen Reynolds 
  • Each candidate had a couple minutes to introduce themselves.
  • Board then convened Executive Session to discuss candidates and take a vote.
  • Mallory Dodd was selected.

Adjourn Meeting

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