03-18-2021 Approved Meeting Minutes

04/10/2021 10:11 AM | Joe Groh (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council

Virtual Meeting: Zoom

March 18th, 2021 7:00 PM




Until otherwise noted, all Oakley Community Council Meetings will be conducted online, via the Zoom virtual conference tool. You can find full virtual/online meeting details on the homepage of our website, www.oakleynow.com.



  • Present - Jason, Joe, Colleen, Kenny, Dan, Paige, Sandy, Troy, Jon, Evan
  • ·Absent - Seth

Approve March 2nd Meeting Minutes

  • Motion: Joe
  • Seconded: Paige
  • Vote: 10 yes, 1 abstain


  • OGGO Opportunity presentation– Michael Palmer, Dustin Grutza
    • Ride Share company, electric vehicles
  • o   OTR/Downtown services pre-covid, provide ride share in entertainment areas
  • o   Offer brand marketing opportunities thru vehicle wraps, app, in vehicle video
  • o   Possible coverage area could include Oakley, Hyde Park, Rookwood
  • o   Costs offset by rider fees and sponsor/corporate contracts
  • o   Discussion about feasibility for our area, need to coordinate with other communities
  • o   Business committee will discuss further, no decision made


  • ·         NBDIP Pre Application Update – Joe Groh
  • o   Pre-application be submitted this week
  • o   Will need to work on the detailed application over next several weeks
  • §  Seasonal banners? Mix of Oakey banners all year, with rotation of seasonal?
  • ·         HPNS Picnic Benches – Jason Wilcoxon
  • o   Would allow more activity outside
  • o   HPNS reached out asking for help
  • o   Discussion about if this something OCC should do – there is precedent
  • o   MOTION: Troy – Motion that we provide up to $1400 to sponsor 6 tables
  • §  Seconded - Jason
  • §  Vote:  Yes -   8   No - 2
  • ·         Beautification – Joe Groh, Sandy Gross
  • o   Need to be thinking about local beautification projects – H&R Block/Nextdoor grants
  • ·         OCC Apps Demonstration (1 of 2) – Joe Groh
  • o   Demonstration of Board Communications app, designed for internal board communications, committee/project tasks, and streamlining process of updates and building agendas.


  • ·         2021 Events – Colleen Reynolds – tabled for now.

New Business:

  • ·         Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, April 6th – VIRTUAL
  • ·         Next Third Thursday Meeting is on Thursday, April 15th – VIRTUAL

Executive Session:

  • ·         Election Candidate discussion

Adjourn Meeting

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