02-18-2021 Approved Thursday Meeting Minutes

03/04/2021 11:11 AM | Joe Groh (Administrator)

Oakley Community Council

Virtual Meeting: Zoom

February 18th, 2021 7:00 PM




Until otherwise noted, all Oakley Community Council Meetings will be conducted online, via the Zoom virtual conference tool. You can find full virtual/online meeting details on the homepage of our website, www.oakleynow.com.



  • Present - Jason, Joe, Colleen, Kenny, Dan, Paige, Sandy, Troy, Jon, Seth, Evan (joined late)
  • Absent - n/a

Approve February 2nd Meeting Minutes

  • Motion: Joe
  • Seconded: Paige
  • Vote: 8 yes, 3 abstain


  • Board Vacancy Process – Colleen Reynolds
  • o   4 individuals interested in vacant position
  • o   Discussed options for electing/selecting new person
  • o   Decision:
    • §  Have candidates supply bio
    • §  Talk with officers
    • §  Vote at first Tuesday meeting April
  • City of Cincinnati Communications – Colleen Reynolds & Joe Groh
  • o   Invited to present at City Council Neighborhoods Committee (tentatively 1 March)
  • o   Review & discuss our presentation of who we are, our accomplishments, and wants/needs
  • o   Board asked to provide their top 10 issues/wants/needs/etal via Google Form to be be shared.
  • NBDIP – Joe Groh
  • o   Board and residents can learn about the NBDIP process, submit project ideas, and review/comment on proposed projects here:
  • o   Current projects listed are the two that did not get selected as top priority in the fall:
    • §  Tree Well Grates
    • §  Allston Streetscape Design Study
  • o   Submit any new potential projects prior to the march 2nd meeting, when we will have t select main option(s) so we need to have initial draft application submitted by March 11
  • ·         Potential Business District Expansion – Joe Groh
  • o    CNBDU accepting requests to either expand an existing business district, or add a new business “node”
  • §  Expand – must be contiguous to existing business district
  • §  Node – not contiguous
  • o   Primary benefit – these new areas would be eligible to have projects there that are funded by NBDIP/NDBSF/NSP neighborhood program funding
  • §  This is not intended to mean residential areas within the new areas will be converted to commercial.
  • o   Joe presented map showing potential expansion called “Oakley North” which would extend north/east from end of current district.
  • o   Joe presented map showing potential Node called “Oakley South”, which would include the section along Wasson Way and the Isabella/Paxton intersection
  • o   Board discussed options and decided to modify map as shown in the following link:
  • §  https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1PF7DzpoileJbZKn9UMN8mQGApx0DqU_a&usp=sharing
  • o   Board to review the revised map and discuss/vote at March 2nd Tuesday meeting
  • ·         2021 City Elections – Colleen Reynolds
  • o   Investigating potential of hosting a City Council Candidate’s Night with Mt. Lookout and potentially Hyde Park, due to high number of candidates
  • o   Board will limit new candidates to submit speaker cards to speak at our meetings
  • o   Incumbents may be provided additional time to address current city council actions/decisions/updates
  • ·         Unfinished Committee Conversation (If Needed) – All
  • o   Business (Troy) – OGGO
  • §  Ride Share operation specific to Oakley
  • §  Potentially service offered Wednesday - Sunday evenings, all day on weekends
  • §  Will invite to present at future meeting
  • o   Zoning – Hyde Park Avenue residents concerned existing barriers will not stop vehicles from cutting through, which is feature they requested. Seth has had conversations with the developer.
  • o   Sandy – style guidelines

New Business:

·         Next Tuesday OCC meeting is on Tuesday, March 2nd– VIRTUAL

·         Next Third Thursday Meeting is on Thursday, March 18th – VIRTUAL

Adjourn Meeting

  • ·         Motion: Seth
  • ·         Seconded: Joe
  • ·         Vote: 11 yes

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