Habitation Development Group Letter 6-5-19

06/14/2019 10:34 AM | Cody Gausvik

June 5, 2019

Andy Juengling

Department of City Planning

805 Central Ave., Suite 720

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Dear Andy,

Habitation Development Group, represented by Ken French, presented development plans to the Oakley Community Council at its June 4 public meeting. These development plans are for land located on Wasson Way that borders the neighborhoods of Oakley and Hyde Park. The project is called City Homes at Wasson Way.

During the June 4th Oakley Community Council (OCC) meeting, the OCC passed the following motion: We move to support for the concept of six single family homes on Wasson Rd as presented by Ken French at the OCC meeting on June 4th. This support is subject to continuing review of the development from the city and feedback from the community advisement team.

This motion passed unanimously.


Sean Fausto

Zoning Chair

Oakley Community Council

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