Request for parking variance at 4016 Allston St.

02/21/2018 8:07 PM | Anonymous

At the Oakley Community Council (OCC) regular meeting on Tuesday, February 5th, Laura Caracciolo, John Smith, and Mike Martin represented Smmarthousing LLC/Big V Renovations proposal for a lobby bar located within the building located at 4016 Allston St. The OCC was informed that the this proposal  does not meet the minimum established parking requirements required of Cincinnati’s zoning codes and requested a letter of support for a variance of five parking spaces.

By a simple majority vote (six in assent, zero in dissent, and 3 in abstention) the motion to support: ” 4016 Allston Street space specifically for the use of a lobby bar and grant 5 parking space variance” was approved by the OCC.

By this letter*, the OCC Board hereby supports the variance of five parking spaces for the proposed additional development at 4016 Allston St.


Chris Mengel

Chair, City Hall Liaison

*A zoning hearing for this variance has not been scheduled with the city. The OCC is providing a letter of support to the applicant and will send this letter to the Zoning Hearing Examiner upon notification of a hearing date.

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