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  • 09/01/2015 11:01 PM | Fred Yaeger

    Oakley Community Council Meeting

    Date: September 1, 2015, 7 PM

    Trustees Present: Sean Fausto, Dave Schaff, Chris Mucha, Evan Nolan, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mengel, Lisa Williams, Mike Bonomo, Jon Bernie, Tim Langmeyer

    Trustees Not Present: Kenny McNutt, Brian Ferry



    ·      District 2 Police Report – Officer Shawn Tarvin (Desk 513-979-4480, Email:

    o   Majority of thefts are from Oakley Station retail section.

    o   If witnessing a potential drug deal, dial 911 with a detailed description of the vehicle (color, make, model), the license plate, and any other useful information. The best immediate action for a neighborhood is to be visible and active, because dealers will avoid activity.

    o   If questions, can contact Capt. Jeff Butler: or 979-4444. Email is best.

    ·      Cincinnati Fire Department

    o   August had 16 fire runs, and 150 EMS runs.

    o   This month’s focus is abandoned, unsecured buildings. If you know of a building in your neighborhood, call 591-6000.

    ·      Cincinnati Recreation Commission

    o   200+ children in afterschool care at Kilgour and Hyde Park Schools

    o   The pool construction is underway. Scheduled to reopen June 1

    o   The community center will be closed starting January 1 for 3-4 months for remodeling. An plan for alternate sites is being developed. The Community Council will investigate what can be done with the CRC for a regional center.

    o   The new CRC director will be announced soon.

    ·      Oakley After Hours

    o   Friday, September 11th is the next OAH starting at 6pm.

    ·      Duke Energy Home Energy House Call Program – Josh Thompson

    o   A program offered to area residents. Allows a Duke employee to do an energy audit to look for ways to lower your monthly bill by improving efficiency. This service is FREE to residents. The reason for the program is that Duke is looking at ways to reduce demand due to the expected growth in energy demand by the year 2030.

    o   The auditor will provide you a report with ways to save energy and lower your monthly bill.

    o   To qualify, you must be a Duke customer with a stand-alone, single family home.

    o   For more information, call 855-739-9114

    ·      Oakley Station – Steve Dragon

    o   Bear Paddle may open by end of 2015, instead of previously announced to be 2016.

    o   Phase 2 of the Boulevard (apartments) development plans is going to City Planning this month for approval.

    o   Resident shared concern about over-saturation of “luxury” apartments in Oakley, when the community has traditionally been an owner-occupied community.

    o   Motion to provide a letter of support for the Phase 2 development plan for Boulevard at Oakley Station. Motion is seconded and approved.

    ·      Hyde Park Center for Older Adults – Susan Pittman

    o   Non-profit organization that provides information and support for seniors, including social work and counseling. Lunch is served 3 days / week. There are activities and classes available for interested seniors.

    o   Located on corner of Erie and Shaw in Hyde Park.

    ·      Sprint / Radio Shack – Josh Hall

    o   Located in the Radio Shack store in Hyde Park Plaza. Wanted to introduce self and welcome people to visit the store.

    ·      Queen City Lecture Series – Ryan Keyes

    o   Representative from Hyde Park Bethlehem Methodist Church. The lecture series is an informational seminar about the history of Cincinnati. Topics include the musical history, things you should do, and unique area information.

    o   There is a $5 cover charge to cover the lecture fees. Two-for-one coupons are available.

    o   The series starts October 4 at 5pm.

    o   Go to for more information.

    ·      Judge Kissinger is running for a District 4 judicial election.

    ·      Judge Burkowitz is running for a District 4 judicial election.

    ·      Treasurer’s Report – Mike Bonomo

    o   Motion to approve the August treasurer’s report. Motion is seconded and approved.

    o   NSP/NBD funds for 2016: Budget plan was approved for this year.

    ·      Community Outreach: Lisa Williams is working to respond to inquiries from residents and businesses.

    ·      Membership: Elections will be on December 1. You must be a member to vote. To be eligible to run for a Board spot, you must be a member for at least 60 days and have attended 3 meetings throughout 2015. If you are interested in running for a Board spot, please notify contact Sean Fausto or Chris Mucha.

    ·      Hyde Park School: Request the Council to create a “Student of the Month” and “Student of the Year” program. The Hyde Park Council does a similar activity for their neighborhood schools. Will be discussed at the next Third Thursday meeting.

    New Business:

    ·      The next OCC working meeting will be Thursday, September 17th at the Oakley Pub and Grill basement starting at 8pm.

    8:54 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting is seconded and approved. Meeting ends.

  • 08/04/2015 11:06 PM | Fred Yaeger

    Oakley Community Council Meeting

    Date: August 4, 2015, 7 PM

    Trustees Present: Chris Mucha, Kenny McNutt, Evan Nolan, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mengel, Lisa Williams, Dave Schaff, Mike Bonomo,

    Trustees Not Present: Brian Ferry, Tim Langmeyer, Sean Fausto, Jon Bernier



    ·      Cincinnati Fire Department – Lt. Inman

    o   171 runs in July with 3 fires. 140 EMS runs – 62 requiring advanced life support.

    o   This month’s focus is kitchen fires – one of the top reasons for home fires. Don’t walk away without turning the burners off. If you see a fire in an oven, keep the door closed, turn off if safe, and call 911. If trying to suppress a fire, you can use a lid or pan to cover the fire. Make sure you always have a way to escape.

    ·      Welcome to the owners of Oakley Animal Hospital, RP McMurphy’s and Rooted Juice Bar.

    ·      Cincinnati Recreation Commission

    o   The community center will be closed from Jan. to May 2016 while renovations are being done.

    o   The pool renovations started and are still scheduled to reopen in next summer (2016).

    o   The Oakley Gators is a free swim team through the CRC.

    o   Motion to donate $75 to the CRC for a party for staff members and lifeguards as appreciation for their hard work. Motion is seconded and approved.

    ·      Oakley After Hours is scheduled for Friday, August 14 from 6 – 10pm.

    o   Volunteers are needed. Contact Dave Schaff if interested.

    ·      501c3 Status

    o   Application for the OCC to become a 501c3 was accepted. Any donations made after April 29 to Oakley After Hours is tax deductible.

    ·      NSP/NBD Status

    o   Reimbursement for NSP and NBD funds will be submitted to the City.

    o   2016 plans for NSP/NBD funds will be discussed at the August 20th working meeting.

    ·      Treasurer’s Report

    o   Will be tabled for discussion until the August 20th meeting.

    ·      Oakley Esplanade Flagpole

    o   Dave will have a report in the September meeting.

    ·      Kroger at Oakley Station – Ed Begley, Store Manager (

    o   Largest store in the area. Store amenities include selling apparel (which is new to Kroger in Cincinnati), an expanded bistro area, a combined Little Clinic & Pharmacy, a 5th/3rd Bank, and a beer growler station and internet shopping (at a later date).

    o   Grand opening is on Sept 10, and all are welcome.

    o   Ryan McNealy, a local artist, is designing a unique mural for the store depicting the history of Oakley.


    ·      Rooted Juice Bar – Anne and Megan

    o   100% vegan kitchen for take-out food and some table space that opened in July.

    o   Proposing a mural on the parking lot side of the building. Requires a hearing with the City. Will be applying for that hearing this week. Can agree to paint over if the business ever moves.

    o   Motion to submit a letter to the City to support Rooted’s sign request, pending modification of the sign to include parking directions. Motion seconded and approved.

    ·      Environmental Community Organization – Gabrielle Russell

    o   Working to ensure affordable rates for all residents. Also proposing incentives for “green” initiatives. Trying to get minimum bill eliminated and have billing be done by usage instead. Proposing to eliminate water shutoffs. Working to improve MSD appeals process, especially for infrastructure billing issues. Trying to work with the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) to get these initiatives approved.

    o   Is working on a petition drive as a community effort to get MSD to look at opportunities to improve the infrastructure.

    ·      Urban Planner & Oakley Resident – Christine Celsor

    o   Working on improved transit ideas for Metro to bring riders between the high-demand neighborhoods.

    o   Talking with all neighborhoods along the route to get support.

    o   Motion to provide a letter of support for the transit plan to Christine Celsor. Motion is seconded and approved.

    ·      Oakley Station – Steve Dragon

    o   Bar Louie is planning to open approximately September 1; Pet Supplies Plus is opening in the beginning of October; Tile Shop opening at the end of November; Bear Paddle opening early spring of 2016.

    o   New Tenants: Ladles - a soup and sandwich concept – 1st shop outside of the Carolinas; Orange Fitness Theory – workout studio focused on oxygen consumption – 1st in this area

    o   Apartment expansion for 148 additional units: approved by City Council and working on final development plan. Planning to start construction by November.

    o   2 new zoning items:

    §  Office tenant located west of apartments will be an 80k ft2 office for Anthem Insurance. Bringing 500 employees relocating from the Walnut Hills facility. Pat Moore with Neyer Group explained the design concept. Plan to complete construction in Fall 2016.

    ·      Motion to provide a letter of support to Vandecar for the final development plan for the Anthem office and garage. Motion is seconded and approved.

    §  2nd concept development: Hotel operator would like to do a 5 story hotel near the Anthem building. Need an amendment to the original development plan. Would also like an amendment to potentially build another parking structure in the future if a tenant demands it.

    ·      Concerns raised about overdevelopment from the original plan.

    ·      Resident raised a concern about increased traffic and congestion in Oakley.

    ·      Motion to support the hotel development. Motion is seconded and approved. Chris Mucha opposed. Chris Mengel abstained.

    ·      Motion to support the conceptual development plan of Oakley Station to include a new parking garage for a future tenant. Motion is seconded and approved. Chris Mucha and Evan Nolan oppose.

    o   Chris Mengal will contact DOTE to get an update on the traffic plan in Oakley Station.

    o   Chris Mengal and Evan Nolan (Zoning Committee) will work with Steve to get development information in advance to work on consensus building ahead of the monthly meetings.

    ·      Tire Discounters Signage Request – Evan Nolan

    o   Signage for the new building will not face the residents.

    o   Main sign will be backlit, but turned off during non-business hours. Also proposing a brick monument sign, which is different from the current Ridge location. Adding a “Welcome to Oakley” sign for traffic coming off of I-71.

    o   Tire Discounters has already filed a variance application with the City.

    o   Motion to provide a letter of support for the Tire Discounters sign variance for the Oakley Station site. Motion is seconded and approved. Mike Bonomo abstains.

    Committee Reports:

    ·      Zoning – Chris Mengal: Waffle House is looking to buy the property at 3315 Duck Creek Rd. This will not be where the business will be built, but to establish sight lines and ingress or egress. The City is looking for feedback by August 13 if opposed. Chris Mengal will email the details to the OCC Trustees.

    New Business:

    ·      The next OCC working meeting will be Thursday, Aug 20th at the Oakley Pub and Grill basement starting at 8pm.

    9:35 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting is seconded and approved. Meeting ends.

  • 06/02/2015 11:15 PM | Fred Yaeger

    Oakley Community Council Meeting

    Date: June 2, 2015, 7 PM

    Trustees Present: Brian Ferry, Chris Mucha, Kenny McNutt, Evan Nolan, Sean Fausto, Tim Langmeyer, Jon Bernier, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mengel, Lisa Williams, Dave Schaff

    Trustees Not Present: Mike Bonomo



    ·      Motion is made to approve the May meeting minutes with modifications. Motion seconded and approved.

    ·      District 2 Police Report – Shawn Tarvin

    o   Shawn Tarvin – new neighborhood officer for Oakley, Mt. Lookout and Hyde Park

    o   Desk Phone: 513-979-4480

    o   Auto thefts still remain the biggest crime in Oakley

    ·      Honor Flight for Veterans – Bill Mallard

    o   Initiative to raise $35,000 for an honor flight to Washington D.C.

    o   Planning to have a dinner to raise money. Details are still tbd – tentatively on Oct 18.

    o   Looking for anyone to get involved either through monetary or voluntary support.

    o   Go to for more info.

    ·      Community Action Agency – LaVerne DeArmond

    o   The agency provides services to help with workforce development, as well as helping with utilities & rent.

    o   Workforce development program focuses on training for manufacturing certifications.

    o   For more info, go to, or contact LaVerne DeArmond at 513-924-2027 or

    ·      Cincinnati Fire Department – Lt. Inman

    o   176 runs in May with 3 fires. 137 EMS runs – 57 requiring advanced life support.

    o   Checked 699 fire hydrants in May.

    ·      Cincinnati Recreation Commission

    o   The City needs lifeguards. There is ongoing training. Pay starts at $9.23/hr. Brownouts may occur at pools across the city if there are not enough lifeguards.

    o   The Oakley pool is now OPEN!

    o   The basketball and tennis courts are being redone and should be done by end of this week.

    o   The new pool is still planned to start construction in August.

    o   The plan for the rec center is now just minor renovations, which is different from previous plans. The City recommended to Dave Schaff and the OCC to collaborate with the Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout communities to make the rec center a location for all surrounding communities.

    ·      Oakley Station – Steve Dragon

    o   Building 8 was approved by the Planning Commission.

    o   Planning Commission approved the parking garage for the prospective tenant. The parking garage will add 300+ spaces. Vandercarr has studied the existing parking spaces and determined that a garage is required for this tenant.

    ·      Oakley After Hours – Sean Fausto:

    o   $6000 was raised for Starfire.

    o   The next OAH is June 12 from 6-10pm.

    ·      Intersection of Isabella and Markbreit – Chris Mengel

    o   Striping is gone between Isabella and Markbreit.

    o   City is looking for input from residents on how to handle.

    o   Chris Mengel will provide the City with resident input.

    ·      Treasurer’s Report – Sean Fausto

    o   Mike will contact

    o   Motion is made to approve the May Treasurer’s report. Motion is seconded and approved.

    ·      July 4th Ault Park Fireworks

    o   The Ault Park Advisory committee is asking the OCC to donate $500.

    o   Motion is made to donate $500 to the Ault Park fireworks. Motion seconded and approved.

    ·      Oakley Square Maintenance – Lisa Williams

    o   General landscaping maintenance is needed around the Oakley Square Esplanade.

    o   Lisa is studying different options to pay for the landscaping.

    ·      Streetscape Project – Tim Langemeyer

    o   Working on a project to improve the streetscape entrance into Oakley from Madison and Ridge.

    o   Tim is waiting for approval on funding.

    Committee Reports:

    ·      Traffic, Safety, Pedestrians & Bicycles – Brian Ferry: Motion is made to send a letter of support to the Wasson Way Project to send to the City Commission. Motion is seconded and approved.

    ·      Hyde Park School – Jason Wilcoxon: Enrollment is very high. Starting with 3 kindergarten classes, and may get to 4 K classes by the start of the school year.

    New Business:

    ·      Board of Trustee Meeting on June 18 at 8pm in the Oakley Pub and Grill basement.

    ·      There will be no monthly or Third Thursday meeting in July.

    ·      The next meeting is on August 4 at 7pm in the Oakley Community Center.

    ·      Oakley Library Branch: The Summer Learning Program started on June 1. It goes through July 31. There are incentives for reading. There are also Brain Camps to offer fun learning activities for kids.

    o   Amnesty days for late fines are offered on days that new libraries are being opened at the new branches. Reading and St. Bernard branches are being opened soon.

    o   Request made to the Library to share info about its Maker Space at the Main branch at one of the fall OCC meetings.

    8:38 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting is seconded and approved. Meeting ends.

  • 03/03/2015 11:18 PM | Fred Yaeger

    Oakley Community Council Meeting

    Date: March 3, 2015, 7 PM

    Trustees Present: Mike Bonomo, Brian Ferry, Chris Mucha, Kenny McNutt, Evan Nolan, Sean Fausto, Dave Schaff, Jon Bernier, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mengel, Lisa Williams

    Trustees Not Present: Tim Langmeyer



    ·      Cincinnati Fire Department Report:

    o   8 working fires. 121 EMS runs. 160 total responses. 69 building inspections.

    o   With the time change, also a reminder to change smoke detector batteries. If you have an old smoke detector, bring it to the firehouse and they will give you a replacement.

    o   Recommend to develop an escape plan and a meet point in case of emergency.

    o   Paperwork was submitted to install a No Parking sign on Brentwood Ave near the corner of Parkline Ave,, in order to be able to make the turn onto the street.

    o   Motion for OCC to support the CFD’s request for a No Parking sign on Brentwood near the corner of Parkline, in accordance with the CFD request. Motion seconded and unanimously approved.

    ·      District 2 Police Report: (Officer Al Brown, Capt. Jeff Butler)

    o   9 of the offenses for the month are between Target and Kroger. CPD analyzing data to see if there are trends.

    o   Leads online: Program where pawn shops report on incoming goods. CPD has had good success in tracking down thefts from this.

    §  Recommend to record serial numbers of goods to help with tracking down stolen property.

    o   Reminder to keep valuables out of sight in your car, house, property, and keep doors/windows locked.

    o   Auto theft and street level heroin trafficking have increased in Oakley, and they are related. If a citizen witnesses a potential drug deal, the most important thing is to call 9-1-1 with a detailed description of the dealer (make/model/color/license plate of vehicle, bumper stickers, description of dealer, etc). Be aware that CPD either sends an officer to the scene or puts the info into a database without sending an officer. More officers are starting that will improve the police presence in the neighborhood.

    o   Can contact District 2 Capt. Jeff Butler at 979-4444 if any questions/concerns.

    ·      Oakley Pup Crawl: (Chris Pike)

    o   3rd Annual Oakley Pup Crawl to support canine cancer and the National Canine Cancer Foundation is scheduled for April 26th from 11AM – 5PM.

    o   Net proceeds raised during the event go to grants supporting various research organizations.

    o   Motion for OCC to support the Pup Crawl by donating $525 for the reservation of the esplanade. Motion seconded and unanimously approved.

    ·      Tire Discounters (T.D.): (Bob Ostreicher, Steven Wood)

    o   Plan to build new flagship store at corner of Alamo and Marburg.

    o   Requires conditional use approval by City. Approval requires buffering and screening between residential properties. T.D. working on these plans, and is willing to work with the residents on these details.

    o   Ridge and Highland store will be closing in fall 2015, so the Alamo store will be a relocation of that store. The Ridge store is a leased property. T.D. will own the Alamo property.

    ·      Markbreit Parking Lot: (Nick Lingenfelter)

    o   2940 Markbreit lot purchased in December 2014.

    o   Intent for site is to pave and make a private parking lot. 19 spaces + 1 handicapped space for off street parking for nearby apartments. Final parking mix (public/private) will be determined with demand.

    o   Will have a public hearing on the plans after the permit is finalized.

    o   EDI is the engineering firm.

    o   All ingress/egress will be off of Markbreit. Will lose 1 public metered space.

    ·      Oakley After Hours:

    o   Will meet Thursday March 12 at 6pm at RP McMurphy’s to continue planning.

    ·      Treasurer’s Report: (Mike Bonomo)

    o   NSP/NBD funds: Need any amendments to proposal done in March.

    §  Mike Bonomo will send draft proposal to the Trustees. If a public hearing is required, it can be held in April.

    o   Motion to approve February Treasurer’s Report was seconded and unanimously approved.

    Committee Reports:

    ·      Community Outreach: Saturday May 9 from 9AM – noon is Great American Cleanup by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.

    ·      Membership: 1 new member in February. Working on new software to make membership application, renewal, and management more efficient. Currently being tested.

    ·      Zoning:

    o   Property of former Avocado Salon, now owned by John Hutton. Variance for new 3 story building was denied because parking plan didn’t meet City requirements.

    o   Hyde Park neighborhood has cross-claimed various parts of Oakley, street by street. This includes the business development that contains Bonefish Grill, residential streets from Andrew, Hyde Park Ave, Hyde Park Plaza, and a few streets along Brotherton.

    §  Oakley’s proposal is due to the City by Friday March 20.

    §  Motion to research the historical Oakley boundaries and Sean will take this information to the Hyde Park Community Council to try and resolve the cross-claimed areas. Motion seconded and approved.

    New Business:

    ·      Application for 501(c)(3) status:

    o   Benefits: tax deductible contributions, higher standards for record-keeping (filing tax returns)

    o   Would require an attorney to support process, and a CPA to file tax returns.

    o   Motion to spend reasonable expenses, up to a maximum of $2000, to apply for 501(c)(3) status. Motion unanimously approved.

    Speaker Cards:

    ·      Judge Curt Kissinger: Replaced Judge Mock about 4 weeks ago. Introduction to the community. Phone # if anyone has questions about what is happening in the courts: 946-5138. Will run for reelection for 4th District Court of Appeals in November.

    ·      Shane Herzner: Running for 4th District Court of Appeals in November. Introduction to the community. Currently a criminal defense attorney.

    ·      Jean Savona: Updated Oakley Business map will be distributed to all neighborhood business and at various places in the surrounding communities (e.g. hotels). In print now. Plan is for map to be updated periodically.

    ·      India: Representative of Grace Christian Fellowship church, and a volunteer counselor at the Eve Center. See for various event information. Grace Christian has a monthly movie night that is open to all in the community.

    9:11 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting is seconded and approved. Meeting ends.

  • 02/03/2015 11:20 PM | Fred Yaeger

    Oakley Community Council Meeting

    Date: February 3, 2015, 7 PM

    Board Members Present: Mike Bonomo, Kenny McNutt, Evan Nolan, Sean Fausto, Dave Schaff, Tim Langmeyer, Jon Bernier, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mengel

    Board Members Not Present: Chris Mucha, Brian Ferry



    ·      New room arrangement: clipboards available to replace the tables which were taken out. Nameplates were replaced to be uniform.

    ·      Lisa Williams was elected to the open board position at the Jan 15th working meeting.

    ·      Cincinnati Fire Department Report (James Jasper, CFD station 31):

    o   January #’s: 172 responses- majority are medical related.  8 fire related runs. 

    o   Electrical safety: be careful with appliances to check for frayed/cracked cords, or anything loose.  Only use extension cords on a temporary basis.  Install receptacle covers on outlets in homes with small children. Don't overload circuits.  Follow manufacturer’s instructions for new appliances. If a circuit keeps tripping, have an electrician check it out.  Careful with lamp placements (lamps to close to a curtain, lamp with a bulb that's too strong). If you are a renter, your landlord is required to have a working fire alarm installed.  Have a working co2 detector.

    o   T-shirt design is still being worked on.

    ·      District 2 Police Report (Officer Al Brown):

    o   Oakley and Hyde Park have a large problem with thefts from autos. Residents need to ensure cars are being locked. CPD is working to get resources to identify hot spots and add plain clothes officers.

    o   Part 1 (more serious) crimes have increased: Burglary on Atlantic with a door kicked in; aggravated robbery w/ pedestrian robbed at gunpoint; aggravated robbery at 5/3 bank on Madison; rape report on 1/18

    o   Crime stats are available online w

    o   Oakley crime stats may look high due to Center of Cincinnati and Hyde Park Plaza crimes included.

    o   Question: How to get Citizens on Patrol restarted and refunded? Officer Brown will look into steps to restart.

    o   District 2 is willing to help with the flag pole installation.

    ·      CRC Report (Ellen Brewster):

    o   Daddy Daughter dance Feb 15th is sold out.

    o   Summer day camp priority signup was last week - 66 kids already for 120 spaces.  Open registration started yesterday.  11 week program.   

    o   Aquatic center construction starts Aug 1 this year - pool will close 10 days early.  Ceremony to drain the pool. 

    o   Mike Bonomo and Dave Schaff are looking for volunteers to work on supporting the recreation facilities in Oakley. The pool was part of the master plan. There is momentum to renovate or rebuild the Rec Center as part of the master plan. OCC will wait for a permanent director to lobby to replace the rec center. It is the city’s smallest and most other centers have been renovated within the last 20 years. 

    o   CRC has an independent board from city council who provides funding, but the commission needs to buy in. 

    ·      Flagpole Update (Dave Schaff)

    o   Oakley has 2 large poles via donation. The OCC would like to erect one on the esplanade, and would like police and fire help with installation and unveiling (target Memorial day). Other location to erect the pole is still tbd. Still many steps to be completed – permits, park board contact. Plan to install lighting so that the flag can stay up at night.  A local cub scout pack would like to help.

    ·      Recto Molded Products

    o   Property purchased at corner of Appleton/Robertson, formerly a roofing distributor.  Begun primary work of new location: approx 9,000 sq feet.  2 buildings, new building will connect to current property. Exterior will be gray "split block" and metal. Building will be used as warehouse space; currently own building across the street which has clients. Building was originally a lumberyard. 

    o   Going to the city in the next 2-3 weeks for the permitting process.

    o   No new employees to be added

    o   No parking has to be installed, but they are adding some parking

    ·      Treasurer's Report (Mike Bonomo)

    o   1 transaction in the general account to pay for OCC insurance, which is additional insurance that the city requires for us to get NSP/NBD funds. Membership check from last month was deposited today.

    o   Balance is approx $14,000

    o   $2400 in OAH account

    o   Oakley Pay Pal account approx $5400. Expenses from DD Dance not removed yet. Last year it was about $1500, and this year looks to be about the same. 

    o   Treasurer’s report was approved unamimously.

    o   NSP/NBD amendments have to be made by next month. Will work with the Chamber to establish some beautification ideas before the deadline.

    Committee Reports:

    ·      Community Outreach: Brian is going to take over to clean up Oakley Events.  Kroger carts rounded up from all over Oakley - trying to work with Kroger on that to be more proactive.  Need to work with Buckingham about the construction debris near ridge and Cardiff.  Streets are a mess.

    ·      Communications: January meeting minutes approved at our mid-month meeting and posted online so that things are approved and publicized on a timelier basis. 

    ·      Membership: 11 new members. Looking for software solutions to solve membership; will be discussed on Feb 19. Looking for feedback about membership to help improve and increase overall members. Looking at doing a membership packet for new Oakley Residents

    ·      Oakley After Hours: 2/12 OAH planning meeting; 3rd Thursdays at 6 pm in basement of OPG for a standing OAH meeting. 

    ·      Zoning: Two zoning issues. 

    o   Sean and Chris attended public meeting re: Madison Rd where the avocado salon used to be. Variance on setback from the street due to a utility post with a transformer. No concerns from board for that. There is a 3 story building going in there - plans have just been filed. There are going to be concerns about parking - call is in to the city about the parking issue. 

    o   Tire Discounter looking for a conditional use permit at corner of Marburg and Alamo.  Vandercar did not present to the Community council - meeting is Weds 2/4 at 11 am.  Emergency meeting 1/29 with Tire Discounters, Vandercarr, Board and some residents.  Zoning issue to use that building for auto.  We reported to the city that we had the meeting that the conditional permit was opposed by residents; the Board took no position on it.  Belief that this is likely to get passed; the land needs to be developed and Tire Discounters is willing to build, but concerns about impact on residents.  Follow up phone call with TD, if this goes through, we need to work to ensure good benefits for the residents.  They are willing to be on board for that if it gets to that point.  They also agreed to maintain.  We also requested a "welcome to Oakley" sign on that property as part of that being a gateway to the neighborhood.  Meeting is at centennial 2 at 11 am.

    o   Frustration from board members and the trustees about the lack of notification, and worries about the future of the plan development for Oakley Station.

    ·      Traffic/Safety/Pedestrians: David Mann's chief of staff mentioned that the intersection at Isabella/Madison has become an issue at city hall. 

    ·      Hyde Park School Liaison: HPS was ranked as the highest elementary school in the state of Ohio for the Performance Index - out of 3,400 schools.  The Principal won a distinguished "Cincinnatus" Award for outstanding educator in the city.  Registration is ongoing for kindergarten next year. 

    New Business:

    ·      Board meeting Feb 19th at OPG as a working meeting for stuff we discussed tonight

    ·      MadTree is official drink of Oakley.

    Speaker Cards:

    ·      Laura: Vacant House for 8.5 years on 33rd ave.  What to do about it?  Property is attracting people who don't live there. 

    ·      Grace Christian Fellowship: Church in the community for about 2 years, retired from the city.  Very community oriented, aimed at families and children, working with international ministries.  They would like to help the OCC in any way.  They also offer karate classes.  Looking to put on events on Oakley Square.  2960 Madison road, across from 20th C. Theatre., also on facebook

    Motion to adjourn meeting is seconded and approved. Meeting ends.

  • 01/06/2015 11:23 PM | Fred Yaeger

    Oakley Community Council Meeting

    Date: January 6, 2015, 7 PM

    Board Members Present: Mike Bonomo, Brian Ferry, Chris Mucha, Kenny McNutt, Evan Nolan, Sean Fausto, Dave Schaff, Tim Langmeyer, Jon Bernier, Jason Wilcoxon, Chris Mengel

    Board Members Not Present: none



    ·      Meeting minutes approved for October, November and December 2014 meetings. Minutes will be posted on the Oakley Now website.

    ·      District 2 Police Report:

    o   Officer Brown is the new Oakley community liason. His contact info is

    §  Phone: 513-979-4429

    §  Email:

    o   If you have a break-in, even if nothing valuable taken, call the non-emergency # at 513-765-1212 to report. The CPD tracks uses info to look for ways to improve policing practices and safety.

    ·      Cincinnati Fire Department Report:

    o   Recommend having furnaces maintained and chimneys cleaned to reduce fire risk. Be aware of fire safety with fireplaces, heaters, etc.

    o   There is a disaster warning smartphone app available through Hamilton County on their website. It’s called the Citizen Early Warning Notification System.

    o   The Oakley Firehouse is looking for ideas for a theme that would go on the back of their station’s fire shirt. The theme should be connected to Oakley. If you have an idea, please contact the station or bring the idea to the next OCC meeting.

    ·      CRC Report:

    o   The holiday minicamp had 35 students attend during the CPS break.

    ·      MSD/GCWW Update (Dawn Jackson – Community Liason for MSD):

    o   Project Groundwork, which will reduce & eliminate sewer overflow in the City, is currently in Phase 1. Phase 2 will begin in 2018. The estimated cost is $3 billion. The benefits are cleaner water resources, jobs, and neighborhood revitalization.

    §  Letters will be going out to residents to notify of any upcoming work in the area.

    §  For more info, go to, or, or contact MSD customer service at 513-557-3594 or

    ·      Treasurer’s Report:

    o   Audit Results (Kenny McNutt):

    §  2 deficiencies in the current OCC budget process highlighted from the auditor:

    1)    OCC needs better records of receipts and deposits

    2)    OCC President and/or Vice President should review and approve the financial report

    ·      The auditor provided specific recommendations for how to improve on each of the deficiencies.

    ·      The OCC Board is working on standard operating procedures for the budget, and will incorporate the recommendations.

    o   Budget Report (Mike Bonomo): The financial report was reviewed, and an amendment made to the general account income.

    §  Motion to approve the financial report was seconded and approved.

    o   Request from the audience to investigate replacing the flagpole on the esplanade using NBD funds. The Board will investigate this request.

    Committee Reports:

    ·      Business/Oakley Chamber: Have begun working on a plan with the Oakley Chamber on improving businesses within Oakley.

    ·      Membership: We are looking at improving the membership process using existing technology, to make the process more user-friendly and streamlined.

    ·      Oakley After Hours: Planning for this year’s events will begin by the end of February. Volunteers are needed. Let Jason Wilcoxon know if interested.

    ·      Zoning: There are no formal declarations for the City’s 2nd draft for zoning changes. Parking requirements will not be discussed until after the 3rd draft is made live. The timing of the 3rd draft is still to be determined. The Board will call a Zoning Committee meeting once the 3rd draft is available.

    ·      Traffic, Safety, Pedestrians & Bicycles: If you have any feedback or concerns about traffic or pedestrian flow, make a request of the issue either through the City website or contact Brian Ferry.

    ·      Hyde Park School:

    o   HPS tests as the top school in the district. We have a great neighborhood school!

    o   The school needs volunteers and business owners to support school activities. The biggest need is the school wants to start a foundation to help upgrade the building.

    ·      Parking - Development at Isabella & Markbreit: Feedback from the community was gathered and is summarized into 3 main areas: traffic & pedestrian flow and safety, the types of units in the development, and the aesthetics with the existing neighborhood. The focus group met with Bill Schirmer to provide this feedback and develop plans for how to continue to be involved. Currently there are no specific plans or concept drawings for the site. Once there are more specifics available, the focus group will continue to try and incorporate community feedback.

    New Business:

    ·      January 15: There is a Board of Trustee meeting at the Oakley Pub and Grill basement at 8pm. Oakley business with be discussed by the Board. This is an open forum for the community and all are welcome. The Board plans to have these meetings on the third Thursday of each month.

    ·      Open Board of Trustee Position: There is an open Board of Trustee position. If interested, please contact Sean Fausto or Dave Schaff. To be eligible, you must be a Member for at least 60 days. The term of the position is through the end of 2016. The Board of Trustees will vote for the position.

    ·      RockTenn Site: The Zoning Committee will investigate the current zoning code on the current property.

    8:30 PM – Motion to adjourn meeting is seconded and approved. Meeting ends.

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