Possible other uses for OCC funds and details about the Eastern Gateway portion.

  • 11/15/2017 11:48 PM
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    Wow.  I wish I'd known this summary was posted here,...or, was it poosted tonight (Nov 15)?  Thanks to whoever posted it.

    Having this background is useful.

    $1.9M is a lot of money.  So it the $90K that the city wants Oakley to provide toward this.  OCC does not have deep pockets, and there are many other uses to which OCC's shallow pockets of $$$s might be applied instead.

    So, I think it would help community residents and others to know two more things:

    1) What are possible other uses for OCC's limited funds?

    2) What would Oakley get for its $90K (and for the $1.9M)?

    The only details that I see regarding the improvements are the phrase "replace both pedestrian bridges, with gateway signage and lighting".  Gotta hope that the $1.9M estimate was not calculated on just that vague info.  There better be more speicifics.  Why can't they be added to this forum?

  • 11/16/2017 10:45 AM
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    Kenny McNutt (Administrator)


    This content was created nearly a year ago with updates as more information was received. It has also been discussed at several meetings by myself, Dave, DOTE, and DCED as updates have occurred. 

    I'm working to get DOTE and DCED involved in a conversation at the next meeting, but no promises yet. And no, this isn't DOTE's first rodeo. They do estimates of this nature all the time. It's a tremendous amount of information, I haven't had a chance to put it into digestible form, and, honestly, I hadn't thought about it. That's why feedback is good!

    Making the information available that we have was not a small task and a step in the right direction for this organization. We also appreciate feedback which is why you were able to post on this topic. If you want further updates on this topic, just click the subscribe button. 

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  • 11/16/2017 4:36 PM
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    You do a LOT of stuff.  If you want to offload a bit of getting more details about more specifics of the actions that make up the $1.9M project, I am very eager to make a preliminary run at drafting a digestible list.  I re-iterate - there are a lot of capable volunteers who can do some of the first pass digesting from which you'd then create a post-able version.

  • 11/14/2018 9:29 PM
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    Was this in the Master Plan discussions?  Seems like a missed opportunity if not considering how much money has been designated already.  What's the benefit and to whom?  It's an attractive entrance to the business district although some of its aesthetic value may be diminished considering the most recent large commercial buildings on Madison Road.  Madison Road is getting cluttered with remarkably out of character structures.  

  • 11/15/2018 8:16 AM
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    Kenny McNutt (Administrator)

    This project goes back at least to the 2000 Oakley Urban Renewal Plan (it also references the 1982 plan) which was broken into three phases as described here: https://oakleynow.com/gateway

    Also, if you want to read or reference the 2000 plan, it is linked at the bottom of the OMP project page here: https://oakleynow.com/OMP

    Thanks for the comment!

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