Madison @ Fleet Feet/Essencha Teas

  • 11/22/2020 10:05 AM
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    Joe Groh (Administrator)

    Location: Madison @ Fleet Feet/Essencha Teas

    Issue: Visibility issues, especially when traveling westbound, hard to see the flashing beacons.  The curbside beacon is often blocked by delivery vehicles servicing the businesses there. when the trees on the median are in bloom, the center beacon is blocked until drivers are almost at the crosswalk.


    • Modify the signal system, have beacons overhead across the road.
    • Add street tattoos on the westbound lane warning of the speed limit change and/or upcoming pedestrian crossing
    • Add street tattoo on the eastbound lane warning of the upcoming pedestrian crossing.


    • This location had been designated our top crosswalk priority, and gratefully we were awarded with this signal.  However, the visibility issues have impacted the effectiveness and this location still poses dangers to pedestrians as drivers either don't see, or ignore, the beacons.

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