Should taxpayers subsidize infrastructure?

  • 12/12/2017 9:42 PM
    Message # 5626191

    Should taxpayers subsidize infrastructure for stadiums and other development?  Or, should governments impose “exactions” that require developers to mitigate anticipated negative impacts of their development (e.g., congestion and sewerage impacts)? 

    When approving development requests for zone amendments, variances and exceptions, are we certain that future public benefits exceed public costs?  Or, since “exactions and impact fees” are permitted by law (under municipal “police and home rule powers” per Ohio Supreme Court) should City government require new developments to pay some fair share of the costs for new or expanded infrastructure (i.e., road improvements and other real costs that the development imposes on the community) needed to serve that development—even when the needed improvements are offsite of, but to the benefit of the development?

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